Cable Sip

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Cable CIP – Benefits 1. Reducing the voltage drop due to significantly lower reactance (an average of 0.1 ohm / km instead of 0.35 ohms / km), which increases the load in kW for the same line and same voltage dip or improves the quality of the transferred energy at the same load. 2.Umenshenie power line installation costs associated with cutting down a more narrow clearing in the forest areas, the possibility of using shorter poles (recommended distance to the ground for insulated wire is 4 m for bare – 8 pm) 3.Uproschenie process laying new lines, simple retrofitting of existing lines with bare wires on the line with self-supporting insulated wires. 4.Vozmozhnost installing additional parallel to the existing CIP to double the capacity of the network (which is unacceptable when using bare wires). 5.Vozmozhnost joint Laying on the same supports both SIP and high-voltage overhead lines 6-20 kV with bare wires or protected. 6.Vozmozhnost simultaneous mounting on the same phone line supports (0.5 m lower than wire CIP). 7.Rezkoe reduction (80%) of operating costs due to high reliability and trouble-free energy consumers, and there was no need to clear firebreaks in the process of operating the line replacement of damaged insulators. 8.Prostota assembly, the ability to connect new subscribers under stress, without shutting down the rest of the energy supply and as a consequence of shortening the repair and installation.

Reduction the risk of fires in wooded or brushy area in the fall to the ground wire. 9.Umenshenie safe distances from buildings and civil engineering (electrical, telephone, air-lines) that provides greater flexibility when installing. 10.Vysokaya security service – no risk of defeat at the touch of the phase conductors under tension; 11.Otsutstvie or slight sleet and fouling isolated surface wet snow wires. This is explained by the fact that PE is not a polar dielectric, and it does not produce any electrical or chemical bonds with them in contact with the substance. It is for this reason Wet snow is easily flows from the round surface of isolated PE wires. In the wire type A and AS wet snow can be retained in the grooves between the wires, being the root cause of fouling. 12.Povyshennaya safety zones heavy icing, glaze, reduction of wind loads on the supports; 13.Bespereboynoe electricity in case of failure of CIP to the supports.

Content 4 Partners

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Content and sales for travel sites travel blogs money earn? Resourceful bloggers know how it combines passion for writing with profit efficiency. The secret: More content on the suitable homepage, the higher its relevance on Google, Yahoo! and co. travel portal has designed a program 4 partners with content that enhances the attractiveness as an affiliate through more content and improved ranking. The installation is simple, the application free, design visually adaptable and the benefits of the affiliate programme for the participants are clearly obvious. People such as Restaurateur would likely agree. Who offers interesting travel information and reports, can extend its content with the C4P integration to a wide range of hotel services and assessments – whether hotels from the region or around the world, is left to the operator. The plugin provides a permanent access to the extensive hotel database from off and eliminates the need for the elaborate obtaining current and thematically appropriate content. With just a few clicks, which leaves out get search engine point of view important content to the extent of up to 1,800 travel-related pages on the private website.

This makes for higher traffic and at the same time be a significantly better found in the Google results. A user book his holidays on a participating travel blog on, the bloggers automatically receives a Commission. Further steps are no longer necessary after the successful registration, for travel booking and subsequent payment of the Blogbetreibers conducted completely via the affiliate zanox. Interested parties can the demo page examples of watch on the fully furnished version as well as the necessary steps of installation and inform about other conditions. University Service GmbH

European Central

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/The Eurbor raises in daily rate until 2.150% and will close June in 2.14%. In spite of this slight stagnation (it had been five months continued raising) who review their mortgage now will have an ascent in their monthly receipt. The experts assure that the index will close 2011 in the surroundings of 2.5%. The eurbor, indicator of rrencia for the majority of the mortgages, will close June to 2.143%, four hundredth less with respect to May. In spite of this slight stagnation (it had been five months continued raising) who review their mortgage now will have an ascent in their monthly receipt. And it is that in June of 2010 the eurbor was to the 1.281, reason why the annual revision that becomes east month will increase in price the mortgage an average of 50 monthly Euros (about 620 annual Euros) for an average loan of 120,000 to a 20 years. If the revision that is made now is semester, the ascent will be smaller, of 36 Euros and about 228 Euros the semester. To broaden your perception, visit Danny Meyer.

