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But this phase does not last much time, as Ross (1996, P. 53): ‘ ‘ comumente, the negation is a temporary defense, being soon substituted for an acceptance parcial’ ‘ , to the few the patient goes accepting the fact to be sick and to need to be hospitalized. However, then, some patients substitute the phase of negation for another one, in accordance with Ross (1996, P. 63): ‘ ‘ … is substituted by anger feeling, of revolt, envy and resentment. It appears, logic, a question: because I? ‘ ‘.

Ahead of this, one becomes necessary that the hospital professor knows and knows to deal with these possible eventualities. At the moment where the patient crosses a period of training of anger, the next relatives feel the same reaction emotional. First, they are with anger of the doctor who examined the sick person, and did not present the diagnosis soon; later, of the doctor who it informed of the sad reality. They can direct its fury against the staff of the hospital that never takes care of sufficiently, not importing the efficiency of the cares. (Ross, 1996, p.183) the professor who acts in necessary hospital classroom to be conscientious of such circumstances that will be able to witness and even though to deal with similar facts in its educative performance. Ahead of the displayed one, Matos; Mugiatti (2008, p.82) recommends: The responsibility assumed for pedagogo, in its relations with the children/adolescent hospitalized patients or, demands, also, experience in the plan of the psychology of the development and the education.

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