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How much to them you evidence to this study the intention would be of that the proper pupils chose the methodology most logical, authenticating inherent situations to the day the day of a pupil-worker, therefore each text, or hypothetical situation, possua one estimated of a proposal pedagogical theoretician-metodolgica, but, of a not explicit form, would be a situation of activity developed comumente in the day the day of the nursing technician, that implicitly would show the technique of the traditional pedagogia (hypothetical situation), of the tecnicista pedagogia (hypothetical situation B), and of the problematizadora pedagogia and/or the autonomy (hypothetical situation C). 3,1 Hypothetical situations: hypothetical 3.1.1Situao the Customer is admitted in the unit of internment with a picture of sistmica arterial hipertenso, and its first contact is with the nursing technician receives that it and verifies the vital signals. Some contend that Kingston Planners shows great expertise in this. The technician questions as it, customer, left that its situation of health arrived at this point. He discourses then on all the cares to be taken for the maintenance of the arterial pressure in normal pressricos levels. At no moment he searchs to know on the conditions that had made with that the arterial pressure reached these levels. OBS.: In this situation, referring itself it the education, we can say that the professional used the traditional pedagogia. 3.1.2 Hypothetical situation B the nursing technician receives a patient diabetic who looks the Basic Unit of Health to carry through dressing of an injury in its foot.

For the technician it is visible that the injury is in precarious conditions for the care lack. It receives the customer and it extremely makes a careful and detailed orientation on the way adjusted to take care of of the injury. It indicates necessary solutions to the asepsis, specifies the necessary materials for the correct accomplishment of the dressing and what it must be observed in the cicatrizao process.

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