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This paper will be useful to beginners and network marketing, or simply for those people who want to learn more about network marketing. Network Marketing has a bad reputation in Russia. Externally similar to network marketing companies pyramid schemes and phony companies, transfer film generated by all network marketing companies. Naturally, this film is transferred to people who work in network marketing. I am glad only that the situation is improving gradually, people become more financially literate and an increasing number do not connect the network marketing and pyramid schemes. Network Marketing is like a pyramid scheme only in that the pyramid masquerades as a network marketing company. Differentiate network marketing from the Ponzi scheme is simple: if there is no product, or if the goods do not conform to its characteristics: price, quality, liquidity, this financial pyramid.

You should always pay attention to the product, we need you and if he do to someone, if not, then you should not engage in such company. How to choose a network marketing company you can read here. Network Marketing – this work in a free graphics. Less for people who do not want to control your time. But this is a plus for other people. No time limit. Network Marketing can do half an hour a day, twenty possible four hours a day. It depends on the decisions of the individual. This is one of the causes of differences in outcome between the two at the same time had come to network marketing people.


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Such as networker, prospects and cash flow generating many NetWorker (salespeople of MLM company) have major challenges to overcome in building their business. Can, the two most important things with which you make the greatest joys each NetWorker: 1 business and 2 clear, money want to earn constantly enough interested in your MLM more sales or earnings, in particular in the difficult phase of building their downline all NetWorker and every serious Networkers know that he his downline building must win constantly enough interested parties to gain a certain number of people as a distribution partner. If it but are unable to address exactly these two challenges, you will achieve no or only insignificant results likely to like 95% of people in MLM network marketing. And with many Networkers, which deals with multi level marketing or Empfehlungsmaketing part-time or as a full-time occupation a so-called passive income want to rebuild the outdated contact work and Manipulation techniques obtaining partner not because it is ineffective and some are frivolous and are simply rejected by many. People such as Bill de Blasio would likely agree. The questionable contact methods that have not worked for many NetWorker in the 1970s, work only right no longer see nowadays apart from many Networkers like that man – at least initially – financial means, must invest time and commitment, will you build his MLM business in a professional manner.

You need to invest in Starter – amenities, marketing materials, training seminars, books, products, etc. So are the two main challenges, which must cope with a networker: constantly new prospects to generate, from which you can win Distributor and from the outset to ensure a positive cash flow, i.e. to make money, even if it can win even anyone for its business model or sponsor. The best way to reach these two goals is his own (Internet) marketing system to the Prospective collection to install and it is on “AutoPilot” on Networkers find Harald Weber for more tips and info on how you constantly for your multi level marketing business win prospective customers and earn some money

Network Marketing

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This industry is not about your products or services, this industry is oriented towards people. This premise is part of the secret of the power that has your personal brand. The population continues to seek business opportunities, especially in this period of global crisis, with a rise in the cost of living and salaries frozen. In this search process, a part of the population jumps from a business opportunity to another, finding the same problems, the lack of results that justify the effort contributed. Future independent entrepreneurs have to understand that no products are those that generate the growth of the Organization, products are the justification for the company or concept, but what builds team is your leadership and the marketing strategy that you implement. The entrepreneur who hosts your business with responsibility, assuming the necessary training and the discipline required to apply techniques and knowledge in the initial process, has a won Beach head. Your personal brand is a piggy bank. Both have there for contribute to the growth of your organization, so the value of your brand.

The power of your Personal brand is directly proportional to the knowledge that you have about this industry of Network Marketing or direct sales. When you manage to attract other potential leaders and train them to duplicate your concept is when you achieve the success of your dreams. Having knowledge about your industry is not enough. The other secret of your Personal brand is like effectively market your leadership. You must position yourself as the expert that you are and provide the solutions to the market niche you have chosen.

Your Personal brand should be positioned as an expert and not as a seller. The focus must be centered in the profile of the prospect that meets the requirements for your concept. Each tool has its implications and tactics to obtain successful results. For example, if you use the email tool, you have to learn at least the basics, structured from the header, body, closing etc. But you also need to know and manage the systems that support it strategy, such as automatic responders programs. The central theme of the power of your Personal brand must be very clear to you. People join your concept for you. The other element is your marketing system. Your marketing system must be duplicable. You have to develop very clear what steps to take and the type of training you will receive. Your system must be based on the formula to attract qualified prospects. The main problem in the industry of Network Marketing and direct selling is recruiting qualified prospects. When you can market your Personal brand, having a duplicable system, have discovered the secret. To maintain this flow of information, visit: and send me an email with your questions related to this topic and will be answered within 24 hours.