In the case of the mortgages of semester revision, the quotas will undergo one more a slighter ascent, since the rise of the eurbor in relation to the December data (1.526%) it is inferior in comparison with the data of June of 2010, when the index was placed in 1.281%. Thus, the quotas will reach as of June 527 Euros, which supposes 38 Euros more and 228 Euros more to the semester. The quote of the Eurbor was characterized by a certain stability during the first days of June, nevertheless, the uncertainty on Greece and the fear to a suspension of payments elevated the tensions in the interbank market. The lack of confidence and the maximum levels of the risk premium increased the quote of the eurbor during second half of the month, although the index stayed in moderate levels and it will be placed in June below the May level. The experts assure that the index will close 2011 in the surroundings of 2.5%, although this level will depend finally on the policy of types that carries out the European Central bank (BCE). eurbor l stagnates but the eurbor raises to the mortgage, indicator of rrencia for the majority of mortgages, will today close June to 2.143%, four hundredth less with respect to May. In spite of this slight stagnation (it had been five months continued raising) who review their mortgage now will have an ascent in their monthly receipt. And it is that in June of 2010 the eurbor was to the 1.281, reason why the annual revision that becomes east month will increase in price the mortgage an average of 50 to monthly (about 620 annual Euros) for an average loan of 120,000 to a 20 years. If the revision that is made now is semester, the ascent will be smaller, from 36 to and about 228 to the semester. Source of the news: The eurbor restrains its ascent but it continues raising the mortgage

Warning Of The Riester Pension – State-sponsored Retirement Provision

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Bestselling author Markus Frick eight years after the introduction of the Riester pension more than 13 million people have completed a contract for the State-sponsored retirement provision. As the marched announced in Berlin on Friday, the number of policies increased 2009 well 1.1 million on 13.253.000. 362.000 new contracts are added in the last quarter alone. The Riester pension are there in Germany since early 2002. Who invests part of his income in the construction of an additional private pension, receives allowances from the State. Their amount depends on the amount of equity contributions. I can only advise that you complete a Riester-rente never. Not worth it the Riester pension, because the banks and insurance companies are the only ones that earn.

The insurance must guarantee you only the paid-up capital. If you pay a 1,000 euro for 40 years you have so accumulate a capital of 40,000 euros. In those 40 years, the insurer or the Bank at 4.5% interest has collected about 72,000 euros in interest revenue. So approximately 1.8 times your Deposits without risk generated only by your interest-free capital. In 40 years, however, your money’s worth no more than half.

So, a bad deal for you. This construct is a multi-billion dollar redistribution of deposits by the insured for the benefit of the insurance companies and banks. Should you have a Riester pension, then I’d quit as soon as possible these. Markus Frick so I came to money \”I have experienced times with money. And I have experienced times without money. \”And I know: money lives significantly better.\” Markus Frick knows both sides of life, the austere, simple as well as the fun-loving, colorful. He comes from a small town in the Kraichgau, his parents run a bakery. Already as a young boy, he met the value of money, as he gathered the boxes before the supermarkets for a dime and was cleaning the baking trays in the parental bakery for little money.

