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Apartment Viewing

October 25, 2021 at 10:18 pmCategory:General

If the agent makes a power of attorney, do not hesitate to verify the passport information agent with those specified in attorney, and pay attention to the expiration date, a signature director general and the press. It sometimes happens that one agent has information about the room / apartment and the other is the client for this house, that is you. Therefore, Do not worry if the viewing will be a new person – the agent of another company. Obtained by joint cooperation between the two offices of real estate, your money, they will share on request, as a rule it is 50% each. You do nothing do not pay the second agent. By the same author: jeremy watson. Your task is to view an apartment / room to behave properly. Be sure to say hello to the owner, do not walk around the apartment into the shoes of your questions correctly.

It so happens that the owners of rooms / apartments, with You calculate the threshold, as not a suitable candidate, just because you do not behave nicely in a particular situation. So he does not think that you all are allowed on the principle of "customer is always right", just because you pay is not small money. No dancing in front of you will not. This is a mistaken view. Be discreet.

Depends on this fruitful cooperation with your agent and as a result, the early settlement. So, go ahead. You came to view, entered the apartment. Look closely at the state rented room / apartment, everything is convergent with the description of the owner.