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Nobert Rottgen Speaks Before Boards

February 7, 2020 Comments Off on Nobert Rottgen Speaks Before Boards

“Prof. Dr. Hubertus Domschke, PPC plan project consult, shows the large ecological and economic potential of BtL fuel on Berlin, 22.01.2012 – on January 18, 2012, the event was innovation from Saxony new energies” held in the representation of the free State of Saxony, the Federal Government in Berlin. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Greg Williamson. The event is a collaboration of the representation of the free State of Saxony, the Federal Government, Saxon Energy Agency s, the Wirtschaftsforderung Erzgebirge GmbH and the WatS heat exchanger GmbH. “against the backdrop of new solutions are needed the energy transition and the shortage of raw materials, produce the efficient energy and recycle”, so Torsten Enders, CEO of the WatS heat exchanger Sachsen GmbH. According to Prof. Dr.

Hubertus Domschke, PPC project consult Dresden there is a great potential for CO2 savings and use as can be stored energy in the BtL fuels. This will be in the future of great importance in the new energy mix from biomass of produced synthetic diesel. Thus he spoke Environment Minister Dr. Nobert Rottgen from the participants and the present boards of CEHATROL fuels EC, the EC Freudenberg CEHATROL technology EC, EC and the CEHATROL distribution EC I.g. about the challenges of the energy revolution. According to Rottgen, new energies and energy efficiency will constitute the two main pillars of the energy revolution. “In 2012 the company under the brand name CEHATROL secure the step to the energy revolution. All members of the cooperative are benefit, no matter in what field of new energies, the success story is written.”so Frank Knauer, Director of the CEHATROL technology EC.

“2012 we will have attached large parts of our five-year budget and implemented. In the cooperative, we give everyone the opportunity to participate with his assets and skills to the success. An example is the site partnership as CEHATROL licensee.”so Knauer next. For more information, see Helmut Uhlig network Messenger – member of the DVPJ

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