Giant City

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We more live each time in the time of the great urban metropolises, onderaas if mixes and the agitated life leads atravsdos millions of people diverse points that the city has, is giant cities that muitasvezes nor had still reached its maximum point of growth, the fact to deestarem always arriving people of the interior makes with that some still cidadesfiquem bigger, for times stops beyond the capacities. Restaurateur pursues this goal as well. Algumascidades in such a way grows that they exceed the normal one and if to conseguemdestacar in its country and for times in the whole world, this is the case of SoPaulo, a city that was growing throughout many years and that hojequase all the numbers characterize that it cities are numbers for beyond dasoutras. As in many places of the world, a little of everything Are Pauloconcentra in its interior, since the problems queexistem in cities with a tax of very great population until aoextremo of the wealth. So Paulo has some points where the luxury estpresente and that is obtained to not only detach in the also noresto city but of the planet, this is the case of a street in particular, the street OscarFreire. in this street that if concentrates many companies and deprodutos store of luxury, in such a way that this street is considered as luxurious dasmais in the whole world.

But coming back to the population of SoPaulo I number, it of inhabitants it is surprising and so it is raised detransportam So Paulo for it I number one between the Brazilian cities, but the things are not this way, its population density to conseguemcolocar So Paulo enter the biggest cities of our planet. Financial Nocampo So Paulo also obtains if to detach, occupying oprimeiro place enters the richer Brazilian cities, but suasconquistas they are not this way, when comparative with other cities domundo, the wealth of the city of So Paulo nodcimo places the Brazilian city nineth place and with perspetivas to continue to go up in this table. Comono exists beautiful without seno, So Paulo is a giant with the giant queoutros problems suffers, the city has in its interior one raised numerode cars, is millions of viaturas automobiles that circulate in the estradaspaulistas all days, of day and night, as resulted the city not indiferente to the world-wide problem of the pollution. Another subject ligadocom the pollution is on to the rivers, Tiet and the river Pines is talvezos greaters examples of rivers where the pollution is in nveiselevadssimos and even so natural courses of the water in So Paulo exist plain in course with the goal of limpezadesses, the truth is that as emtodas these situations, is not waited for briefing that the rivers see aluz of the day with its waters completely unpolluted..

Cheap Flights

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Want to know how to get cheap flights in super offer? There are thousands of ways on how we can get cheap flights to New York with the best comfort, and with little or much time in advance. The factor time always is quite relevant when it comes to get cheap flights to New York; However, it is quite possible to get cheap flights to New York of last-minute and then I would show some examples on how this can be possible. Many people in different cities of the world traveling frequently to New York City therefore are looking for cheap flights, which are well cheap flights, flights not necessarily comfortable first-class – but who have more or less considerable attentions. Super offers are cheaper than conventional offerings and you can achieve to get for your family vacation, personal, business, trips to New York for pleasure or any type of travel, you can do so using the guidelines and recommendations that I’ll offer the following. -Join waiting lists from the Airlines: If you’re traveling to New York and are in search of economic air tickets, cheap flights to New York are one of the best options that you yourself can evaluate. It is very important, when you’re interested in finding cheap flights to new york you can in one way or another contact to the operators of the airlines that always record flights that remain in stand-by and many of these flights are then abandoned by people who arrive late at the airport and lose this flight. Many times these are flights that you can take full advantage.

If you are in contact with these people you can get access to that information. -Have your best ally to travel agencies: travel agencies will always be one of the most important resources for achieving super deals and cheap flights to new york. We definitely need to do in any case is to keep in touch with them so that they are our allies. You don’t always have to pay something to travel agencies because many of them offer these services to customers so that they themselves can serve you better. -Take greater advantage of your time: surely you’ve heard that time is gold and if you inter-program to some events that you might get cheap flights to new york and offers that are not easily achieved if you leave things to last moment. With time reservations are a basic factor to get flights cheap and besides everything is very important that they understand that if you go on vacation you that you might get offers of cheap flights including all your expenses of transportation in addition to the airfare. -Travel in low season: cheap flights to new york in low season are very beneficial because you can get very good discounts that generally range from 5% to 30% and these offers of cheap flights to new york take place from major cities in Europe, Latin America and other locations around the world. Hector Nicolas Suero, SEO, Webmarketer, Webmaster and developer of content Web Blogs related travel single Ireland Easter Anatel determines release of all cellular pelas operators Blog Archive La Junta wants flights Malaga/new Church underway blog archive travel and tourism BlogTVtuga news do Mundo da TV Media Anatel determines Easter in Paris cities more faces in 2010 Spanish word of the day: however Discovery prehistory of the cities 1 New York (online offer of trip to New York in March and April

