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Center Life

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Our besteiras of each day Wellington Balbo? Bauru – SP the physical disease impose lies of most significant. All process of disease of the organic machine is an invitation to the citizen to review its habits. We cannot malbaratar the physical body, therefore we are not as the cats that possess seven lives. We have only one? he is obvious that other chances will come for intermediary of the reincarnation? but to be objective we have that to use to advantage the current one. By the way, if he has a thing that the capitalism not yet obtained to place for sale was to such of the life human being. He does not have as the citizen to lose the life and later buying it knot supermarket or shopping Center. Further details can be found at best bars in New York, an internet resource. No matter how hard let us find products in these places do not vendem life there, that is, organic life, equal a physical body to ours.

If it had, I I went to want a new in leaf, with certainty. in all phase of my disease? I had two infartos has 2 months? not yet I was called for the surgery. I am waiting, but sincerely I do not know if I wait desencarnao or the call of the hospital. We go to see which of the two arrives first. Fact is that my situation today is not different of that thousands of millions of Brazilians live who depend on the SUS? Only system of Health. I can say that this situation is a master therefore teaches in them to have patience. Clearly, or the individual has patience and conserves the calm or deixars a carne of a time. One another important lesson left by pain is the learning of the humildade. Accurately: we are all equal ones, independently of my beautiful eyes chestnuts I I am equal to that one gentleman of certain age that appears the sessions of chemotherapy already with the tired physical body for the beatings of the life.

General Educational System

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– Public spaces whose focus is the game. – Resources energizing leisure. – Areas specially prepared to play. Read more from Bill de Blasio to gain a more clear picture of the situation. – Places of interpersonal relations among children and youth whose medium is the game. – Sites suitable for the development of freedom, where the child is the protagonist. – Locations for fun. – Areas of play with toys and play materials, encouraged by Ludotecarios. – Offers sociocultural meet the needs of the neighborhood.

– Areas of development, with or without toys, leisure. – A space where association enhances the child and encourages citizen participation. Significance in early childhood education and pedagogical nature of the Games: We could say that the feature of the Toy Library is the pedagogical action that has the game as methodology and the toy as an essential resource of the intervention, supported by agents that enable the development of the educational project. We note that very many authors agree on the educational function of the game. The infantile stage, fundamental in the construction of the individual, is largely defined by the playful activity, so that the game appears as something inherent to the child.

This prompts us to establish its relevance to their use in schools. Although it is clear that all statements above do not exclude other educational inputs and that the game does not supplant other forms of education. In this sense the very LOGSE (Organic Law 1 / 1990 of 3 October, on the General Educational System) specifies when it comes to the stage of early childhood education (MEC, 1992) that is essential to stress the importance of play as own activities in this phase.

Better Quality

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In the book, keys to success, a compilation of work of Napolean Hill created after his death, Hill says: Carnegie began as a worker in a steel mill. Because its main objective defined was manufacture and trade better quality than any other steel, became one of the richest men in the country and was able to donate libraries to small towns throughout the country. So that the main objective of Carnegie was not having the bigger, factory have the most beneficial, nor win a million dollars. His goal was to manufacture and sell the best quality steel and that dedication to excellence and service brought him wealth. Many times, people hocks are both make money, who forgets the real values of what offers, devaluing so their quality and image. It is more important to worry about your foundations are created from an idea of satisfy or cause the good common, that worry only about the profitability that will bring you the business that you spend. So, as of what planting recojoes, what service or product of the best quality would provide in exchange for wealth?

Baltic Languages

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And the influence of tribal languages, lived side by side with the Baltic nations, to a greater or less apparent in the Baltic language group. Of the Iranian languages in the Baltic moved some hydronyms (about 20) of the Thracian-Illyrian language – about hundreds of names of languages, the German group was transferred well enough hydronyms and place names. If we consider the connection with the Baltic Slavic languages, in contrast to relations with other languages that are external to the Baltic languages, these connections affect the inner side of them. In studying this issue are generally considered two positions on the nature of relations between the two languages in antiquity, which are absolutely the opposite direction. Scientists who support the the first position, convinced that there was a Proto-Baltic and Slavic groups, which explains their relationship. And those who hold the second position, argued that initially the two languages have a number of distinct features. To say that some of the positions is not absolutely correct.

Recently, a new hypothesis about the link between the Baltic and Slavic languages, part of which is development of Slavic languages as a later development of the outlying dialects of the Baltic languages. So, from 20 to 5 century BC, Proto-Slavic language was introduced by some Baltic dialects and perhaps that should be call Balto-Slavic proto-languages. There are different assumptions about the connection of Slavic languages of the Baltic and to some extent the right may be considered, almost everything. And that is such a connection – is the undisputed fact, the evidence base is quite extensive. Returning to the comparative-historical research Baltic languages, we can distinguish characteristic features of all languages Baltic morphology, phonetics, in word formation, syntax, dictionaries in languages and phraseology. However, the unity of the Baltic languages and can be found without the use of research in these areas. They can be seen in As a whole group and by its synchronicity. When compared with the other Baltic languages group of linguistic typology, that is, their structural and functional properties, regardless of the nature genetic relationships between them, the integrity of this group did not cause any issues.

