Flying Lanterns

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Within the programme of weddings, or better, when planning, several questions arise, the first refers to what the various elements that compose the commemoration are best suited to be affluent and equally sober, i.e. that their costs are not high, but the effect Yes, therefore this should surprise, as it is a celebration that is running. But a wedding is first and foremost not as recurrent or common celebration for anyone who performs it, because it is said, that one only marry once in life. Therefore, couples that want to make the public event of his union for the Church by civil, normally put anxious with regard to ritual and the way in which it will be implemented the same. Define the time of each event is one of our recommendations, to be clear the number of guests and the places in which they will meet, as well as staff to hire, with functions and specific objectives, but always thinking the best effect with simple implements.

Lanterns Flying here is an element of dreaminess, tasteful, sumptuousness, elegance, which easily generates admiration and a strange space charm without it therefore be expensive or involves reorganizing the plan of celebration, we are talking about the flying lanterns which have proved to be a success when it comes to dazzle and delight our guests. With a couple of dozens of flying lanterns can you achieve a rare and unexpected effect in the celebrations, this is strange nostalgia of whom view raise a swarm of fireflies multicolor, soar we say and populate the length and high in the sky flying lanterns, small stars which augur well best wishes to those who know how to be sensitivesumptuous and sober in his celebration expenses. Flying lanterns cover the space, are misleading and apparent fragility objects it seems incredible that they rise so high, are harmonics, if its release is controlled, measured, because already at the top, they sway and cuddle as if they come already coordinated by some music, a strange music, which is that of the wind that lifts a light, a prayer of good wishes. It can find flying lanterns of different colors and sizes, depending on taste and demands of the celebration, the thematic order, balance of colors and ideas that you want to express. Carried out exclusively for the event and the treatment is that required its nature, subtle, luxurious, and sober in the cost. Now, these flying lanterns are made by professionals who dominate all the techniques in relation to the handling of the material of which they are composed, is so safe that its effect will be the best, because we are innovators in dealing of flying lanterns, market in which we have imposed as innovators, for being a little explored field of trade.

The Institution

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Realizing that education in a particular case is not available student, many no longer even look for options for training, while the rate of technology development requires continuous learning throughout their lives. Moreover, continuing education must be convenient, efficient and economical. distance LEARNING: Many people (especially burdened by work, family and commitments) can not sit at a desk every day for several hours a day at a specific location on a rigid schedule. Distance learning gives everyone the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities on the job, home, family, without breaking their plots and plans. Distance learning is convenient, economical, efficient, effectively. Full-time – quite expensive.

2.EKONOMICHNOST classroom training: Full-time training requires travel. Transportation costs often exceed the cost of the training. The time spent on the road, often exceeding duration of the study. When you want to add to this the cost of living at the location of the institution, such training is too wasteful exercise. Time is no less valuable asset than money. Time – the capital that is not possible, nor to accumulate for the future, nor buy. It can either rationalize or irrationally. Collection of in classrooms on the rigid schedule – it's irrational use of time, money, effort.

distance LEARNING: Savings in distance learning is how to save money and to save time, effort and nerves. Learning to remotely person is free from traffic stress, and road fatigue. The cost of distance education is less than full-time two or more times (ten), and the learning rate – many times higher.

New York

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The cited motivacionais factors in picture 3 are intrinsic. The feelings of auto-accomplishment and recognition are mentioned to it, to the content of the position, ace tasks and to the duties related with the position in itself. If gifts cause satisfaction. If absent, they leave to cause satisfaction, but they do not arrive to cause insatisfao. These factors are related with the secondary necessities of the pyramid of Maslow. The cited hygienical factors in picture 4 mention to ace conditions that encircle the person while it works, are extrinsic it.

These factors, when gifts, leave to cause insatisfao, but they do not guarantee that the people will be satisfied. However, if absent, they are capable to cause insatisfao. On the basis of these factors author ADRIOLO (208) presents a research that was carried through in company of the world all for the Sirota Consulting, of New York, on satisfaction of employees. Of agreement with the research, is following the factors that despertam the enthusiasm in the organizations: 1 Fairness (remuneration joust, benefits, treatment with respect). 2 Accomplishments (challenges, pride of the work and the organization, development). 3 Coleguismos (sensation of that the people work well in group). On the basis of this research and in the theories of Maslow and Herzberg, Leonardo describes that the reason for which Luke returned to the job, this related to the environment of work, the relationship between the colleagues and the recognition for its work making that the millionaire if felt esteem, respected and carried through. For the auto-accomplishment, it is not enough well to be remunerated, exist several other factors that make with that the human being if feels satisfied, remuneration yes are one of them, but it does not stop all, according to this line of I think the motivation theories have taken some strategies effective for the change of the behavior of the employees, however, the necessity exists to understand better as to program the principles, including the diverse advantages and disadvantages of the practical ones.

