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Sodium Bicarbonate

April 28, 2020 Comments Off on Sodium Bicarbonate

I’ve become a self-taught researcher for years. Whenever he walked by my favorite spots, – libraries – I was going to stop at the shelves of books on health, even without having suffered any disease, this has been a constant in my life, read and learn about topics in medicine, different alternative ways to cure me and helping others. In order that apparently one day would be sitting writing this knowledge according to the needy or sick. One of the first books that I loved to read was the psychical, clairvoyant and healer Edgar Cayce, their natural cures, therapeutic methods dictated by the famous clairvoyant that brings many valuable recipes that have taken utmost efficiency in many treatments. Among the remedies that more used prescribed the Edgar Cayce sick I can name, the Castor oil or Palma Cristi and sodium bicarbonate, among others.Especially want to mention personal mode from my testimony, healing with bicarbonate that already echoes in the internet pages, due to its application in diseases such as cancer. Recently I stumbled across a page that said baking soda cure cancer, an Italian Doctor named Dr.Simoncini that has manifested in conferences their research and application mode. Of course that as it has happened with vitamin C in high intravenous doses, which has given many sufferers of cancer, remission this doctor, as other researchers, have before him a great mostruo, large drug companies that produce chemotherapies, which are, multimillion dollar, and as this medicine so commodified not allowed advance in such economic for a patient treatments most of the times have until more effectively without the side effects of such embergadura produced by chemotherapies and radiation. After reading these writings about the applications of the baking soda for cancers, I was very upset because a small wound in my molestandome hemorrhoids pretty in my daily needs, because until he was bleeding due to the astringent effects of Sera in my body.

I turned to the task of preparing me a few packs of water and baking soda to sleep with them. irritation and inflammation were present, a malaise did not allow me to be sitting normally, it had to be booted all the time. Amazed was my awakening, relieved in a way fast, which continued one second day and to my real surprise, inflammation, bleeding, pain, all disappeared, but this therapy I did combine it, with a tip of teaspoon diluted in water after lunch, to carry my body an acid-alkaline PH, as always suggested Edgar Cayce. I started taking aloe vera tablet at the same time or Aloe Vera toning steps of fecal matter by conclusions intestines has disappeared constipation, I have seen improvement and recommend much to those who suffer from hemorrhoids these compresses or poultice to only in two or three days end with those produced by Candida, fungus or a PH unbalanced trend acid, which can bring many problems to our body. This is an alternate recommendation, if you want to consult a specialist before doing so, but my has given me a wonderful result.

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