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International Charity Organization

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It is believed that the volunteers – either students or housewives. In reality in the volunteer ranks of many reputable and successful people. For them, this activity – a way to express their civic position. The most "selfish" motive of his own social activism, 34, lawyer Andrew believes improving its environment. "My house is not the end of the apartment – he says – and this is the nearest orphanage and boarding school. Responsibility for the welfare, success of orphans should be borne not only by the shoulders of city services, but also the whole society. " A couple of weeks ago, Andrew gathered like-minded people to visit the children from boarding schools to give them gifts and just talk. And the last issue of Andrew donated 5 thousand UAH.

on buy and sewing dresses for graduate school – a boarding school. "Do you think I – a volunteer? – He wonders – I just heartily. " Director of the School Volunteer of the International Charity Organization "Vision" Mrs. Paterichko confident that this is precisely what is currently volunteering. "There are four forms of such activities – explains the director. The first – a service: bring something physically to help.

Second – mutual aid, when a group of people gather for a common goal, for example, painting the playground of the orphanage. The third form – upholding the public interest. And the fourth – the provision of financial assistance. " Catherine herself with the students involved in aid projects for orphans and children deprived of parental care to the poor. According to her, more and more students are suited to such pursuits as a way to gain experience and inputs necessary qualities. Emerging companies to whose entry in the summary of the "working in the volunteer project" – a significant argument in favor of a candidate for the vacant position. With such information, the employer is aware that in front of him a serious man, capable of cope with the tasks and to lead people. With a heart wide open archaeologist by training, Anne became a volunteer recently, when from the familiar hear the information that can help. Children already after the first meeting with Anna with great pleasure that fled to sculpt and draw. Anya always receives generous thanks: views of burning eyes and sincere smile. "From this activity I have never waited for money. Creativity – is always a healthy side personality. The development of creativity helps children solve psychological problems "- explains its mission Anya. She gladly shows pictures of children from school – boarding school 3 in Kiev. "We have them at least once a fortnight we arrive. You should have seen how they pleased us. Painting, sculpture … – it's a good excuse to talk on equal terms. " To help, do not need to be specialists. Enough to be willing and sincere motivation. "Volunteers working in our field, a little – a unique feature in our easy – but they still have – the president says IBO "Look," Mrs. Paterichko. – In this activity opens the heart. " The reason that young people are increasingly sacrificing leisure time and on their own for the sake of others, according to Catherine, is thus able to move beyond narrowly-defined occupational employment and environment. Discovering life in touch with the other parties of being. We invite each of you to join us in this effort! Call us and sign up for school volunteers by phone. 228-36-55 or e-mail

The Indoor

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But if you're a homebody – look at the ping-pong table for indoor use. Those involved in tennis for professional basis for this purchase is better not to save, and choose a stable, reliable (massive) model. The thickness of the countertops in these tables can be up to 28 mm, weight – 140 kg. But, thanks to the rollers, they can be easily move. These tables are generally consistent with international standards, are manufactured on special equipment. All parts of professional tennis tables are verified, polished. Among these models, there are folding.

If you have limited resources, and consider yourself a fan of tennis, do not pass by standard models. Among the indoor tennis tables and a folding options and on commercials. Metal pipes or corners make these structures stable and affordable price – attractive. Weight tables amateur usually does not exceed 70 kg. They can be installed not only in the apartment, but also in the lobby of the office, holiday home or dorm. Amateur tennis tables most often made of particleboard or other practical materials.

The only "but" lies in the fact that – Amateur tennis tables are not suitable for outdoor installation. Choosing table tennis, make sure that it was counting on, the playing surface – smooth, matte (not blikovala). Check the accessories (in particular, the grid). Know this: modern sports equipment allows trained and alone. In order to play ping-pong one, you need to raise one half of the table. 10-20 minutes of exercise – and you are cheerful in the morning and ready to labor feats. – It has been noted in the table tennis game raises vitality, gives a good mood. Those who regularly picks up a tennis racket, surely noticed that they have become more mature and confident in their abilities. And yet – that the body become more efficient, and decreased weight. When a person moves, he forgets grief and depression. And confidence in their abilities and, consequently, in the future.