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November 28, 2020 Comments Off on The Article

-With the purchase of web space for publication of contents of the sponsor. These spaces may vary; they can be part of a page, directly be an entire page, or are hosted on a micro-site within the same web site. These features can also be applied to electronic newsletters, which offer often better results that sponsor Web sites. Tips to promote through sponsorships – must do a careful choice of the web site or newsletter to sponsor: its thematic visits, popularity, interest, quality of its contents, because mainly this will depend on the success of a sponsorship campaign. -Sponsorship is more effective when it aims to improve our brand (branding) image, which when used it for purposes in the short term. -In the case of hire pages to publish our own content or create a micro-site, it is important to keep the colors, structure, types of letters, etc from the rest of the pages.

So it will be easier that the visitors relate website sponsored with our brand and products. -A way to sponsor a web site or newsletter, is offer discounts or specials for your audience. In this way we will be adding value to the sponsored website, by what we can achieve a better price and even the possibility to sponsor free of charge, offering some free service that the person responsible for the site for example, consider of great interest to your audience. -If we use banners or buttons, we also follow the same characteristics of site design. Best bars in new york brings even more insight to the discussion. The appearance of our landing page or landing page, should also be considered to maintain the expectations generated by the message of the banner. According the sponsorship once found the site or newsletter that is of interest to us, we will go to responsible for or in charge of advertising. Any agreement that both parties consider of mutual interest is valid for the sponsorship. Here comes into play the negotiating capacity, since there are no pre-established rules to agree a sponsorship. Finally, we must carry a statistical control that will tell us whether we have achieved the objectives pursued.

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