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How To Get A Grip On Your Money

February 24, 2022 Comments Off on How To Get A Grip On Your Money

Most people have no idea where the money goes. They earn and spend it. That’s fine if you want to live from week to week and are not concerned about their financial future. However if you want to increase your wealth and have more options, action must be taken otherwise you could end up like most people further down the track, totally dependent on a pension. History of Karen Karen is the marketing manager of a well-known organization. She is 39 years old, single and earns over $ 80kA year. It is paying a mortgage, and that’s all the debt you owe.

Karen buys what he likes and says he has more than enough money for your lifestyle? Or so I thought. And that is a very important point – thought Karen ‘,’ had a lot of money to splash however, had no real idea where it went. She was at the stage where I wanted to achieve in his life, including taking charge of your financial future. One of the exercises given to do was order all its financial statements – Visa Card, bank accounts and cash receipts and the list of your income and expenses in specific items, ie: loans, clothing, utilities, food, etc Karen recorded everything that happened over the past six months. She nearly fainted when he saw how much money was lost and how much she was overspending! She quickly went back and realized that only by doing this simple exercise. In the past, Karen had not placed a high priority to their financial well-being, as it was too hard.

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