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Marketing Actions

February 22, 2022 at 10:56 pmCategory:General

Since starting a new year, everything is done in terms of marketing actions for the next year. When the budget is tight, as almost all companies today, where every dollar or every euro spent is carefully thought out, designing a marketing plan is a task similar to that of attempting to assemble a complicated puzzle. Traditionally, when talking about plan, online actions were reserved for the more “daring” or “vanguard.” Changes in cultural habits of consumers, and how they communicate and interact, make online advertising begins to take more and more important. The comparative advantages of online marketing compared to other channels, lead firms on the one hand, devote increasing percentage of the budget for this type of action, and on the other hand, is made to the specialized service online marketing consultancy, in order to maximize their positive impact on the numbers business. The online marketing marvels not only falls to increasing trend in the increase of hours online per user, but in the scenario of the global crisis hits large and small companies alike, this advertising channel allows access to large numbers of potential consumers with unprecedented power segmentation for other channels. But, it is necessary to go a step further. According to john vornholt, who has experience with these questions. Mobile marketing also deserves to be considered alternative.

As appropriate, cite sufficient to Argentina, where there are already more than fifty million mobile devices, in a population of just 40 million inhabitants. The mobile marketing poses the ultimate personalized advertising message. Moreover, much of the Latin American countries this situation occurs: perhaps not everyone has access to the internet, in fact, only half of the population has regular, according to official data, but if the vast majority have access to a mobile. For this reason, the massiveness of the mobile format, and its level of customization, advertising via mobile phones is also an option that should be considered. In this regard, there are many prejudices which retard a mass deployment of online marketing campaigns. Many entrepreneurs believe that only large companies can offer WAP content or advertising through this channel. However, this type of campaign usually has a high return on investments, incredible penetration rates and targeting capabilities even higher than those of the internet “traditional.” For all this, what’s coming in 2010 is, without doubt, a real growth patterns of online advertising and mobile marketing. For many companies, will be a sort of pilot. Certainly, the results will be more than convincing.