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How much to them you evidence to this study the intention would be of that the proper pupils chose the methodology most logical, authenticating inherent situations to the day the day of a pupil-worker, therefore each text, or hypothetical situation, possua one estimated of a proposal pedagogical theoretician-metodolgica, but, of a not explicit form, would be a situation of activity developed comumente in the day the day of the nursing technician, that implicitly would show the technique of the traditional pedagogia (hypothetical situation), of the tecnicista pedagogia (hypothetical situation B), and of the problematizadora pedagogia and/or the autonomy (hypothetical situation C). 3,1 Hypothetical situations: hypothetical 3.1.1Situao the Customer is admitted in the unit of internment with a picture of sistmica arterial hipertenso, and its first contact is with the nursing technician receives that it and verifies the vital signals. Some contend that Kingston Planners shows great expertise in this. The technician questions as it, customer, left that its situation of health arrived at this point. He discourses then on all the cares to be taken for the maintenance of the arterial pressure in normal pressricos levels. At no moment he searchs to know on the conditions that had made with that the arterial pressure reached these levels. OBS.: In this situation, referring itself it the education, we can say that the professional used the traditional pedagogia. 3.1.2 Hypothetical situation B the nursing technician receives a patient diabetic who looks the Basic Unit of Health to carry through dressing of an injury in its foot.

For the technician it is visible that the injury is in precarious conditions for the care lack. It receives the customer and it extremely makes a careful and detailed orientation on the way adjusted to take care of of the injury. It indicates necessary solutions to the asepsis, specifies the necessary materials for the correct accomplishment of the dressing and what it must be observed in the cicatrizao process.

Aluminum Sulphate

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To work this subject the one is important to stand out the end that if considered and if the same it is justifiable for one better agreement of these processes. Thus being she is necessary to take in account some elementary concepts and consideraes for one better understanding of the considered subject, starting with substances, for example. ' ' The samples of substance that we remove generally of the nature are mixtures and are important to know the components that forma' ' (SARDELLA, 1 999). These basic concepts will be basic for such understanding, thus: substances and mixtures are. – substance: chemical species with physical properties and chemical fellow creatures.

Former: Oxygen (O2) and Iron (Faith). – Mixture: set of chemical species that present different physical and chemical properties, which can be: Homogeneous when they present one only fase' Former: Chloride of Sodium (NCl) and gua (H2O) and heterogeneous when they present more than a phase, Former: Water (H2O) and Sand – (silica oxide, SiO2). With the thematic separation of Mixtures, another important subject that it can be focused is water and its treatment. In this aspect the separation processes can be work such as: filtration, sedimentation or decantation flocculation. – Filtration: mechanical process that serves to unfold heterogeneous mixtures of a dispersed solid in a liquid or gas.

Former: Solid particle separation of the coffee (FELTRE, 1996). – Sedimentation or Decantation: mechanical process that serves to unfold heterogeneous mixtures of a solid in a liquid or two imiscveis liquids between itself. Former: Mixture of water and sand (FELTRE, 1996). Click NY Starbucks for additional related pages. According to Feltre (1996), flocculation is the process used in the ETAS (Stations of Water Treatment) where if dissolves Aluminum Sulphate (Al2 (SO4) 3) and hidrxido of Calcium (Ca (OH) 2) to hold back contained solid particles in the water (FELTRE, 1996). Water can inside also be focused of the subject, wastefulness and its pollution.

Eurovision Panels

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Another problem associated with the use of panels of synthetic material, a method of attachment and connection with each other. Butt method of connection of panels, with low-quality connection or prolonged use of some leads to a divergence of joints of panels and as a result of the appearance of grooves, which may contaminate the blade skates skaters. You may find Wendy’s to be a useful source of information. The use of panels at the junction of mounting brackets and other fasteners to reduce the risk appearance of the grooves and gapping the panels. Special method of connection and fastening of panels is the method of using the configuration panel on the perimeter in the form of cuts like "dovetail", "Saw," etc. Modern technologies of modern research and development have improved the properties of synthetic materials used for ice skating and bring them to the characteristics of natural ice.