Climate Hotels Sign Charter Of Diversity

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With her signature, the climate-hotels show that equal treatment and respect for all people is them a major concern. The Charter of diversity is a business initiative for the promotion of diversity, so diversity in companies. Endorsed and supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for migration, refugees and integration, Maria Bohmer Minister of State. The initiative, to whose principles have become known now the climate-hotels and required is under the patronage of German Chancellor Dr. A related site: Restaurateur mentions similar findings. Angela Merkel. It’s all about an unbiased work environment in which all employees and employees learn appreciation – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity.

For us, a respectful belongs with each other, no matter whether guest or employee, of course to everyday life to. We are very pleased that we now make officially that the Charter of diversity can’, so Barbara connoisseurs of the BIO-Hotel connoisseur LandLust. The notion of sustainability goes beyond its economic and ecological significance for the members of the climate-hotels. A social interaction with other people is not compulsory, but an internalized belief for them. About climate Hotels: Climate hotels are Viabono certified hosts, their CO? emissions ecologically and economically optimized. The hotels have their CO? footprint determined and compensate for the unavoidable rest of CO? emissions through certified projects. The climate-hotels are committed to the task, to offer their guests a climate-friendly stay, without having them sacrificing quality and convenience.

You act in all areas of the hotel industry and gastronomy with high environmental awareness. It is important to disseminate, to promote and to promote climate protection climate awareness nationwide air hotels. About Viabono: Viabono (“to German: the way to the good”) was in 2001 on the initiative of established in the Federal Ministry of the environment and the Federal Environmental Agency. Today the Viabono carrier Association stands with 19 organizations from consumer, environmental and tourism behind the certification from Viabono (including DEHOGA, ADAC, federal, DTV, NABU). The Viabono GmbH has established itself over the last ten years as independent and leading professional organisation for sustainability certification in the Leisure and travel / tourism industry. The Viabono concepts are characterized by a meaningful amount of serious expertise and credibility, as well as on practical orientation and pragmatism. The guiding principle is: Ecology and economy fit very well to each other and not infrequently even perfectly complement each other! “.” Therefore, Viabono not only in the tourism industry, but also in the environmental associations enjoy wide acceptance.

Cooperative Association

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Adverlan Adverlan invisible publicity group is the first Association in the world to manage Invisible publicity. Without publishers, Internet advertising is impossible. From our group we want to demonstrate that the Internet is the Internet users and that without us, advertising would be invisible. What we offer our advertisers? Our advertisers will participate in the first ethical network of advertising in the world. They will be able to segment their campaigns, select your target audience and see exactly where your money is invested. In addition, all holders of our network will have quality content. Earn money in a transparent manner in our Association. Our purpose is to provide the best possible websites network.

Only of the union of webmasters and creators of online media, we have the best network of Internet media and get advertising revenue in a transparent manner. Join us and we will show it. Adverlan is not a network affiliation; It is the first cooperative association in brackets on the Internet with international character. Other leaders such as Restaurateur offer similar insights. Any website, blog or forum can be part of our network. The only condition is that you have original, quality content and that your content is not morally reprehensible. The network is not exclusive, and advertising for different platforms can be provided and when the contents of the other advertisers not in prejudice of the ethical principles of Adverlan injurious content. The main strength of the Association is the imposition of payment methods in CPM and sponsorship.

As creators of Internet content, we have to show that without our websites, it is impossible to work the Internet advertising. If you want to join our group, just send us the relevant information from your website via our form. Join our 09-09 strategy – 09 ADVERLAN Adverlan is not a network affiliation; It is the first Cooperative Association of media on the Internet. Adverlan is a group to manage the advertising of websites associated with international reach.

