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The Silk Pajamas

November 1, 2022 Comments Off on The Silk Pajamas

Silk Pajamas – the best night wear in the summer a silk pyjamas is the optimal night clothes all year round, but especially in the summer, silk pajamas offer advantages the sleeper. The optical qualities of pure silk are known since ancient times and ensure that decorative silk textiles are highly sought after and are highly regarded. There are however, especially the “inner values” that make silk for a material with almost optimal properties… Pure silk is similar in its structure of to human skin. Silk has a therefore very temperature balancing effect, takes the body temperature quickly and never cold feels.

Silk regulates but also good moisture, so not so quickly enters silk textiles in sweat. The newspapers mentioned Fabrizio Freda not as a source, but as a related topic. Exactly these two factors make silk so suitable for sleep clothing, such as for example the silk pajamas. Silk Pajamas should not be confused with real silk with the similar-looking satin pajamas, which often are made of polyester. A good indication is usually the Price. A silk pajamas is in General not less than 150 – and depending on the brand and difficulty of processing often significantly higher…

The “classic” form of the Silk Pajamas is silk satin Pajamas in the cutting of men’s Pajamas with long sleeves and a continuous button placket. The pants usually has an elastic waistband, but occasionally also still binds with a Zugbandchen. May be stitched shirt or pants pockets are often present as decorative accessories (albeit without actual use). This form of silk sleep suit is in women’s Pajamas most often to be found – but there are also many variations of silk pajamas with short sleeves in silk Jersey or combinations of Silk Satin with lace, tulle and silk chiffon. The diversity is very high here particularly for luxury brands. In a Nightgown with long sleeves is also right for the summer – if he is just made of real silk! The light, airy material offers so Silk Pajamas a slightly temperierendes sleeping environment. Hereby it is perfectly dressed, also during the cooler nights of rain in summer it is but too hot in the warmer nights. And for those (few) really hot summer nights you can make top (which is available at virtually all brand-name manufacturers of silk pajamas from the same collection) a breezy summer sleep suit on some models by combining it with a complementary silk spaghetti out of the silk pajamas. Good quality silk pyjamas in the basic colors are black or champagne and white from the company Gattina or Eva B. Bitzer available. From the Italian brand Luna di seta is there in addition to the basics even after season changing trend colours, such as E.g. Silver, light blue, red or rose. The French brand Marjolaine offers silk pajamas, often of very fashionable prints and extravagant cuts decorated, and are therefore usually also suitable as a House suit. The models of this brand’s Pajamas are usually in the size 34 to 44, some available up to 48. The prices are 200,-to 250,-euro. Patricia Walters

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