Blazer Trends

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2010 in the online shop Vienna/Berlin / Zurich buy cheap fall fashion, 28th 2010: autumn, the Golden season is here. High time to adjust his wardrobe. Outrageously expensive clothes present during various fashion shows in Milan, Paris or London, you can easily get cheap and trendy fall trends in the online shop. With the online shopping search engine ShopWiki women as well as men, fall trends for 2010. Applies to both: the fashion trends in the autumn are full of nostalgia.

Womenswear repeated suggestions by the look of the fifties, but menswear in the form of jazzed up the wardrobe of the grandfathers. Fashion trends autumn: nostalgia and casual this fall should women and men with their outfits love experimenting. “Inspired by films such as gangs of New York” or sex and the city “the autumn brings different styling trends. Classics like a warm down coat or a cuddly fur vest heat in the cooler season despite everything. The autumn trends for women In the fall of 2010 the fifties-style celebrates its revival.

Woman shows curves again and sprayed female Schick of the past through body weighted clothing. In the trendy trench coat is the perfect style of the 1950s. The boyfriend-style is the right choice for ladies who love something more relaxed and casual. Oversized, casual Blazer, trousers or boyfriend jeans are the must have a relaxed, modern look. So the ladies can either be sent for one, female style or the fall trends for choosing a casually masculine outfit mens Auch for the men worth a look in the closet of their grandfathers. The men’s wear namely again today Tweed pants or flat caps in the plaid. Retro-style fit particularly fancy sneaker like for example by converse or cool boots that add a special touch to your outfit. In addition to Plaid are the colors for the man in natural colour. Gray or beige basics should not be missing in the Repertoire of fashion. About ShopWiki ShopWiki is the world’s largest service for comfortable and time – and money-saving shopping on the Internet with currently over 300 million products and over 300,000 collected online stores. An algorithm developed by ShopWiki crawls and indexes the Internet regularly and catalogued the found shops and products. The ShopWiki aims, each online product available for indexing. ShopWiki has been founded in 2005 by Kevin P. Ryan, the former CEO of DoubleClick, and Dwight Merriman, former DoubleClick CTO and Eliot Horowitz in New York. In addition to serves ShopWiki in Europe the markets of Great Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands in country-specific versions. Media contact ShopWiki: i5comm for Bernhard Lehner Tel.: + 43 664 439 86 09 E-Mail: bernhard at

Ana Jose

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Until the 26 of August you can visit in the castle of San Jorge, very close to the Hotel Monte Triana, one of our hotels in Seville, the exhibition revealing Triana, in which you can see the entire history of the candle of Santiago and Santa Ana, one of the oldest festivals of Seville. The exhibition, curated by Jose Lucas Chaves, is composed of a total of between 60 and 70 photographs, courtesy of photographers Jesus Martin Cartaya, Manuel Jesus Rodriguez Rechi and Jose Javier Comas Rodriguez as well as audiovisual projections and texts, from the file service, periodicals and publications of the City Council of Seville. They have been involved also in this exhibition which have given shape to different chapters that form the.Revealing Triana, in the castle of San Jorge texts are the work of Jose Maria Rubio; Pastor Eugene; Luis Varas; Aurelio Green; Rafael Murillo; Angel candle; Esteban Romera and Alberto Garcia Reyes. During these days of celebration of the Vela de santa Ana, you can visit even at night hours, being open until 23,00 hours..


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Dani Garcia?, At Madrid Princesa in Madrid, intended to extend to other establishments in the hotel chain in an attempt to modernize its gastronomy. I am proud, as Malaga, which is our most famous chef who was having made this important assignment.
According to the news, this is a concept? Again? Although we have seen something similar in many local fashion Madrid and Barcelona, perhaps influenced by London or New York. Still in its space bar and restaurant. In turn, the restaurant has two spaces, one for eating a la carte and one for cold kitchen, with? Show-cooking?, Namely that the dishes are prepared in front of the customer from ingredients chosen by himself, an attempt to create? interactive kitchen?.
Of course, at the bar, a cocktail while we can enjoy some of the lids to the letter? Snacks? Also with the possibility of combining ingredients to our whims. That, at any time of day. Inside the restaurant. A la carte dishes offered new kitchen, cutting Mediterranean, as some of foie Napoleon and goat cheese with caramelized apple green, or more versions of traditional dishes such as rabo de toro wrapped in cauliflower and truffle ravioli.
Another good news is that includes classic dishes spoon, to which I am very fond and I think should not be lost amid so much and so many foie mousses and foams. One caveat, the name chosen for the restaurant does not strike me as very fortunate, is a somewhat obvious copy of a famous brand of perfume. Congratulations from here to our countryman, I hope you have much success..

