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Family Man

November 17, 2020 at 4:56 amCategory:General

All relations between men and zhenschinoysostoyat of detail. After all, every moment our life together is filled with some small but important events, daily activities and our relationship to them and to each other through the projection of these cases. Vseotnosheniya between man and woman seen through the prism of all the events and activities that make up our lives. And no matter what you say on your first romantic date, what beautiful compliments do you give gifts and what a girl, which was seen as candidates for the role of the second half, everything will depend on how you'll appear next, what will you do that matters, not the words to answer the question as to strengthen the family. Shimmie horn contains valuable tech resources. So start talking to her about not how you want her, and she – the limit of your desires, and ask about her interests, hobbies, share with her his view about the relationship between a man and a woman, that you as a man genuinely interested in achieving its goal of dating for marriage, and what you can do to provide comfort for a family.

But do not rush to turn a romantic date in self-promotion. And do not rush things, if you do not feel a response reaction when he tried to priudarit for the girl, who is also interested in getting acquainted in the real world in order to meet a soul mate for marriage. Still manage to enjoy a passionate night, if you will pay more attention to her wishes, not his. Learn more at this site: shimmie horn.

Unity Looks

April 23, 2019 at 11:02 amCategory:General

"Love – this is not looking at each other does not, and look in one direction." It's no secret that family relationships throughout life can change. When we meet her half, the storm of feelings overwhelmed us, taking in the fabulous country dreams. The flow of hormones, which fills our honeymoon period – it is the internal energy, a powerful force that allows you to see the world beautiful, to feel love and happiness. During this period, we are able to create, modify itself and their world. But then what happens? What hinders love to keep these feelings in your life? What's the problem? The problem is that we can not always fully embrace his chosen way it is. And this rejection of evaluation creates and generates resistance within us that prevents us to receive and give love. All this has deep roots that lie in the fact that each side long before he met his chosen has already opinion on how it should be, what he should do and what should not, what is permissible and what is – no.

This position is focused not on creating a happy life together and harmony, and the realization of personal interests. Thus, we are creating his limitations, which causes resistance to receiving love and happiness. This gives rise to misunderstandings and conflicts. From the moment when someone in someone that is beginning to not like it, begins rejection, the rejection of his half. Is fragmented relations: "This I accept, but it does not accept." Begin sorting out relationships.