Federal Constitution

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Bully has origin in the English word, that it is translated as ' ' valento' ' , ' ' tirano' ' as the verb, means ' ' amear' ' , ' ' amedrontar' ' , ' ' tiranizar' ' , ' ' oprimir' ' , ' ' intimidar' ' ' ' maltratar' '. In this direction, the Bullying committed for the professor in relation to its pupils can be identified in situations of continuous, verbal or physical abuse, where it possesss the intention to wound the other, using itself of the disequilibrium of the power between the parts. Exemplificando: to threaten the reprovao pupil constantly, to defame the pupil front to the members of the Advice of classroom, directors, coordinators and between colleagues of the classroom, to call the pupil for designs that do not correspond to its name, to give to preference the certain pupils in detriment of others and to assume rigorous criteria with some and not with excessively, to intimidate the pupil in high voice lowering it front to the colleagues and wounding its auto-esteem, physical torture (you cover, pushes, pokes of ear), to act with prejudiced or racist words. To fight the manifest violence through the practical one of bullying is arduous task, for the school since it is a complex phenomenon, with innumerable determinative causes and diverse forms of manifestation, however I believe that it is possible and viable its combat from the experience of the human rights for the professors. This axiom does not disrespect that the formal pertaining to school education is only one of the half ones to dismantle this faceta that cause serious damages psychic, physical, social and moral the health of the students. The Federal Constitution of 1988 (BRAZIL, 1988) establishes, in article 227: It is to have of the family, the society and the State to assure to the child and the adolescent, with absolute priority, the right to the life, the health, the feeding (…) to the dignity, the respect, the freedom (.) beyond placing I save them it of all form of recklessness, discrimination, exploration, violence, cruelty and oppression.

Federal Constitution

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The decade of 60 it was configured more in the organization and the pressure of the civil society for popular measures if intensifying each time, what for the elite it meant a threat to its interests. The result of this crisis is the Blow of 1964, that it braked the growth of the popular interests in its fight for the democratization of the access when knowing, keeping an elitist model of education. The attempt of implantation of an education of tecnicista matrix occurs. LDB 5,692/71 did not mean substantial changes in relation to LDB 4.024/61. As Saviani (1998, P.

21), the dominant elite understood to be necessary to the country the changes with concrete steps to the society for the military regimen. For this point of view, in the scope of the education, ' ' the new situation demanded adequacies in the educational scope what it implied changes in the legislation that regulated setor' '. With the promulgation of the new Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, in 1988, it had the necessity of a new regulation for area of the education, then institutes a new Law of Lines of direction and Bases, LDB 9.394/96. The constitutional principle of education is marked by the full development of the person according to art. 205: The education, right of all and to have of the State and the family, will be promoted and stimulated with the contribution of the society, aiming at to the full development of the person, its preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and its qualification for the work. Thus, the Federal Constitution of 1988 had great conquests, one of them was the fact of the education to pass to be seen as subjective public law. In 20 of November of 1989 the Convention on the rights of the Child, adopted for the General meeting of United Nations was carried through – ONU was ratified by 192 countries was the instrument of human rights more accepted in universal history.

Milk Products

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In September 2008, the international media has leaked information about "different kinds of melamine contamination of food products (milk, infant formula, yogurt, candy, chocolate, tea beverages) in China, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea at concentrations up to 2560 mg / kg "(according to the of Food Safety Authorities (INFOSAN) WHO / FAO). It was noted that melamine was added to the food and animal feed in order to simulate a high protein content – one of the most important indicators of quality, which determine its nutritional value. The classic and still the only universally accepted method for determining protein Arbitration is the method of Kjeldahl (also known as a method for determining total nitrogen by Kjeldahl). Small molecule contains melamine in its structure, six nitrogen atoms, so even a small admixture of a chemical compound capable of create the illusion of a high nutritional value or foods. Thus, an analysis by the Kjeldahl method is nonselective to the nature of the nitrogen atoms, ie Not "see" the difference between the nitrogen of the protein or other origin. In the current situation – falsification of milk and dairy products with melamine – it was necessary to offer a highly selective, sensitive and accurate method for the analysis of melamine.

These methods, in particular, combined separation methods of analysis, including chromatography. On October 1, 2008 in the Russian Federation and approved November 1, 2008 will come into force "Supplement number 11 to SanPiN" according to which no allowed the presence of melamine in food (permissible level – less than 1 mg / kg). To determine the melamine in milk and milk products, the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare approved guidelines Municipal 4.1.2420-08 that establish HPLC method. Russian manufacturers of analytical instruments for the implementation of KMC 4.1.2420-08 offer to use their own production equipment, which allows solve the problem effectively, efficiently and economically. For the analysis of melamine is not only used HPLC method, but the method of capillary electrophoresis, which compared to the chromatographic separation is characterized by much higher resolution of the peaks, significantly lower cost than one definition, the absence of speakers, and problems with its replacement, in general, more simple practice of using the equipment while maintaining the same metrological parameters.