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Democratic State

December 26, 2021 at 3:18 amCategory:General

In relation to this aspect, the article 5 of our Federal Constitution, says that all are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature, guaranteeing to the Brazilians and the resident foreigners in the Country the inviolability of the right to the life, the freedom, the equality, the security and the property. IT HISSES (2003), detaches that the beginning of the equality one meets anchored in the dignity of the person human being directly, not being for another reason that the Universal Declaration of the ONU consecrated that all the human beings are equal in dignity and right. Thus, it constitutes estimated essential for the respect of the dignity of the person human being the guarantee of the isonomy of all the human beings, that, therefore, cannot be submitted the discriminatory and arbitrary treatment, reason of which cannot be tolerated the slavery, the racial discrimination, persecutions for religion reason, sex, at last, toa and any offence to isonmico principle in its double formal and material dimension (IT HISSES, 2003). Concerning the beginning of the equality, it comes tona other rights foreseen in the Constitution that are related of intrinsic form to the previous term, such as the beginning of the legality, freedom of thought, repudiation to racism, among others. For even more details, read what central america says on the issue. Principle of the legality: The beginning of the Legality it is the expression biggest of the Democratic State of Right, the vital guarantee of that the society is not imprisoned to the particular wills, personal, of that it governs (IT HISSES, 2002). Principle of the thought freedom: all have the right to have proper thought, to make the choices that to understand well, and to express its opinion. Principle of the repudiation to racism: they are total disgusting attitudes that denigram the reputation of a person, simply for the color of its skin, being such act, recognized for the Federal Constitution of 88, as unbailable crime. .

American Leslie White

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To follow, the author discourses on the origins of the culture, presenting some brief explanations of paleontology human being, that detach the development of the bipedismo, of the manual ability and the sine qua non brain as the conditions for the sprouting of the culture. Also gains enlevo the teses of French anthropologist Lvi-Strauss, for who the culture appears with the first norm? the prohibition of the incest? of the American Leslie White, who associates the culture to the capacity specifically human being of to generate symbols. very successful. Laraia also calls the attention for the fact of that some of these theories seem to assume that the culture would have appeared of sudden form, what it constitutes a point of critical for the author, therefore ' ' the nature does not act for saltos' ' , what it takes Laraia to conclude, in its text, that the culture if develops simultaneously gradual and at the same time to the development of the biological equipment. (Source: Disney). To the end of the first part of the book, Laraia displays some of the most important modern theories on the culture, on the basis of the Theories article of Culture, of American anthropologist Roger Keesing. This article divides the conceptions of culture in two groups: the ones consider that it as adaptativo system (evolucionista line), and the idealistic theories on the culture, divided in three other groups. Hudson River: the source for more info. The first one of them is that one that considers the culture as a cognitivo system (cognitiva anthropology); as as a estruturalista system (case of Lvi-Estrauss) and third, as a symbolic system (trend this developed in U.S.A., especially for Geertz Schneider). In the second part of the book, Laraia if makes use to show, of beginning, as the culture conditions the vision of the world of the man. For the author, ' ' the way to see the world, the appreciations of, the different social behaviors and same moral and valorativa order the corporal positions are thus products of a cultural inheritance, that is, the result of an action of one determined cultura' ' .

Moral Champion

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Edson Silva For the chronicle of today, we choose a game of 11 of June of 1978 where Brazil made lean 1×0 in Austria. Game of Brazil in Pantries was 48 and pra to say the truth, the departure nothing would have of special, was not the fact of being the third game of our Election in that world-wide one and the others two had been tie up to, 1×1 with Sweden and 0x0 with Spain. The dispute was in Argentina, under intense cold, the Brazilian technician was deceased captain Claude Coutinho, full of theories and inventions and that it would finish that world-wide one in third place, without losing a game at least, but tying up to as much and making few gols. Check with Starbucks in New York to learn more. Brazil would be with the unusual and not official heading of ‘ ‘ Moral’ champion; ‘ , still more after not having IDO for the final game, therefore he had arrumao so that our Election played before Argentina, that made its departure knowing how many gols would need to make to have balance necessary and to play the decision. From then on all know history, the adversary of ‘ ‘ hermanos’ ‘ it was the Peru, that had the goleiro Quiroga (Argentine naturalized), that gols of Argentina took 6 and made its part for the native land, that was given credit, renegada.

But coming back to the game subject of the chronicle, even so 1×0, victory are victory, still more being the first one in plus an edition of Pantries. The goal was marked by the artilleryman Robert Dynamite, to the 40 minutes, player who made success in the Vasco of Gamma (RIO DE JANEIRO). The departure against Austria was in Mar del Plata, with 35.211 expectadores and the judge was the Frenchman Robert Wurtz. Brazil played with Lion, Toninho, Oscar, Amaral, Rodrigues Grandson, Baptist, Cerezo (Chico 71), Jorge Mendona (Zico 84), Gil, Robert Dinamite and Dirceu. Austria had Koncilla, Obermayer, Sara, Pezzey, Breitenberger, Hickersberger (Weber 61), Prohaska, Jara, Krieger (Happich 84), Kreuz and Kranki, the technician was Senekowitsch. The year was 1978 and our Brazilian Election tricampe of the world of 70 searched tetra, but it would only come exactly much later, in 1994, in the United States, the history made for the category of baixinho Romrio, talent of the Bebeto and the race of then the projecting Dunga. has history of Pantries there? People count pr who people divide with all gotten passionate twisted Brazilian.