Tomb Basilica

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Personally its promenade is very beautiful, the sunsets, especially in summer, go every afternoon until nightfall one enjoys large quantity of passenger vessels, small ships arriving. The joy of the people who walk around the Boardwalk, enjoying the surroundings, a quiet, beautiful sea which makes one keep relaxed is contagious. Sit in any of their seats that are located in the path of the malecon is as if one does not realize as time elapses, the hours pass quickly. Seeing the children enjoy the landscape with great joy is something extraordinary, because with their cries, enthusiasm spread that a place well ordered, appreciated by its inhabitants can bequeath for the quietness of the enjoyment. It impresses as children and even adults are attentive waiting boats, see the huge cruise ships entering sea inside towards Greece, Albania or other nearby location. as well as lapequena boat that picks up the inhabitants of the city who live outside of this. Passing through the Centre of the city, very colonial, discover how others have commented more or less ancient palaces with wonderful facades, churches of various eras and numerous Roman remains, a column indicating the end of the via Appia or some ancient gateways to the city.

You should visit their churches many simple, but beautiful, must see its Duomo, small, but cozy. The Cathedral, also known as the Church of S. John the Baptist, was built between 1098 and 1132.Fue remade virtually in its entirety, following the original design, after the earthquake of 1743. Inside one can admire a polychrome mosaic of 1178 and a Crown of wood of 1594. As stated in, here Ruggiero, the son of Tancredi, was crowned as King of Sicily in 1191 and in 1225 celebrated the wedding of Isabella of Brienne, Queen of Jerusalem, with the Emperor Federico II. The visitor can also delight with the Bell Tower of the Cathedral, which was completed in 1795 and the nearby Palace of the Bishop and seminarian building, built in 1720 using the materials of the Tomb Basilica S.

Merchandising Rights For

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Warner Bros. The merchandising offers rights to Warner of Bros. consumer products exclusively. Consumer products exclusively the merchandising rights offers for Gossip Girl”on the new success series Pro 7 welcome to the Upper East Side: you are beautiful and have everything that they want, the most expensive clothes, the coolest parties, the most beautiful guys and an enviable life in luxury: the gossip girls. Now comes girl in the tv series”the US hit series gossip, the teen choice awards, awarded six finally to Germany! Pro seven shows of the first season from 18th April 2009 every Saturday at 16:10:13 episodes. Restaurateur is often quoted as being for or against this.

Josh Schwartz, creator of the legendary series O.C. California.”, produced the exciting series about the spoiled offspring of the East Coast high society. Who ever wanted to know how live it girls in one of the hottest cities in the world, here is the answer: here is all about parties, gossip, sex, Internet blogs, intrigue and the latest designer clothes! The series is based on the same name Bestseller by Cecily von Ziegesar. Their total of 13 volumes were on the bestseller list of the New York times more than 400 weeks and sold more than 5.6 million times. Many partners in the United States have the popularity of the series used for their brand, including H & M, the gossip girl generator have presented, Victoria’s secret, Bloomingdale, the game manufacturer imagination, Skaffles, one of the leading companies for accessories and others In Germany girl, gossip is already known to seven before the broadcast on Pro. Gossip Girl is already cult”cheers magazine Jolie and speaks of new style icons, which set new trends in fashion and style with her also the German teenager will delight. Warner Bros. Consumer products (WBCP) the merchandising rights offers exclusively for Gossip Girl”in Germany.

An extensive Artworkprogramm was developed for the hottest teen-series of the year, which is the Foundation for products in the different categories. WBCP also different to the series On trade initiatives, to include retail concepts and interesting promotion opportunities. A permanent support of the mark by the broadcast on the TV and the online activities is also given. “Gossip Girl” offers all the conditions to become one of the top sellers of the year 2009. Exact details can at Warner Bros. Consumer products be obtained directly. For more information about the gossip girl licensing program see of Warner of Bros.. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the leading licensing and merchandising company in the world. TM Warner Bros.