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From ISOC they assure that it costs more to connect itself to Internet in Catalonia that " in the north of frica". They aim that the optical fiber is an investment " in the long term " , only asumible by the State because it implies " risks for the companies privadas". The expert assures that this form connection " he will change vida&quot to us;. The Spanish representative of the Internet Society (ISOC), Andreu Ve, member of the organization who, just as conmina to the Chinese government to eliminate the access filters the network to maintain the Internet spirit global, deals with which Spain advances in the optical fiber installation. " Hill to more connect to Internet in the north of Catalonia that in North Africa, where esquina&quot is cibercaf in each; , Ve in an interview has criticized, in which it has been sorry that Spain " it has been 15 years of delay at the time of fibrear" , something that attributes to the decisions of the governments.

According to this expert, which could have been " a cost superfluo" if the obligatory nature had settled down to install a fiber cable in each sidewalk that rose, one is going away to turn into " an investment that only can assume the State because it implies many risks for the private companies: &quot is a long term investment;. In this way, Spain is very far from the situation of other countries like South Korea, where at the end of 2012 all the territory it will count on a speed of access to Internet of giga per second. Ve is dndido kindness of this system of connection, " with facilities that will last dcadas" and that will serve as impulse " to new applications " , in the same way that happened when &quot occurred to the jump to connection ADSL; and people asked themselves that why we wanted so much velocidad".

Choosing A Web Hosting Provider

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The web hosting companies, also known as web hosting, provide the system and technical resources to store websites. However, there are multiple options for companies that offer this service and each provider has several lodging options ranging from very inexpensive plans with monthly payments to plans that offer huge amounts of space and data transfer. Choosing web hosting account only the price as the determining factor can cause many headaches later. If you follow these tips you will know the parameters needed for your site and make an informed decision evitandote future problems. 1) Determine the space required by your site and the number of email accounts you need How much space does your pages? If you currently do not have the exact data determines whether your site will include a considerable amount of images, sound files and video. From then determines the space of your files and puts a plan that gives you enough space. It provides for the growth that can be your business or organization to determine space and the number of email accounts with a sufficient margin to avoid saturating your storage. At least you should consider 15 to 20 MB per email account.

2) Please note that there is unlimited space or unlimited download There is no hard drive with infinite space. Each server has a limited capacity in terms of space, memory resources. Beware of companies that offer unlimited space and unlimited transfer, or if necessary a reliable supplier, review what limitations or restrictions exist.

Federal Institute

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To the Federal Institute Minas Gerais? Campuses Are Joo Evangelista for yielding the space for the accomplishment of the research. ' ' The education is a social process, is development. It is not the preparation for the life, is proper vida' '. John Dewey SUMMARY the objective of this study was to inside analyze the index of accidents of the lessons of physical education in the Federal Institute Minas Gerais – campuses Are Joo Evangelista. For such end it looked for to identify the types of occured injuries in the lessons of physical education and to make an identification of factors that favor the possible injuries. The collection of the data was carried through, through a questionnaire destined to the learning.

In the total had been 391 interviewed pupils, all of average education, occurring 5% of injuries in 1 year, 3% in 2 year and 0% in 3 year. The types of injuries that had occurred had been cimbra, luxao, excoriations, entorse. The reached region more had been the inferior members. The causes of these they had been detached by the pupils, the incoherence on the part of the same ones at the moment practising the exercises, and in some cases it was for the shaken nervous system, and another reason was in relation to the exercises badly executed, the physical fatigue also was one of the injury reasons. For the number of occured practical lessons inside of the Federal Institute Minas Gerais? Campuses Are Joo Evangelista, can be considered minimum the number of occurred accidents. Although that each accident is an accident and we must prevent it the maximum. Words key: Accidents, physical Education, injuries RESUMEN The objective of that study was you analyze the index of accidents inside of the physical education classrooms in the Federal Institute Minas Gerais – campuses Are Joo Evangelista. An will be such end it tried you identify the types of lesions happened in the physical education classrooms and you of an identification of factors that you/they favor the possible lesions.

Federal Environment Ministry

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“Strategic strength and creativity: Bonn agency spring stone become the energy revolution of the coveted Stadtwerke children’s Book Award with the Conference organizers, Euroforum, the Stadtwerke cooperation Trianel GmbH and the journal characterized annual achievements of the candidate, energy and management, was the implementation of the energy turnaround spot this year for the best applications on the topic” awarded. “With the children’s book the the cable Conference” Stadtwerke Bonn submitted a nationwide innovative project, which fits precisely into this requirement profile. The exciting story told with humor and expertise describes the current status of the Bonn power turn and places them in a long-term successful tradition. The idea by Jurgen Winterwerp, head of marketing and communication of the SWB an informative and artistically valuable children’s book, as well as a related website about was energy and water, and Susanne Lettow, responsible for children’s and youth communication of municipal utilities, to give out the energy transition, as Solitaire project implemented with the Bonn agency spring stone. The idea to create a children’s book to the energy revolution, has delighted us right off the bat. A strategically so dense concept entertaining therefore to give and thus not only selectively to enlighten, but to achieve a long-term value creation, the freestyle in the usage of the competences of the Agency is”spring stone Chief Claudia Weller explains. With the Conference of the cable”, a way was found to inform can be extended and on all channels always up to date about the progress of the energy revolution and motivate to participate. “Without thinking turn not turn of the power”, stressed marketing chief Jurgen Winterwerp and thanked the Agency spring stone for the joint project, which was already in the Federal Environment Ministry and the Ministry for attention.

