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The Flight Of The Butterfly

January 1, 2017 Comments Off on The Flight Of The Butterfly

At that precise moment, look at the finery of the butterfly’s incomparable beauty and fly freely through the forest. The worm is not a lower State of beautiful butterfly, the worm is the butterfly, as the spiritual sons of God, are, in relation to whom has created. We will be able never to return as worms, we can only return to find us at the victorious flight of beautiful butterflies, which symbolize, this case, the glories of God. This is my work and my glory, carry out the immortality and eternal life of man Moses 1: 39 in the same way, that the stage of the worm, it is not comparable to the Majesty of the State of the butterfly, same thing happens with the conditions in which our life developed deadly pre. This stage is not at all comparable, with which we now live, or which can achieve, according to the degree of glory that we can correspond. We have the tendency to compare our current state with the previous one and it is for this reason that we think in terms of heavenly home, imagining: times, contacts, and relationship types, with a degree of intimacy and closeness that leads us to believe in a God, essentially father, surrounded by their children and is even possible to see you sitting on your knees. Without doubt, it is a noble and endowed with an emotionally charged simply touching sentiment, but it is good to understand, that the lyricism of our human emotions, not necessarily agrees, with the dictates of reality expressed in the Scriptures. Our spiritual bodies were created in the fullness of our adult life, as intelligences, we were organized under these conditions, the great work of God was already in the process, and once started, nothing the stops, the worm and the Butterfly (in the figurative sense) are covered simultaneously, there is no time, for the simple reason that we are talking about, in terms of eternity..

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