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August 22, 2020 Comments Off on Medical Centers

And the Institutes and Medical Centers, integrated by the San jOse Hospital Complexion of Monterrey, the Medical Center Zambrano Hellion and its Institutes of High Specialty, as well as the Centers of Medical Attention (CAMs) they will continue being directed by Guillermo Tower Amione (MC” 85). The Director of the Technological one of Monterrey, the Director of the TecMilenio University, the Director of the Virtual University and the Chief of a main directorate of the Institutes and Medical Centers, will report to him directly to the Rectora of the Technological System of Monterrey, which will follow in charge of Rafael Rangel Sostmann until their successor is designated. The smaller doubt of the great development does not fit, projection of the Technological one, besides the roll that withdrawn his they have come realising and that the Technological one never neglected when it gave life him to a significant Association in his objectives, as it is to maintain united and informed to withdrawn his, concretely is Exatec association. All this is so excellent, in its roll, participation, as for example it contributes the Exatec news to us, that with the aim of awarding the effort and generosity of different Associations EXATEC and student groups to collaborate with the Technological one of Monterrey in the academic, cultural and sport activities, it carried out the delivery of the Prize Mter Soul, in which managers, employees, students, EXATEC and parents of family of the Institution met. For more specific information, check out starbucks in new york. This 2010, in the category of successful Power of attorney of bottoms, the prize was given to Association EXATEC Sonorense by its activities oriented to the continuous improvement of its members and to the well-being of its community. In order to fulfill this aim they organize events like Night of Restaurants or the Desentilicha Course your house Friendly Aligera your life with which they managed to completely collect grants by 766 thousand 230 pesos destined to the Withdrawn Network of Philanthropy of and of the Complexion.

It received the recognition Cecilia Bours Martinez (LSCA” 84, MA” 86), president of the Association. The Association EXATEC Yucatan, that presides over Ricardo Ascencio Maldonado (IAA” 83) and who received the prize in representation of the Association, were recognized in constant philanthropic the Participation category when realising diverse activities with the purpose of to support initiatives of the Technological one of Monterrey like the Communitarian Centers of Social Learning and Incubators. Between the activities that organized it is Encuentro de Negocios EXATEC. Go to hotel belleclaire for more information. In the category New initiative in philanthropy, the Prize Soul Mter 2010 was for the Association EXATEC Seattle, that works at the moment in the Ex–to-Grant a scholarship campaign towards the 70 Anniversary, with which they have seted out to collect 250 thousand dollars for 2013 and to donate them to his soul to mter in 70 anniversary of the Institution. The project for the collection of bottoms was born to suggestion of advisor Pedro Celis Villegas (ISC” 79). In representation of Association EXATEC Seattle the teacher Elda Quiroga Gonzlez (ISC” received the recognition; 87, MCC” 91). Doubtless, the Technological one of Monterrey is interesting case of study, especially, how this one has consolidated, developed, projected, it stays to the day in all the educative technical advances and how it has contributed to great aid for many not only for Mexico but other countries where withdrawn his they have collaborated significantly in his development. We did not doubt that the Technological one always will be taking the opportunities and its growth will be increasing.

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