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Post Adjustment

January 11, 2022 Comments Off on Post Adjustment

In this article, learn what factors lead to a post adjustment in private health insurance. The health fund has resulted in an increase in contribution in early 2009 for the majority of statutory fund. But not only legally insured must engage deeper in the Pocket, private health insurance had to adjust your contributions back to 01.01.2009. But why it actually always comes back to these adjustments and what factors lead to post increase in private health insurance. First of all, the private health insurance issued a promise all your customers. Check out jim for additional information. I.e. the services agreed to the conclusion of the contract are guaranteed over the entire period. This is an enormous advantage compared with the statutory health insurance, since health reforms many services from the catalog of the refund were deleted in the past.

In the future, it is in the legal system with further to rake cuts. But back to the private health insurance. This promise of performance must ensure always the private health insurance that is enough money to reimburse the submitted diet closely documents available. Now, the cost in the health care sector, private health insurance on a regular basis must check that whether the policyholder’s monthly contribution payments are sufficient to cover all costs. This is no longer guaranteed, private health insurance companies must match your contributions.

But actually, what factors cause these contribution increases. First and foremost, there are the increased costs for treatments, hospitalization and medicines, of course. A physician who wants to make more money with his medical practice the patient must pay with his health insurance. Another factor is the increased age. Because private health insurance is already saving the pension phase, the posts are needed even if the insurance Community average longer lives than was previously calculated. For more information on private health insurance contribution calculation can be found under Markus Kohler BK-Infoportale.de

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