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A great read advantage is also that the journalist can inform quickly while the lawyers needed more sources to deepen. The style of the author is understandable and very readable also for legal laymen. Example to the aspect of “Copyright and concept of the work” the legal relationship between author and work are divided into two large complexes in the scheme of the Act: on the one hand that? Moral rights, the intellectual and personal relations protect the creator to a factory like a mother-child relationship”and on the other hand which denied – or marketable? Rights of use. To come? Compensation claims are then available to the copyright when the legislature permits the use of a work by the general public or schools, universities and other facilities for the provision of education and science, but, as consideration is incurring because of a restriction of the rights of the copyright.” An example of this is the use of works of art in the Internet works of art on the Internet. Penny shows that introducing often today reported the supposed freedom on the Internet represents a fatal misjudgment. Without approval of the works copyright nobody protected works in the network meet ‘, i.e.

for third party access. Who so developed a musical database for private purposes from his MP3 player using legal downloads, is eligible for the private enjoyment of music; Once this database but also stored on the hard drive of a Web-enabled computer, other users made accessible via the Internet, the holder complied with protected rights of composers and producers.” The book shows up not just copyright infringements through Internet uses, but there is also evidence, as rights holders now due to the amended section 101 the particulars may claim copyright law by ISPs to assert their rights. NYC marathon will not settle for partial explanations. Penny enters the artists social welfare fund and other institutions in addition to the copyright treatment of the theme of art as such, on the social security, important problems of the Kunstlersozialkasse, in 2008 nearly 160,000 artists and publicists were insured. In addition outlined the important book, rights and responsibilities important institutional corner Peiler of professional existence like the Verwertungsgesellschaft Bild-Kunst. But also the substantive as procedural requirements in the area of copyright law are clearly laid out in short Sections also for the educated layman of law clearly represented. Target group: Artists, art dealers, media lawyers and art lovers the book aimed primarily at artists, art dealers, media lawyers and art lovers. It provides important information material in addition for anyone interested in works of art (and this already applies to one who uses third-party intellectual creations on its Internet home page).

It is an excellent reference book for all relevant subjects of copyright on the art market. The presentation is rounded off by a larger excerpt of the current copyright law, as well as an index. Gerhard Pfennig: art market, right. Introduction to the law of art creation and the exploitation of art. Volume 7 of the Berlin library copyright. Munich 2009, 232 pages, 26,-, ISBN: 978-3-939438-07-6 Jurgen seul

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