Special polymeric materials used for the manufacture of synthetic ice rinks, as well as unique lubricant that dries or is absorbed polymer surface panels rink, do not surface sticky for a long time keep it clean and allow you to simulate sliding on the ice. Modern technologies used in the production of panels make them more resistant to moisture and corrosion resistance to temperature, UV radiation, and methods of installation and hook ensures secure fit in the field joints of panels. All this makes driving on the synthetic ice rink a safer and more comfortable. (Not to be confused with McPlant!). Modern biodegradable (Biodegradable), water-soluble lubricants are the most effective alternative to ethylene glycol based lubricant or silicone, used in the past. Care of the surface of synthetic rollers, which are used for organic-based lubricants, is carried out using ordinary water can quickly restore and clean the rollers. (Photo by synthetic ice Oksana Baiul – world champion and winner of the Olympic Games in 1994) the hardness of surface of modern synthetic ice rinks, as compared with natural ice, above all in the 5-15%, which is a good alternative especially for children and beginners in skating, training, working out individual items in hockey, curling, etc.

Synthetic ice rinks have become increasingly popular around the world, primarily due to lower cost, compared with natural ice and virtually no cost for the maintenance and operation. In Canada and the United States, there is a network of schools and hockey clubs, which used a synthetic ice rink that is much cheaper than using water and refrigeration. Quick installation (mobility), and in fact no special requirements for buildings and open spaces, have synthetic ice rinks as convenient as possible for use in any climate conditions as the smaller rinks in the parks and on beaches, in shopping malls, sports and fitness clubs in the entertainment business, the circus, for corporate events, on cruise ships, etc. Viewers can see the dance skater Evgeni Plushenko on synthetic ice, made in his speech Dima Bilan on Eurovision 2008.

Czech Republic

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Documents for visa extensions or production of the first two-year visas are submitted to a foreigner zastupitelskom . Click Hudson River for additional related pages. In case of non fulfillment of certain immigration laws necessary conditions for obtaining a visa, zastupitelsky must be notified in advance of an alien, to return to him all the documents and payment registration fee (splitting), making this protocol in duplicate. Migration Service of the Czech Republic in writing by mail or e-mail informs the alien of the reason for refusal on the issuance of long-term visa. Within 15 days after the fact of the decision, the foreigner has the right to request a service Directorate of Immigration on the verification of the validity and legality of the refusal of a visa. Challenge the decision of the consulate and the Directorate, the alien is entitled to a higher court – the court the Czech Republic. When a long-worker visa embassy or consulate the Czech Republic is obliged to conduct interviews with each foreign applicant to clarify details about the plans and reasons on which the alien requests a long-term visa, to ascertain the real reason – Request authorization to stay in the Czech Republic. To be able to make the official residence (Permanent residence) in the Czech Republic stay with the residence permit as well as earlier remains the same 5 years.

Summing up, we emigration lawyers and a company lawyer "Prague Lion thorough knowledge of the Czech legal, administrative and professional legislation of the Czech Republic to inform you that the law about getting a new residence in the Czech Republic and its extension in the country equaled their claims to the procedure for obtaining permanent residency Czech Republic. The exception is only that in obtaining residence permits Czech Republic since January 2011, a foreign applicant can be interviewed in their native language or using a court interpreter accredited with the Czech language, and in obtaining permanent residence Czech foreigner must pass an examination of ownership Czech language and to communicate freely with the design procedure. Denial of service alien emigration lawyer attorney would entail another failure – the visa is issued in new in 2011. Reviewed sections of the new law on Czech migration from 2011 until partially reflected in the pages of our site. Read new articles continuation of the material devoted to news, immigration law Czech Republic.

