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November 2, 2022 Comments Off on Religion

The campaign of Richard Dawkins against religion and belief that Walker Gretchen in Faust, the protagonist asked the religion, as we know, had good reasons. Finally Dr. Faust had sold ADO the devil but his soul and Gretchen, less naive was quite obviously a hunch that your question probably could reveal a lot of religion in many other respects,. Beyond the permanent question, Gretchen and Faust were now created or saved, religion and faith are topics of hardly underestimated importance, even today. If you this look on the “Arab spring”, long to be threatening to the winter, on the primary fight for the Republicans in the United States, or on the next visit of the Pope; Gretchen’s question nowhere lost after the religion in the world on explosiveness. Source: Berlin Rosen. The campaign of Richard Dawkins against religion and faith more than two centuries after the “enlightenment”, over 120 years after the death of Karl Marx, and despite countless studies of modern social science to secularization, loss of faith and Decline of religion, is actually only one thing clear: the binding effect that can have religion and belief on and between people, is, disappeared, nor in any way weakened.

Religion remains a topic that will be negotiated in the present, not in the past, as so often predicted. And of those that are with the Enlightenment, citing mind made have, the “sense” of religion and belief, to refute Yes its very existence with “purely scientific” means, a few are left. The currently most prominent head, which seeks to refer the religion with almost missionary zeal of the field is Richard Dawkins. Is no reason to believe Dawkins, evolutionary biologist, Oxford Professor and pugnacious atheist, in particular in England with its “Foundation for reason and science” against religion and faith to field. Because belief in God and religion are dangerous constructs of the human mind, which is to expose it as such and to fight in the name of reason for Dawkins.

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