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April 23, 2020 Comments Off on Honoured Doctor

Dr. Dmitriev is best expressed this opinion: The yogurt should be regarded as the best of yet known preparations of milk, suitable for kumysuu mare. Vladimir Dmitriev was a beautiful mare kefir grains ferment mare's milk. Nowadays, the descendant of the milkman Beck Baycharova Mirza, AA Teke, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, which legendary Beck – Mirza Baycharov (Karachai, not Ossetian, Georgian, as it was written) has great grandfather on the maternal side, stung by articles in which distorted as the story itself, and the authorship of making yogurt, violating prohibitions prophet protected by his great-grandfather, opened the world's secret production of yogurt. A. Teke patented yogurt as a national Karachay drink called Airan, Tan – Airan. Generally accepted in the literature is considered the birthplace of kefir northern slope Caucasus, where different tribes it exists under different names: yogurt, Kapiri kaafir kaafir, caps, khagu khapu, chyppe gyppe, gypy and many others. In Yalta, this drink is known as Kapiri as kefir and a kaafir in the Tatar language are important swearwords.

Many believe that the word 'yogurt' is not of Caucasian origin was from 'You're not relaxing'. It goes back to the Arabic word 'kaif', in Turkish vocalism 'You're not relaxing', which means – 'rest, a pleasant idleness. " By 1837 the word 'You're not relaxing' (meaning 'bliss') has spread widely. In the first half of this century, 'Keith' somehow forgotten. The second 'birth' word 'buzz' was only in the early 60s, after the Moscow World Youth Festival.

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