Government Iron

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Iron has described as " quimrico" to try to count for its candidacy with the apparatus of the party, reason why has resorted to the social networks, where it assures already to have reaped supports of all the bunds of PSOE. It has assured that his is not a project that expires east month of June and that if it does not secure 22,000 endorsement necessary to appear to the primary ones its project will participate in all the processes that are abran in the party. Iron has insisted on which the parties " they must be democratic, and if somebody since Obama has been able to arrive at president in the United States, that must be able to happen in Espaa". " If there had been primary in the PP somebody it thinks that they had voted to Camps? " , there is this Iron, that on the economic policy of the socialist Government has indicated that " irremediably there was hacerla" and that in the future those measures, although unpopular, will be praised. Iron has indicated that " it is not possible to be gone to new elections for a new announced defeat, still more forceful that the one of 22-M, only with the null project that means to only say: that comes the PP! , more when it is demonstrated than already nor that works to him to the PSOE". Iron, with its presentation, also tries to bring about changes in the PSOE, by what also it will ask primary for the designation of the candidate to the presidency of the Meeting of Andalusia. This happens a day after another professor of the University of Seville, Jose Carlos Carmona, would announce that he will appear like aspiring the primary Socialists. Source of the news: Exdiputado and professor Luis Angel Iron aspires to face Rubalcaba in the primary ones

Milk Products

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In September 2008, the international media has leaked information about "different kinds of melamine contamination of food products (milk, infant formula, yogurt, candy, chocolate, tea beverages) in China, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea at concentrations up to 2560 mg / kg "(according to the of Food Safety Authorities (INFOSAN) WHO / FAO). It was noted that melamine was added to the food and animal feed in order to simulate a high protein content – one of the most important indicators of quality, which determine its nutritional value. The classic and still the only universally accepted method for determining protein Arbitration is the method of Kjeldahl (also known as a method for determining total nitrogen by Kjeldahl). Small molecule contains melamine in its structure, six nitrogen atoms, so even a small admixture of a chemical compound capable of create the illusion of a high nutritional value or foods. Thus, an analysis by the Kjeldahl method is nonselective to the nature of the nitrogen atoms, ie Not "see" the difference between the nitrogen of the protein or other origin. In the current situation – falsification of milk and dairy products with melamine – it was necessary to offer a highly selective, sensitive and accurate method for the analysis of melamine.

These methods, in particular, combined separation methods of analysis, including chromatography. On October 1, 2008 in the Russian Federation and approved November 1, 2008 will come into force "Supplement number 11 to SanPiN" according to which no allowed the presence of melamine in food (permissible level – less than 1 mg / kg). To determine the melamine in milk and milk products, the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare approved guidelines Municipal 4.1.2420-08 that establish HPLC method. Russian manufacturers of analytical instruments for the implementation of KMC 4.1.2420-08 offer to use their own production equipment, which allows solve the problem effectively, efficiently and economically. For the analysis of melamine is not only used HPLC method, but the method of capillary electrophoresis, which compared to the chromatographic separation is characterized by much higher resolution of the peaks, significantly lower cost than one definition, the absence of speakers, and problems with its replacement, in general, more simple practice of using the equipment while maintaining the same metrological parameters.

A Historic Increase

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A historic increase in bank lending in China this year has helped keep the economy of third world in hedge funds global growth during the recession. Yet, some fear that the explosion of credit represents a setback for the progress that Chinese banks have had after years of financial reforms. State banks of China have spent the last few years trying to transform into commercial entities, for which lending is a business decision, not politics. The institutions have restructured their operations to foreign fund management investors and international consulting. Goldman Sachs was founded in 1869 by Marcus Goldman. The company became known as a The pioneer in the issuance of unsecured bills of exchange for entrepreneurs and was invited to join the funds New York Stock Exchange in 1896. It was during this time that Goldman’s son-in-law, Samuel Sachs joined the firm, which is why the NYSE change of name to “Goldman Sachs.”
In the early twentieth century Goldman played a major role in establishing the public offering (IPO) on the market. Get to handle the biggest IPO of the time, that of Sears, Roebuck and Company in 1906. Also became one of the first companies to recruit those with Masters in Business Administration from the major schools of economics and the practice continues to this day.
In 1929 he launched the Goldman Sachs Trading Corp., something close to a mutual fund.
Amid the financial crisis of investment portfolio 2008 and the United States to confront the possibility of bankruptcy on September 21, investors 2008, Goldman Sachs received approval from the Federal Reserve to stop being an investment bank into a commercial bank. when looking at the hedge fund market, the strategies of the ‘s principal and investment leader, The next day along with most other large investment banks, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs confirmed that it had ended the era of the big investment banks on Wall Street .
In the year 2 008, Goldman Sachs received 10,000 million in the TARP program. Due to restrictions placed on the agenda, the firm has had restrictions as to investment management pay their employees. when considering hedge funds, I spoke with the head of the According to Lloyd Blankfein, the chairman of the firm, said it would limit the ability to compete in the U.S.. States and abroad.

The Baseball Furies

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“Warriors … come out and play-ay!” Along the way, the Warriors are the following bands of fantasy, from north to south: The Baseball Furies – A gang who always wears baseball uniforms brings unique painted faces and baseball bats. Its main building resembles a boat lined bats exit the building. Despite a highly respected and formidable band, are shown to be very poor as the fighters who lost a fight against the Warriors, despite having them in number from 8 to 4. The Gramercy Riffs – The largest and most respected gang in New York, led by Cyrus before his assassination at the hands of crooks. Each member brings orange karate gi with the exception of our leader, bearing the black. Are supposed to be martial arts experts, because of their dress and martial arts style kicks used in a fight with Warriors Cleon leader. The Orphans – A poor, cowardly, little-known gang in the Bronx.They are not part of the “network” of the Gramercy Riffs, therefore, so are not invited to the meeting with Cyrus. Rogues – a band led by Luther, who were responsible for killing Cyrus. Rogues are the main enemy Warriors because Warriors Cyrus framed “murder, after the events of the film. The Turnbull AC’s – A band with a shaved head, who travel in large numbers in a spray paint buses and wear denim jeans and jackets with matching patches. Its territory is about Gun Hill Road in the Bronx. According to Rembrandt, including the Gramercy Riffs are afraid to go toe to toe with the bulls . The Lizzies – A band of women, who seduce with the Warriors and success in delivering some of his Bowery apartment to kill them. His name as a double reference to Lizzie Borden.It may also suggest lesbian tendencies ( “lezzies” is a slang derogatory term for lesbians), which are implicit in a suggestive dance scene between two of the gang members. They also represent the mythical mermaids. The apartment they take for the Warriors is directly across from CBGB. The punks – A band with a leader who walks around Rollerskates. The warriors fight in a mens room at the 14th Street-Union Square subway station. The members are all high, wide and white (although at least one African American in the band), is similar to hockey players, perhaps from Minnesota. They wear shirts over striped denim overalls. The punks are only referred to by that name in the crs. They share the neighborhood with the Bowery Lizzies.