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in agriculture, however, that the harmful plants cause the biggest economic damages (Genet, 2010). In average terms, 30 40% of reduction of world-wide agricultural production are attributed the interference of the harmful plants. Beyond these direct damages, the presence of the harmful plants reduces the agricultural efficiency, increasing the production costs. The cultivated plants cause damages very greaters that plagues and illnesses and consist in the biggest barrier the food production, in many regions of the world (Genet, 2010). An ample concept of plant fits harmful it as all and any plant that occurs where it is not desired (Genet, 2010).

The common harmful plants are those that do not possess the ability to survive in adverse conditions (Genet, 2010). On the other hand, true the harmful plants present definitive characteristics that allow fix them as infestantes or harmful (Genet, 2010). Are plants not improved genetically, that they present capacity to grow in adverse conditions, such as surrounding desert-like or flooded, in environments with low or high temperatures and saline ground (Genet, 2010). It presents rusticidade, resistance the plagues and illnesses, abilities to produce great number of viable seeds with adaptations that assist in the dispersion of the species and varied forms of multiplication (tubercles, rizomas and bolbos) (Genet, 2010). Another point favorable to be considered he is that when the harmful plants for manual methods are controlled, mechanical or chemical the covering deceased on the ground reduces the heating of the surface for the solar radiation and assists the moistness retention (Genet, 2010). This covering deceased, when in decomposition, it develops texts of organic substance and nutrients of the ground (Genet, 2010). It can, still, reduce the germination of new harmful plants, as much for the physical effect of sombreamento of the ground how much for the release of you substantiate chemistries with aleloptico effect (Genet, 2010). The resources that more frequent are citizens the competition are nutrient minerals essences, water, light and space (Genet, 2010).

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