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In the world you can find plenty of items and objects that possess an unparalleled beauty with its forms and its friendly image have earned an important place in the lives of many people in the world, so getting one of these beautiful examples tasteful means paying a high price. Such objects are nothing more and nothing less than the precious stones, with their beautiful colors and shapes are part of a select group of ornaments, considered the best that you can see in the world. The precious stones are present in the lives of people since ancient times and throughout its presence in history have always been a source of admiration and never lose their aesthetic value and pleasant image, is more, every time you generate a greater interest by precious stones. The various kinds of precious stones found around the world, performing in some places most beautiful gemstones in others, it may be that in some parts of the world generate a higher amount of precious stones, and these characteristics depend on the geological processes that have lived in the land of those sites. An interesting fact about gemstones is that they began to build from the very moment in which the planet earth began to make the process of rotation around the sun and from that moment the earth with his constant processes have been generating endlessly precious stones, which implies that on earth I could find a large number of gemstones that have not yet been extracted from the earth, as well as spend more time living gems of the earth processes, qualities will be even greater. After the land has come a long process of what has become precious stones, the man draws this beautiful land petrified material and to make their charge a beauty features even more must make a cutting and polishing process , providing beautiful figures that stand a greater extent the characteristics of precious stones, all in order to make these precious stones are used in the field of jewelry. Despite above gems are not only produced by the activity of the earth, since there are other kinds of precious stones that are generated by the activity of living elements of nature as is the case of amber that is generated based the fossilized resin of trees or pearls that are produced as an organic activity characteristic of the shells in the presence of any element within your body to these precious stones are called organic, by their origin, while that other precious stones are called minerals. A curious fact to note about the precious stones, is that there are certain gemstones that do not possess the characteristic of being hard, is more monks are very therefore can not be used in jewelry are therefore only can be seen in museums.

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