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Dangerous Carbon

April 28, 2020 Comments Off on Dangerous Carbon

I know you seem horrible to live such as unpleasant sensations. Before suffering a panic attack typically start to feel uncomfortable things such as palpitations, dizziness, tingling and others. When we don’t know why it happens to us this enters us fear and even think you’re going to drown or are going to stop the heart. Know why occur those feelings makes you to know with certainty that you will not drown or gives you a heart attack (by very real it may seem). Dizziness, palpitations, tingling and others are caused by HYPERVENTILATION. If you learn to not hiperventilarte, avoid having those so unpleasant sensations. It is evident that we need to breathe to give our energy body. When we are inspired, we inhalamos oxygen-laden air.

Once inside, the oxygen travels toward the heart through blood. Then the heart pumps blood to bring oxygen to the entire body. All that oxygen allows nutrients to be converted into energy with a series of chemical reactions. At the end of this process we produce carbon dioxide and expel him exhaling. In other words, we inhalamos oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

When you have lot of anxiety is normal hiperventilarse and then the level between oxygen and carbon dioxide becomes unbalanced. I.e., oxygen levels increase and those of carbon dioxide fall. It may be too breathe, breathe superficially, take much air etc. When this happens two things happen: 1. the brain detects the lack of carbon dioxide in the blood and instructs the body to breathe less. Then it seems that body refuses to breathe as it was making a few moments ago. The normal is that we react to trying to breathe more. When we do this we maintain the imbalance between oxygen and carbon dioxide and we can even make worse it. If this happens, can that our brain sends you more signals to the body for even less, breathe even stop breathing a moment to balance the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

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