MSN Network

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Let us not forget that the internet is the largest in the network market can sell and buy everything. 2. By means of a web page, we can have open our business 24 hours a day and access to customers around the world, you have to create one for your empresa.3-via popular social networks can currently perform large business alliances, exchange experiences, interesting strategies, in addition to other forms of promotion and positioning of our companies or productos.4.-search engines like GoogleYahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Aol among others, are the most interesting and effective means to find a free space to advertise our products and other ideas. 5. By means of the already famous and at times disturbing e-mails (due to spam) we can reach at the same time a lot of customers and potential buyers and offer our products. But in this case we must be very careful and not abuse these shipments. 6.

The MSN’s Hotmail, is without doubt the best ally for many businesses. Be reported in real time with all customers and friends is one of the advantages of this world online.7.-another one of the great advantages of the internet is its low cost, speed and easy handling.Internet is undoubtedly the fastest growing media and innovation in recent years, is almost impossible to guess what is coming. The pages of this infinite cyberspace of the network still is blank, lack much for writing and sharing, it is therefore important that every day more people have access to this great space of knowledge and horizontal communication. It depends on us give you the best use and benefit from their great advantage. Cheer up and I know part of cyberspace, and as I said the talented Al Gore, if you’re not on the NET do not exist today tell you, if your company is not on the network, you’re losing many possibilities of sale.!

Social Elearning Networks

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Globalization has contributed to make a universal interest, being the winning horse in supply as demand both English language learning. Either by trade, migration for employment or personal issues as well as international tourism, the need to communicate with people from other countries and languages has contributed to the rise in the demand for language studies. In United States, it is estimated that this market represents around 50 billion dollars. But, what is the best method for learning in an effective and entertaining way? Taking into account that the language is necessary to communicate, I think that the collective learning is a good idea, says Robert, freelance journalist. Patricia, specialist in management of cultural events, says that learning a language in a collective way, and any type of training in general, promotes the acquisition of knowledge more quickly. More beyond targeting an English course or hire a tutor, it is learning from jointly with other students, a known and named by researchers as a social elearning methodology.

This offer is gaining particular interest with the improvement of information technologies, which allow you to connect to users from multiple countries but with a same need, through social networks. Well on an informal basis meeting people from the other side of the world thanks to Facebook or even vertical networks like Match, either entering into free communities as Englishtown, where the objective is to take English classes with native teachers along with contact with other students. Forums, chats, joint lessons and resolution of doubts on computer are some of the methods that can today be found in the virtual training and joined in the traditional teaching methodology. I have done several courses online sharing my experience in other fields with users who just I know, but as everyone wanted to learn, we esforzabamos for best results, says Patricia. For Robert, virtual training gives you the possibility of organizing with more flexibility: you have the option to do so when they do well, learn what interests you because you’re, who finds and solves your needs along with other users and doubts, and I also believe that it is a cheaper way and that lets you sometimes have at your disposal not only your tutor or lecturer, but a community that is always ready to give you a cable. Virtual social learning is a reality that is increasing in recent years. As well as higher education and University online thrives on the evolution of universities such as the UNED and the UOC, also joined this trend important business schools who want to make their traditional offer through network extensible.

According to the Ministry of education, 1.4 million people enrolled in 2009 in a university course of first or second degree, 192.571 students opted for virtual training, 10,500 people more than in 2005. Also it is interesting to observe the the percentage of foreign students who signed up to face the instructor-led online courses. While we speak of 2,1% in the latter, we note that the percentage in the first case is greater, rising to 4.7%. Put to the test the collective intelligence, as it is the case of Quora, social network that has taken center stage in recent weeks, is another example of social learning. The potential of learning on the net value grows day by day, thanks to the evolution of technology and of existing platforms, the demand of users and also need to find new trends within the market of training that has broken borders, since education is no longer between four walls.