Chief Designer

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Berlin label launches new collection and new Kamp on gene face in the summer! Black Rider stands for the somewhat different lifestyle that is known now far beyond the borders of Berlin. The new collection is the perfect complement to the already successful collection of seductive timeout”, which has the female sex in the focus. With the new collection VIBES2012, Chief Designer puts Edin dam on alleged man look very special. A collection that blurs the boundaries and not directly determines whether the pieces of the collection are pieces, which will later decorate a female, or even male body. It is a look which is absolutely luxurious, erotic, and cross-border, Edin dam. If you are already familiar with the Berlin-based label, will be not amazed, that a special face belongs to a special collection and a unique look. So was long considered and cast until exactly the right face for the new collection and also the upcoming campaign was found in the spring of 2012.

The Black Rider campaign face for VIBES2012 is Markus Kenzie: he is one of the few male models, the both can present a male feminine and also feminine, androgynous look. Thus, he embodies a revolutionary trend, the dissolution of gender boundaries. Blond hair, delicate complexion, innocent glance Markus Kenzie campaign is the perfect candidate for a black rider. So far, it is open, whether the 21-year-old will open the next black equestrian fashion show with a classic men’s or woman look. The latter may surprise, but only for a brief moment. Markus Kenzie shows menswear with feminine, androgynous features, with dedication and perfection. Will create Edin Dammika, Chief Designer at the black rider, a look was so with him still not seeing it. Markus commutes regularly between his residences in New York and Berlin, which greatly facilitates close cooperation and simplified, as chairwoman of Sabine Schwarz. Markus Kenzie over his new role as a brand Ambassador: Black Rider and the particular way of life associated I could identify me immediately. I like the idea of the new campaign, and I am very pleased to present the label and the look.

Shakira Country

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On the day of Colombia over one thousand of concentrations within that country and almost a hundred were carried out abroad, which tended to denounce the FARC. The center-left participated in these events and in one of them Lula and Garcia along with Uribe and Shakira. I don’t remember that never before in the Americas that a national holiday of any country has generated such a level of politicization and consensus against a given force internal or that some guerrillas have received such a degree of mass opposition. Liberal leader Piedad Cordova or the democratic left will have wanted to protest not only against the kidnappers but also against the paramilitaries, but the truth is that who dominates in these marches are the toughest. The FARC are being isolated and at risk of suffering more defeats. Today they have two paths: can retain weapons but seeking to regain popularity by distancing themselves from kidnappings and drug trafficking or begin to negotiate a disarmament to the Central American..

Greenwich Village

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Little Italy counts on some of the best cafeterias and restaurants of New York, and exceeds to say that the food is fantastic. If it likes the films of gangster, it cannot stop visiting Little Italy, since here several scenes of the Godfather and others were filmed Mafia films. Midtown Prestigious the Fifth Avenue divides to the district of Midtown in two halves: the west and the east. Midtown East, that includes the fashionable district of Murray Hill, is famous by its excellent stores, restaurants and fantastic places of interest. So if it interests to him to buy in Herms, to realise a trip to the architectonic wonder that is the Chrysler building or to eat something of sushi or a pizza before going to the MoMA, Midtown East is visit forced between the districts of New York. Midtown West is the heart of New York concerning businesses, purchases, entertainment and tourism in the city. When it crosses the Midtown West, it asegrese to visit the eclectic districts of Hell' s Kitchen and Clinton. Crucible of cultures, races, religions and pleasures: this district of New York will make the delights of which visits the Great Apple.

Greenwich Village Broadway separates the district of Greenwich Village in two halves: East Village and West Village. Without a doubt, this it is the most artistic neighbourhood of New York. If they attract the readings to him of poetry, the bars of jazz or those of punk rock, Greenwich Village will enchant to him. As also it welcomes the University of New York, it counts on multitude of bars nocturnes of rock, places where to take a pizza and a beer and cafeterias. Greenwich Village has something for all the pleasures. SoHo SoHo is the fashionable district of New York, famous by the magnificent art of its sidewalks, studies, artistic galleries and cafeterias.