We carry the theme now deliberately in kindergartens, schools and camps. The history of the Conference of the cable in Bonn should ensure that the Bonn youth Gets an even better perspective”, happy is Winterwerp. Contact and request for a review copy: Claudia Weller 0228 9095342 spring stone Kommunikation GmbH pond road 38 53111 Bonn Bonner agency spring stone communication GmbH is a specialist agency for branding and real-time-oriented brand management. Understanding with the Griffin in the logo and the slogan of brands”symbolizes a visionary, strong and valuable agency world spring stone. As a highly specialised services of the creative industry, spring stone is communication responsible for and sales targets in competition-conscious concepts and they translates strong perception so that brands benefit sustainably. Founded in 2003, owner-managed agency headquartered in Bonn has two branches to the project management in Berlin and Munich. Performance and industry focus of spring stone are the creative development and strategic planning of advertising and marketing for automotive, banks, energy and transport, travel industry, real estate.

New York Police Department

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In New York, they have begun a protest on Wall Street against economic powers. They are identified with Spaniards outraged, Egyptians and Greeks. Its intention is to deal with the financial center of EE UU for months. During the Saturday protests occurred in different cities around the world, including several Spanish as Madrid and Barcelona. Occupy Web Wall Street. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in lower Manhattan to occupy the streets of the financial center of Wall Street for months, inspired by the protests of the Arab spring and the outraged in Spain. Around noon on Saturday in New York (16: 00 GMT), dozens of people began to concentrate on the Park Bowling Green of New York, where is located the famous sculpture of the bull rammed it has become Wall Street icon.

It was the culmination of a series of similar demonstrations that have taken place throughout the day on Saturday in cities around the world, including several Spanish as Madrid and Barcelona. Places like Berlin, Tel Aviv, Athens also experienced days with protests of the same sign. The goal: send a message to markets citizen. We are people, not indexes stock, we have taken the bag, IMF, let us live, dictatorship of the markets or anyone had voted them. Stop harassing and manipulate our democracy, were some of the slogans that have been repeated in cities across the world this Saturday. Occupy Wall Street months with the motto takes the bull by the horns in his pamphlets, the organizers of the movement Occupy Wall Street sought to attract 20,000 people that takes a camp with beds, kitchens, and peaceful barricades to deal with Wall Street for a few months, according to the statement of objectives in its web page. As our brothers and sisters in Egypt, Greece, Spain and Iceland, we plan to use the revolutionary tactics of massive occupation of the Arab spring to restore democracy in the United States, show organizers, alluding to various social movements that have occurred in these countries. The campaign, initiated by anonymous activists and supported by the Canadian magazine non-profit Adbuster, joined in July the anarchist group Anonymous, known for its computer pirates, who offered to broadcast the event live on the internet.

The basis of the protest, according to organizers, is a reaction to the benefits guaranteed to persons who accumulate greater wealth in the country, and that however are exempt from the payment of taxes. What we have in common is that we are 99 per cent of people who will not tolerate greed more and corruption of the other 1 percent, reads the statement of intent. The New York Police Department, which closed to traffic the main streets of the financial district, not offered in principle official attendance figures, although several media spoke of hundreds (even thousands) of people. On the social network Twitter, the label #occupywallstreet, converted into one of the most popular of the day from the morning, was replaced hours later by #takewallstreet, once the organizers of the campaign to denounce the first lock. The majority of attendees, according to the official website, were young, very skilled and poorly paid, do not believe in violence and are interested in returning the United States into the hands of individual citizens. The group plans to organize similar concentrations in other parts of the country, the first on 6 October in Washington. Source of the news: New York leads a new global movement of the outraged: dealing with bags


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It is better to suffer wrong to do it, and happier than sometimes cheated of no confidence. "- Samuel Johnson I was in a tele-seminar recently with International Health Coach Jeremy Likness and he made a very interesting question about trust. We were talking about people to find mentors and his mentors confident enough to pay for services, or to teach what they want (need) to know. The question took me by surprise because the truth of the matter was in fact had not paid enough attention to what really was TRUST in the world of personal improvement, the personal development and the search for mentors, because only trusted people. Well, until proven otherwise … First of all, a mentor is … men Tor – is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. Secondly confidence is …

confidence – confidence in the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing. With all this clear … After I left the call noticed that should have explained that each time I met someone who did not trust me, it was they and not me who were not trustworthy! Now, before you go and say, "Well, that's a generalization Rasheed!" Let me explain this: People who give you the confidence, trust in the CAN. People who do not trust others are not trust worthy. It's that simple and does not need some Forrester research or Harvard to tell me that! Think about the last time someone does not trust you … have proven to be trustworthy? I very much doubt.

As with everything in our world Trust has two sides, and both serve their purposes. So how to trust people? You Just Do not. It's all about your attitude and change to get what they want. If you want to trust people, give the first or is considered unreliable. Everyone gets burned more than once in life, but those who succeed are those that burn, learn and continue to trust the right people. With regard to trust mentors, do I have to give the definition again?? If you have reached a level of personal development and you want to be there, then you should seek out to teach how to effectively reach implacable. Mentors serve three main purposes as a resource. Intellectual spiritual resources Resources Financial Resources After you have outdone himself or mistrust, to decide what you want and get a mentor. If you do not trust people, then this is what you do … Walk into a mirror and take a long hard look. Then tell the person in the mirror, "Hey I hope you're happy, because you and I are going to be where we are now, for a long time." ,-P With learn to trust achieved however, breaks through barriers and become more powerful each day. econfia in yourself is the first secret of success. "- Ralph Waldo Emerson *** Rasheed Ali was once a homeless runaway on the streets of New York and is changing the lives of thousands of people from all sectors of life … Helping them reach their maximum potential by conquering any and all obstacles through his Conquer their adversity Newsletter. He also co-founder of You can subscribe to your newsletter ***