Cable Sip

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Cable CIP – Benefits 1. Reducing the voltage drop due to significantly lower reactance (an average of 0.1 ohm / km instead of 0.35 ohms / km), which increases the load in kW for the same line and same voltage dip or improves the quality of the transferred energy at the same load. 2.Umenshenie power line installation costs associated with cutting down a more narrow clearing in the forest areas, the possibility of using shorter poles (recommended distance to the ground for insulated wire is 4 m for bare – 8 pm) 3.Uproschenie process laying new lines, simple retrofitting of existing lines with bare wires on the line with self-supporting insulated wires. 4.Vozmozhnost installing additional parallel to the existing CIP to double the capacity of the network (which is unacceptable when using bare wires). 5.Vozmozhnost joint Laying on the same supports both SIP and high-voltage overhead lines 6-20 kV with bare wires or protected. 6.Vozmozhnost simultaneous mounting on the same phone line supports (0.5 m lower than wire CIP). 7.Rezkoe reduction (80%) of operating costs due to high reliability and trouble-free energy consumers, and there was no need to clear firebreaks in the process of operating the line replacement of damaged insulators. 8.Prostota assembly, the ability to connect new subscribers under stress, without shutting down the rest of the energy supply and as a consequence of shortening the repair and installation.

Reduction the risk of fires in wooded or brushy area in the fall to the ground wire. 9.Umenshenie safe distances from buildings and civil engineering (electrical, telephone, air-lines) that provides greater flexibility when installing. 10.Vysokaya security service – no risk of defeat at the touch of the phase conductors under tension; 11.Otsutstvie or slight sleet and fouling isolated surface wet snow wires. This is explained by the fact that PE is not a polar dielectric, and it does not produce any electrical or chemical bonds with them in contact with the substance. It is for this reason Wet snow is easily flows from the round surface of isolated PE wires. In the wire type A and AS wet snow can be retained in the grooves between the wires, being the root cause of fouling. 12.Povyshennaya safety zones heavy icing, glaze, reduction of wind loads on the supports; 13.Bespereboynoe electricity in case of failure of CIP to the supports.

Warning Of The Riester Pension – State-sponsored Retirement Provision

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Bestselling author Markus Frick eight years after the introduction of the Riester pension more than 13 million people have completed a contract for the State-sponsored retirement provision. As the marched announced in Berlin on Friday, the number of policies increased 2009 well 1.1 million on 13.253.000. 362.000 new contracts are added in the last quarter alone. The Riester pension are there in Germany since early 2002. Who invests part of his income in the construction of an additional private pension, receives allowances from the State. Their amount depends on the amount of equity contributions. I can only advise that you complete a Riester-rente never. Not worth it the Riester pension, because the banks and insurance companies are the only ones that earn.

The insurance must guarantee you only the paid-up capital. If you pay a 1,000 euro for 40 years you have so accumulate a capital of 40,000 euros. In those 40 years, the insurer or the Bank at 4.5% interest has collected about 72,000 euros in interest revenue. So approximately 1.8 times your Deposits without risk generated only by your interest-free capital. In 40 years, however, your money’s worth no more than half.

So, a bad deal for you. This construct is a multi-billion dollar redistribution of deposits by the insured for the benefit of the insurance companies and banks. Should you have a Riester pension, then I’d quit as soon as possible these. Markus Frick so I came to money \”I have experienced times with money. And I have experienced times without money. \”And I know: money lives significantly better.\” Markus Frick knows both sides of life, the austere, simple as well as the fun-loving, colorful. He comes from a small town in the Kraichgau, his parents run a bakery. Already as a young boy, he met the value of money, as he gathered the boxes before the supermarkets for a dime and was cleaning the baking trays in the parental bakery for little money.

Cheap Flights

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Tomb Basilica

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Personally its promenade is very beautiful, the sunsets, especially in summer, go every afternoon until nightfall one enjoys large quantity of passenger vessels, small ships arriving. The joy of the people who walk around the Boardwalk, enjoying the surroundings, a quiet, beautiful sea which makes one keep relaxed is contagious. Sit in any of their seats that are located in the path of the malecon is as if one does not realize as time elapses, the hours pass quickly. Seeing the children enjoy the landscape with great joy is something extraordinary, because with their cries, enthusiasm spread that a place well ordered, appreciated by its inhabitants can bequeath for the quietness of the enjoyment. It impresses as children and even adults are attentive waiting boats, see the huge cruise ships entering sea inside towards Greece, Albania or other nearby location. as well as lapequena boat that picks up the inhabitants of the city who live outside of this. Passing through the Centre of the city, very colonial, discover how others have commented more or less ancient palaces with wonderful facades, churches of various eras and numerous Roman remains, a column indicating the end of the via Appia or some ancient gateways to the city.

You should visit their churches many simple, but beautiful, must see its Duomo, small, but cozy. The Cathedral, also known as the Church of S. John the Baptist, was built between 1098 and 1132.Fue remade virtually in its entirety, following the original design, after the earthquake of 1743. Inside one can admire a polychrome mosaic of 1178 and a Crown of wood of 1594. As stated in, here Ruggiero, the son of Tancredi, was crowned as King of Sicily in 1191 and in 1225 celebrated the wedding of Isabella of Brienne, Queen of Jerusalem, with the Emperor Federico II. The visitor can also delight with the Bell Tower of the Cathedral, which was completed in 1795 and the nearby Palace of the Bishop and seminarian building, built in 1720 using the materials of the Tomb Basilica S.

New York Mortgages

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Blessing or curse? Mannheim, may 27, 2008 why R. Haselsteiner and M. Wolsdorf INTERHYP sell? Eighteen months ago, the company was still 800 million worth. Now, the ING buys the innovative companies for the half. Interhyp needs fresh capital to maintain the costly expansion in the branches to finance and advertising printing. For the ING purchase means the control over a major suppliers, as well as access to branches on the ground.

After the crash of the investment banks, the banks with strong retail banking such as Santander, ING and BNP are the winners. Real estate financing is a central product to attract customers and to bind. In addition, insurance companies and later investment products can be sold the real estate finance customers. That financial institutions to buy from distributors, is nothing new. Zurich bought AWD, planet home belongs to HypoVereinsbank, Postbank has a significant involvement in Europace, Creditweb heard GMAC RRC. But is not just the success of the sales organisation in the Flexibility and independence? What happens if suddenly directives from Amsterdam, Milan and New York should be implemented in Germany? This is slightly more difficult with independence. For the Sub broker of INTERHYP, the question arises to what extent the DIBA and the INTERHYP will hunt their customers directly. Eurospace should benefit from them, which is perceived more INTERHYP as platform and Packager of the mediator.

The Postbank and the DKB and other important real estate banks are also not idly as her biggest competitor takes over control of the main supplier. They will reduce their reliance on INTERHYP and further promote their own distribution channels. At the end of the day, the offer of INTERHYP (50 banks”) will reduce de facto and INTERHYP becomes an exclusive sales organization of the ING-DIBA. And how should the Home Builder react now? Why INTERHYP ask, if there is the same product from ING DIBA? The advantage lies in optimising processes between sales and Settlement, whether a part of the savings passed on to the customer, is not safe”, as Alexandre Janicki, Managing Director of special mortgages. For the customer who falls from the standard grid of INTERHYP and larger sales organization, remain only a few alternative. One of them is the special mortgages GmbH. via the Internet and telephone the dedicated specialists for construction financing advise the credit willing, review their situation, clarify the difficulties and find another bank, which takes the loan with the test through special mortgages in some case.