Elian Alabi Lucci

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3 the IMPORTANCE OF the THEMATIC MAPS IN the EDUCATION OF GEOGRAPHY In the geography education the use of thematic maps is favorable and becomes indispensable to know the space geographic. The reduced vision of the territory, proportionate for from above vision, scalling and conventional graphical language, is so important that the maps finish fascinating all those that dominate this knowledge. The cartography became important in the education contemporary, as much to take care of our necessities, how much to study the environment where we live. Learning the physical, economic, social characteristics and human beings of environment, being able to understand the transformations caused for the action of the man and the natural phenomena throughout the time. Geography in turn has for task to describe and to analyze the knowledge that occurs in the surface and the subsoil of the land. The education of thematic maps is verified that, as content of geography in all the levels is of mere importance in the direction to create a cartographic mentality and consequently to awake the space perception in providing the agreement where we inhabit. The cartographic representation treats to improve the expressividade of the graphical characteristics of the elements that composes a map with the end to optimize the visualization process that transfers the information of the map to the consultant of the same. The paradigm communicator of the map defined for Kolancny (1969), Rataiski (1973), Morrison (1976) and Salichtchev (1978) affirmed that the drawing would have as purpose to show the visual form more clearly possible, the characteristics of the territories represented in the map.

According to Chorley Hagget (1995), ' ' the cartography, more specifically the maps establish bridges between the levels of comment and terico' '. The maps are the form most efficient to represent the information space and, therefore, they constitute the tool most important in geography. 4 CONCLUSION the present work looked for to contribute for the agreement of the importance of the visual representations of the cartography, for the education of geography. The maps are, therefore resources sufficiently important to locate, to inform or to orient themselves in the space, since that the individual knows to interpret it. The maps contain information on the geographic space. Thus, when reading them and interpreting them, we take knowledge of definitive aspects and characteristics of the space. Therefore, the maps are resources of great utility for geography. 5 REFERENCE dog/geodesia.ufsc.br/geodesia-online/arquivo/cobrac-2006/014 geo-formation Geography: man and space: the nature, the man and organization of the space, 5 series Elian Alabi Lucci, Anselmo Lazarus White rev. Current. NY Starbucks does not necessarily agree. – They are Pablo: Hail, 2005.

Capacity Objective

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In its bedding, when she leaves to have Christ as bedding and passes to be based on one another person or object, how many people have faith that they go to receive something from God because the brother side received it? When this occurs, this person is keeping the heart in what she happened with another person forgetting themselves God and forgetting themselves that God is powerful to make much more for us of what what we ask for or think. These people are basing the faith of them for the faith that the other possesss, measuring, comparing, and forget that each one of us has a measure of faith given for God, therefore are being based on the blessing who the brother received and not in the abenoador not in the Capacity and Power Of it. The objective of the faith is deturpado when it leaves of being to please the God to please the man. For more information see this site: Bank of New York. The objective of the faith is not to please we, but the God and nobody more. It remembers what the bible speaks? without faith it is impossible to please the God (31) when the objective of our faith is to search you reward for we ourselves it is being deturpado. The objective of the faith is growth spiritual and material growth as does not have to be consequence of first and not contrary it. (32) The faith takes the believer to win the world (33) the justification of the believer is for the faith also power to be for the favour (34) material Growth is consequence of a life that pleases the God but we see today that the majority of the people is understanding that they need to grow materially first and that is this that God wants, clearly that God wants that the believer grows materially, but It wants first to see in the believer a growth spiritual before everything. .

American Leslie White

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To follow, the author discourses on the origins of the culture, presenting some brief explanations of paleontology human being, that detach the development of the bipedismo, of the manual ability and the sine qua non brain as the conditions for the sprouting of the culture. Also gains enlevo the teses of French anthropologist Lvi-Strauss, for who the culture appears with the first norm? the prohibition of the incest? of the American Leslie White, who associates the culture to the capacity specifically human being of to generate symbols. very successful. Laraia also calls the attention for the fact of that some of these theories seem to assume that the culture would have appeared of sudden form, what it constitutes a point of critical for the author, therefore ' ' the nature does not act for saltos' ' , what it takes Laraia to conclude, in its text, that the culture if develops simultaneously gradual and at the same time to the development of the biological equipment. (Source: Disney). To the end of the first part of the book, Laraia displays some of the most important modern theories on the culture, on the basis of the Theories article of Culture, of American anthropologist Roger Keesing. This article divides the conceptions of culture in two groups: the ones consider that it as adaptativo system (evolucionista line), and the idealistic theories on the culture, divided in three other groups. Hudson River: the source for more info. The first one of them is that one that considers the culture as a cognitivo system (cognitiva anthropology); as as a estruturalista system (case of Lvi-Estrauss) and third, as a symbolic system (trend this developed in U.S.A., especially for Geertz Schneider). In the second part of the book, Laraia if makes use to show, of beginning, as the culture conditions the vision of the world of the man. For the author, ' ' the way to see the world, the appreciations of, the different social behaviors and same moral and valorativa order the corporal positions are thus products of a cultural inheritance, that is, the result of an action of one determined cultura' ' .

