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Povoamento Of America

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the theory of autctones was that the American man appeared in the proper continent, but this theory is not more accepted because they had not found more bones of people in Americas not to be ours. Now the studies indicate ancestor of Luzia were not of> America. Then the theory of the navigators predominates. New discoveries and theories on the American man Some scholars had made gratings research on the povoamento of America. The scholars had come of Brazil Chile United States had among others arrived vary it conclusions. He ties little time admitted that the human being prepares fond in America about 11.500 years behind. Older the recognized archaeological small farm as was Clvis, in New Mexico (United States). Archaeological small farms older Researchers are trying to prove that the human being behind arrived in America the 11,500 years.

But in other archaeological small farms South American vestiges of a older occupation had been found. In the Chilean Green Mount region, researchers had found evidences of that the human being inhabited the place has, at least 12.500 years, therefore one millenium before the dating of the Clvis small farm. By accident in 1976 an archaeological small farm was discovered with some bones of mastodonte, footprints human beings, pieces of meat. Scientists had discovered in 1990 you evidence of older povoamento of what of the United States; they show that human being it can have fond has well more than 11,500 years there. With these information we discover a little on the povoamento of America. The discoveries of the archaeologist Nide Guidon, had presented new theories on the American man. On the basis of the done hollowing it affirms that the first human nestings in the Brazilian territory occurred have at least 41.500 years. The Mountain range of the Capivara located in the city of Is Raymond Nonato is considered one of the more important archaeological small farms of Brazil.

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