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Something else, however, applies to the question whether the use of the Internet at all should be allowed, what is the primary right of the employer. The questions of potential abuses in the private Internet use and the possible sanctions of the employer occupy in the book by the cease and desist letter up to extraordinary termination without warning due to permanent, serious misuse of corporate communications for private purposes. Especially given current scandals on the topic of employee monitoring, a core issue of private Internet use at work is also the issues of control, so the logging and analysis of electronic communication behaviour of the employee by the employer. Here, the legal situation is especially critical, because the control of the employer contrary interests to the privacy rights of the employee and the conflict of interest in each specific case must be resolved individually. Is to clarify not only the permissible level of logging the surfing behavior for security and monitoring purposes, but also the question of whether such a reference in the workstation PC in the absence of the employee is allowed. Goal of the book of surfing in the workplace “by Silvia Bader and Jurgen Seul it is to identify the problems of the private use of Internet use by the employee under all relevant labour and data protection aspects and to give possible solutions or recommendations as far as possible. It also notes are processed into the Austrian legal situation. In the annex, patterns are found for an individual clause and an operating agreement for surfing at work, and a collection of relevant legal provisions.

Silvia Bader/Jurgen Seul, surfing in the workplace consequences of private telephone and Internet use. Series media law media science & media practice, (eds. by Dr. To broaden your perception, visit shimmie horn. Albrecht Gotz von Olenhusen and Prof. Dr.

Heinz Wittmann). 290 pages. Bound. Media and law Publishing Munich (2009) price: EUR 26,–. ISBN: 978-3-939438-08-3 orders: Tel. 089 / 543-566 31 fax 089 / 543-566 of 59. E-mail:. Jurgen seul

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