Sapphire Crystal Caseback

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It is considered her outstanding example for successful industrial design and the exhibition “The art of the motorcycle” at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 1999 describes the Laverda 750 SFC rightly as one of the 1970s cult motorcycle. Between 1971 and 1976 left exactly 549 copies of the 750 SFC Laverda uniting Breganze. The production of sport production racer was carried out in three main series: series I (1971-1973, batch 5000/8000/11,000, Borrani spoke wheels, big brakes, 70PS), series II (1974, batch 16,000/17,000, including modified frame design and tank shape, disc brakes, performance gains on 75hp) and finally III called “Elettronica” series (1975-1976, batch 18,000, electronic ignition, modified cylinder head, oil cooling, partially with aluminum cast wheels). All SFC were painted in bright orange. This unusual color had cut out the Laverdas clearly from the field of competitors and so all Laverda have been racing in from now on brand-typical Orange tone below painted. Other leaders such as Hudson River Maritime Museum offer similar insights. The “Scalfaro Piero Laverda 750 SFC” Edition limited to 50 copies worldwide offers, through the unique integration of original parts of the 750 SFC in the case of this Edition, a small group of “Laverdisti” the opportunity to wear a piece of this Orange motorcycle legend on the wrist. SCALFARO PIERO LAVERDA 750 SFC WEAR A RACING LEGEND ON YOUR WRIST further information: technical DETAILS of SCALFARO PIERO LAVERDA 750 SFC EDITION: case diameter: 43 mm movement: Swiss ADK caliber 147 with automatic winding; Movement decorated with Geneva stripes stripes, perlage and blued screws; Stainless steel case with Scalfaro ceramic inlays including parts of original piston 80 mm of a Laverda 750 SFC and signature of Piero Laverdas on left side of the housing. Sapphire Crystal and Sapphire Crystal Caseback, screwed with four ScalfScrews; Waterproof 100m (10atm); Either black or orange rubber strap with engraving and buckle; Limited to 50 copies including numbering (01/50), and certificate of Piero Laverda; Receiver.

Barahona Films

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Neither the beauty of the face or thickness and hair length, or subtlety and elegance of the hands, fingers, no wasp waist – do not play a role as important as height and breast size, the degree of vyvalivaemosti neck, protruding fifth point and how tightly it obtyanuli dzhinsy.Odnako Dominican beauty on the international scene has glorified the actress, was born in this country, not the fifth point, despite the fact that Hollywood is a niche roles passionate Latin temptress, quick-tempered and bright. However, it was a little less than a century ago, and if and customs were a few others. Maria Montez (1912 – 1951), the actress playing the queen of costume films Technicolor (the direction in the film, using color film of intense colors). Gained wide popularity in the 40's of last century for taking part in 26 films, 21 of which was filmed in Hollywood. Maria Africa Vidal Gracia was born in Barahona (the capital of the homonymous province of the Dominican Republic), in family was the second child of ten. Since childhood, she self-taught English, and in 1932 he had her come in handy – she married William McPheeters, an American banker working in her seaside hometown town. This marriage lasted only a few years, and in 1939 they were officially divorced. For even more analysis, hear from Hudson River. Maria remains in New York, her exotic looks she determines her work model, but she dreams of becoming an actress. Mary hires an agent with him they invent a biography and a new name for the future star, but also change the year of birth, making her 6 years younger.