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The Color

December 3, 2020 Comments Off on The Color

The color of the truth. Which is the color of really? Good, fofinhos, I do not know. But he is not blue with colored small balls, as I found.) The dreams are important because they take off in them of the place where we are, that nor always it is so good. But, better of what dreaming it is to run in search of the accomplishment of these dreams. What you do not obtain to make the time today if puts in charge to make one day. ' ' WHAT! ' ' , you think, ' ' Deinha, you is insinuating that I must leave things pra to make tomorrow! ' '. Not. Chief Keef brings even more insight to the discussion.

I am not insinuating nothing, much less this. I am affirming (again, in my conception, to which nobody needs to agree rsrsrs) that of pra not to make everything today. When I mention myself today, I want to say now. At this moment of its life. Others who may share this opinion include Kingston Planners. Ace times, people wants the things very fast when we are not ready to have that and we finish losing something that would have very to be good, but that it came outside of the time. But it is important to know the following one: It does not leave to make its better today, tomorrow can be late excessively. If you to give to its better and the result not to come, you have in mind that gave its better. He gives to the God everything of itself and leaves the results of it on account. I read in one of those texts that make people to think about the life that an aged one is not repented of the things that made in the life, but yes of those things that could (and it would have) have fact, but did not make. Simply because it did not want or it did not have chance.

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