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April 30, 2020 Comments Off on Motorsportfeeling

The latest highlight of strike: Sunglasses in the carbon look of uncompromising quality, high functionality, sporty looks and fair prices make the strike GmbH long the fixture on the sports eyewear market. Now, the company presents a very special treat for all sport enthusiasts: model 175, which already counts by especially high wearing comfort and cool shape to the top sellers, will appear in a new style: carbon look! Carbon is a material that is very durable and lightweight and is used primarily in racing and in the aerospace industry. But also many other sports equipment, such as bicycle frames, skates or tennis racket, are made like this. The carbon-style gives the popular strike sunglasses 175 a particularly sporty touch and a fancy 3D effect. The air holes incorporated in the brackets”reinforce the cool racing look. Rubberized nose pads and rubber strap ensures a particularly comfortable seat, the final form with slightly curved glass front protects against wind and oblique light. Perfect for all sports adventure whether at the bicycle tour, ski downhill, on or next to the car race track.

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