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Dress Colors

July 13, 2018 Comments Off on Dress Colors

What to do when it's time to the elegant beauty to the past. How to find your style of dress, if you 50 – 60 – 65 years or more. Emphasis on smartness and youthfulness. For you to fit the classic style of dress, because classic is always remains outside of time. But not to look too conservative dilute classical romantic style stakes by making some details.

If you love dark colored clothing, it should be abandoned or at least add to the face detail in a scarf. In general, try to wear clothes on the lighter shade, that they wore before. With age, skin color and hair changes, so makeup should be muted slightly noticeable. Hair length also better than average, not suitable as a too short haircut and long hair. Even if you're retired, do not stop to look after themselves, no old women shapeless sweaters, no hoodie. Suppose that you are over 70 and you think that both you and surrounding all early how you look. In fact, it is not. Good appearance is important, first of all, you yourself, but on your mood affects the health and wellbeing.

Do not wear (wore not) that you do not like, if the thing is obsolete, even though she is still strong. Treat yourself to a new purchase beautiful clothes. Choose comfortable shoes, a small heel. Ruthlessly discard the old worn-out worn-out shoes. Do not forget accessories, pick up her purse, scarf, gloves. Accessories can help add personality to your image. Choose things simple cut and good on you sit. Do not wear clothes too bright colors, but too dark, too not necessary. Not fit all shades of dark cold colors, black, dark brown, dark gray. Neck scarves shawls light colors freshen the face. Warm shades of yellow, apricot can also look good.

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