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The 3 Secrets Of The Law Of Attraction

March 8, 2016 at 7:48 pmCategory:General

Many ask me every day and tell me Sensei is not for me, with me it won’t work, you have a gift that I don’t have many times ourselves complicamos things, it seems to us that being easy it can not be true, we wonder, it has to be complicated. The founder of Reiki Usui Sensei said simple things hide the big secrets. 1 – The first thing you have to do to change or improve your quality of life is to identify what you really want for you. Your partner a ideal? More money? If that is how much per month, how much a year, well clear the goal. Better health, a better job, etc. For this I advise you write down them on paper in the present tense that we can build what I call Board of vision, which you must observe daily how many times can a minimum 10 minutes time. This will give the vision that we want to, the precision of the target, we are not going to be adrift, because I’m going to confess that 90% of humanity has no clear what you want to us, lives not borrowed is the protagonist of their dreams is important now think how much what you want to take care in the way you express it want out of my bad economic situation I want to heal me I want to lose weight I want a better economic life or win more money want to stop suffering want more love when we express with the want we project all our energy towards the future, which will never be but put energy in the present so advise the assertion in the present tenseI’m healed, I’m winning xxx, I feel love inside me, I I am prosperity, I am on the way to prosperity and success, today my life is full of prosperity and abundance, etc 2-second – repetition, discipline and achieve emotional impact so that prints a new reprogramming your subconscious here where the belief in something you put in, no matter what method, if your own affirmations, or a self-help technique. .