American School

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Second great phase, later is of the escolasnorte-Americans, caused for the professor Jose of the Boucinhas Coast, where new doors to some scholars seabrem until the present to contribute aodesenvolvimento of the profession. Bill de Blasio has many thoughts on the issue. Patrimonialismo: School that considered the patrimony dasentidades as being the object of the accounting (VINCENSO MORE, 1923 apudMOROZINI, 2005, P.17). The patrimonialista Method in the accounting, brought for oBrasil for D’ professor; Auria, if expands in three parts: the statics, adinmica and the patrimonial revelation. The iventario is used for the demonstration of the estadopatrimonial, then, it understands the relations of the elements launched with pessoasque compose the entity. (D’ Auria, 1946 apud WIKIPEDIA, 2009) To each elementodeve to be attributed to a value (‘ ‘ avaliao’ ‘), nominal and effective, current, differed and figurative (called in countable terms ‘ ‘ quantification dopatrimnio’ ‘). Each element of the patrimony, determined and evaluated, to deverser disribudo in a classification (that is, ‘ ‘ qualification dopatrimnio’ ‘). Under the launchings of the patrimony launched I inventory in it, economic agesto searchs, through these steady information, to get osobjetivos of the entity, and getting its profits.

In Brazil, it are applied the integral system in the form that lhedeu the law in the entities of anonymous society, integrating the rocking patrimoniale the demonstration of year-end results (of the German school). The law noespecificou ‘ ‘ rdito’ ‘ , but it indicated the separation of ‘ ‘ resultadosoperacionais’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ no-operacionais’ ‘ , adaptando the form adotadapela current legislation tax. The American School North appeared in 1887, that bred one to parapadronizar the accounting, separating in managemental and financial. The Gerencial the information to the internal users and the financier to the external ones. SegundoKaplan and Johnson apud Schmidt (2006), the managemental accounting was idealizadaquando the commercial organizations, in United States, did not depend more dosmercados external for direct economic transactions, were when this passed to aser internally done. The European origin of the accounting suffers to modificaesperante the North American contribution, had the qualification of the informaescontbeis, managemental financier and, and the emitted nosdocumentos necessity of perfectioning, becomes North American one of the main schools.

In Brazil this phase if only initiates in 1964, used peloprofessor Jose of the Boucinhas Coast, and since then, tornarampossveis changes if before studious, in the development of methods of informaointerna and managemental. 4 CONCLUSION Considering the financial development of the entidadesbrasileiras, when elapsing of the years, the necessity of efficient demtodos control generates the search. So that the standardization of countable information occurred, it would have to be initiated under praticidade, with quality. The act of the search for standardization of information nacontabilidade, generated the use of methods practical, influenced for the escolaspatrimonialistas and North Americans, resulting in the current economic control, being possible the generation of the form information peculiarly technique and simplesao exactly time. REFERENCES Accounting, – Had access em11/09/2009 BRAZIL.

New York

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Tip # 3 according to the seasons Although New York City is geographically located in a temperate zone in the United States, the topography of the city can do that some weather conditions are unpredictable and extreme. As in many large cities, the presence of high and clustered buildings, can convert a windy day in a gust of wind capable of putting his umbrella upside down. While New York is in the water, the areas on the ground can become very hot with concrete and steel. When planning your vacation to New York, be sure to pack for all contingencies of the time during your stay. Council # 4 don’t plan their days although there may be a lot of guided visits and scheduled tours available in New York, some of your most memorable experiences can come by surprise.

In the midst of the tours and attractions, set aside at least one day to explore, without an established route. Despite the fact that Manhattan may be the most popular district of the city, travellers should not discard neighborhoods exteriors such as Queens and Brooklyn. Nothing more out of the center of New York and wander the streets, is a wonderful way of experiencing the reality of the city and together with the New York Pass a tourist card to explore the city, you have the opportunity to see the best places, without having to queue at a better price. Council # 5 eat well food must be one of its priorities in your travel itinerary, since New York is home to some of the best restaurants and chefs in the world. The opposite to the environment of New York, street food vendors are a staple of New York food culture, which serves everything from hot dogs and even cookies and donuts. A little research prior to the trip, will provide a list of restaurants in New York where we probably have the best dinner of his life, regardless of your tastes or your diet.


