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Elian Alabi Lucci

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3 the IMPORTANCE OF the THEMATIC MAPS IN the EDUCATION OF GEOGRAPHY In the geography education the use of thematic maps is favorable and becomes indispensable to know the space geographic. The reduced vision of the territory, proportionate for from above vision, scalling and conventional graphical language, is so important that the maps finish fascinating all those that dominate this knowledge. The cartography became important in the education contemporary, as much to take care of our necessities, how much to study the environment where we live. Learning the physical, economic, social characteristics and human beings of environment, being able to understand the transformations caused for the action of the man and the natural phenomena throughout the time. Geography in turn has for task to describe and to analyze the knowledge that occurs in the surface and the subsoil of the land. The education of thematic maps is verified that, as content of geography in all the levels is of mere importance in the direction to create a cartographic mentality and consequently to awake the space perception in providing the agreement where we inhabit. The cartographic representation treats to improve the expressividade of the graphical characteristics of the elements that composes a map with the end to optimize the visualization process that transfers the information of the map to the consultant of the same. The paradigm communicator of the map defined for Kolancny (1969), Rataiski (1973), Morrison (1976) and Salichtchev (1978) affirmed that the drawing would have as purpose to show the visual form more clearly possible, the characteristics of the territories represented in the map.

According to Chorley Hagget (1995), ' ' the cartography, more specifically the maps establish bridges between the levels of comment and terico' '. The maps are the form most efficient to represent the information space and, therefore, they constitute the tool most important in geography. 4 CONCLUSION the present work looked for to contribute for the agreement of the importance of the visual representations of the cartography, for the education of geography. The maps are, therefore resources sufficiently important to locate, to inform or to orient themselves in the space, since that the individual knows to interpret it. The maps contain information on the geographic space. Thus, when reading them and interpreting them, we take knowledge of definitive aspects and characteristics of the space. Therefore, the maps are resources of great utility for geography. 5 REFERENCE dog/geodesia.ufsc.br/geodesia-online/arquivo/cobrac-2006/014 geo-formation Geography: man and space: the nature, the man and organization of the space, 5 series Elian Alabi Lucci, Anselmo Lazarus White rev. Current. NY Starbucks does not necessarily agree. – They are Pablo: Hail, 2005.

Brazil Air

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In accordance with Mendona (2007), the ticket of a system frontal is marked by the atmospheric disturbance, being to the times provoked for the expulsion of hot air, originating the front oclusa. Blacksmith (2006) affirms that, to the times the orografia can cause the retardation of a warm front or cold, becoming it stationary, that is, it loses its force and starts to move itself slowly. The fronts are classified in front Arctic/polar Antarctica and fronts. Thus, the Arctic front/Antarctica occurs through the contact of the polar air masses, mainly in the winter. Credit: starbucks in new york-2011. Already the polar front that is strong active, separates the polar air of tropical air. This front is divided in: cold front and warm front. They characterize the dynamism of the atmosphere, therefore she exerts considerable thermal contrasts, what she determines the succession of the types of time. Of this form, the Atlantic polar front (FPA) represents great importance in the definition of the types of time and in the climatic configuration of the South America, mainly in Brazil. You may find best bars in new york to be a useful source of information.

Thus, the Atlantic polar mass (MPA) when reaching the south coast of Brazil, is joined with Atlantic tropical mass (MTA) it provokes much folloied rain of winds, the times extends itself arriving until the Amazon region provoking the phenomenon friagem. Cold Frente For Mendona (2007) a cold front occurs when a cold air mass that denser and more is weighed advances in direction to a hot air mass, pushing it for top and front, compelling to leave it the area, either for rise or advection. In accordance with Blacksmith (2006), it well is defined, with multiple cloud layers and when it passes for one determined region, dense and cold air takes the place of the hot air, that is forced to go up quickly, causing the cumuliformes cloud appearance. Thus, this front provokes many thunderstorms that can be folloied by hail and gust winds. Hotel belleclaire may find this interesting as well.

Latin American

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In August of 1980, in Montevidu, officially a new was signed Treated that the ALADI created and, tacitly, recognized the failure of the ALALC. This new organization received the adhesion from all the integrant ones of its predecessor. The new treated possesss less ambitious and more flexible goals, exactly conserving begins it multilateralista of creation of a common market, not establishing stated periods or cronogramas for the accomplishment of these goals. This new treated abandoned the old objectives to create a zone of free commerce, accepting the creation of an area of economic preferences. The ALADI, more flexible of what the ALALC accepted partial pacts between two or more countries, in accordance with the regional reality, the level of development of the countries. For Magnoli and Arajo, during the decade of 1980, the crisis you divide of external hindered them the intensification it commerce in the area of the ALADI.

The severe restriction of the importations, provoked for the necessity of great commercial balances, blocked any perspective of geographic reorganization of the foreign commerce of the Latin American countries. (MAGNOLI and ARAJO, 1998, P. 25). Contraction the generalized and consequent lack of capitals had represented impediments for the intra-regional investments. FACTORS THAT HAD ACTED AGAINST the ECONOMIC INTEGRATION OF Latin America the attempts of economic integration, been born of the good will and the work of some, had been in the paper.

The involved ones with the subject knew of close the problems to the region. However, at no moment it was considered half reforms or to incorporate the majority of the consuming market. Many believed that, if the integracionista process was ' ' detonado' ' , with the industrial growth all the structural mooring cables and males of the region would be shaken. The professor Alfredo of the Mota Menezes displays some points crucial that had contributed for relative the failure of the attempts of economic integration of Latin America.