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Sensitivity and respect for the nature inherited of the aboriginal tribes, allowed the Amazonian people to develop the extrativista activity, that is, the nature is perfect and supplies to the human being everything what it needs. Since the artesanato, the feeding, music, passing for the clothes. A related curious fact to the artesanato is the resistance and the valuation as for its preservation and maintenance; it has a concern of the craftsman in not leaving to lose the essence of the work, although all the external influence, as it is the case of the globalization. Still today the artesanato of miriti (palm very found in the region of (…), call of cut system and burns, characterized for the use of an area, for one the two years, followed per some years of pousio. approximately exists 380,000 familiar agriculturists, of which the half if concentrates in the state of Par, where the majority of the agricultural population lives of agriculture and the cattle one, (…) (SCHMITZ, 2007), although the government not to attempt against for the annual agricultural production, in the two last recent given decades (…) shows the importance of this activity in the Amaznia, (…) (SCHMITZ, 2007). Ours two last factors of Amazonian cultural representation are music and the clothes. The first one of European and black influence giving origin lundu (that also she influenced the Carioca samba, and she is of African black origin), carimb and the Syrian. In the question clothes, we also repair the referring black influence to the colors of fabrics and the inspirations in the nature. 4 the question politics: The legal Amaznia the interest of world-wide powers on the Amazonian forest and its biodiversity,> interest of long date awakes; Brazil very withholds a vast extension of border being difficult to assume the control completely, neighboring countries makes constant incursions our forest, alleging that the same one represents a patrimony of the humanity, therefore, all has the right to explore it as its interests.

North American Anne Rice

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The small summary concerning Lord Byron, that folloies Fragmentosde a Story, in the coletnea of stories the Vampire before Drcula, defines the byroniano hero as owner of: ' ' a well characteristic personality, idealized cheiade imperfections, that only make to increase its allure. Gotten passionate ecomportamento has an immense talent, and, at the same time, she is a rebel who disdains social asinstituies, the social status and the headings. Arrogant ouexcessivamente confident, marked for frustrated loves, it hides one passadoobscuro or shady. All these traces take to a behavior autodestrutivo' ' (P. 89) This description of the protagonists of histories of LordByron, however, could also perfectly be the description of Lestat deLioncourt, amoral creation of the North American Anne Rice, in Interview with oVampiro.

The romance of Anne Rice is told by the vampire Louis Pointedu Lac, that counts its history for the young reporter, Daniel. Former de Nova Orleans, Louis was vampirizado in ends of century XVIII porLestat. The vampires of Anne Rice bring many differences comrelao to the folclrico vampire and to the vampire that traditionally appears naliteratura, for example, they do not have fear of crucifixos and they are not transformamem animal. However, you the personages if approach to these previous vampires deoutras ways. Feeling itself guilty for the death of its brother, who falls deuma after staircase a violent quarrel with Louis, this he starts to live ' ' comoum man who wanted to die, but did not have courage to make it sozinho' ' (P. 18).

Of this form, we have old the thematic one of the invitation. In Christabelde Coleridge, for example, the mysterious Geraldine arrives desfalecer door of the castle, being necessary that the protagonist who of the name histriaa carregue for inside. However, in Interview with the Vampire, oconvite does not appear as permission to adentrar definitive place, but to paratomar this life.

North America

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How pretty day of the week! Step passo…com the o time flies, ' ' ontem' ' still we were in year 2000, and the turn of the millenium, with everybody waiting the end of the world. It happens that the world did not finish and already they had discovered a new date, year 2012, that according to belief of the old people ' ' maia' ' , where today it is the called country, in the North America, Mexico. It says the calendar, of this people who today is past, therefore the remainders had been died in the Spanish settling in America, that in year 13,000, according to them, will have a great transformation in the planet. according to studious of the subject coincides accurately in day 20/12/2012. It is the great concern of some there! It will be that it goes to give time to make everything until there? I do not know, but the people are always looking something to focar its ideas, and generally they focus in situations and events not very pleasant.

We talk on words that a good direction has and as they can all influence the alive organism on the planet, and to influence our lives. I prefer to leave of side the catastrophes, violence, and indifferences in the world, to focar my thoughts in attitudes that lead to the true love, the peace, the union of the peoples, prosperity of the nations and health of the peoples. What? You find that I am sonhador and not alive in the reality? I live in the reality, and am a sonhador. I go to say you, everything that you have today and everything what you use during its day, in its life, was dreamed by somebody at some time. It uses its time and its thoughts for situations that are prosperous and sensible, that takes the harmony and the reconstruction of our planet. Jesus Christ, was a sonhador at its time, but its ideas had revolutionized our planet. Simple ideas, that they show as the people can love ones to the others and construct a better world.