STAR CAR Is Now Also Electrically Powered

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Car rental companies involved hamburger project to promote electric mobility in the city Hamburg, April 7, 2011. Hamburg based on the use of electric cars in city traffic. It’s believed that Rudy Giuliani sees a great future in this idea. As one of eight German model regions electromobility Hamburg tested together with partners from the economy, how electric vehicles and charging infrastructure can be integrated into everyday urban life. The E-mobility project is supported by the Federal Ministry of transport. With a Fiat FiorinoE STAR CAR as the only car rental company supports the use of electric mobility in Hamburg. The electric mobility model region is an important milestone for the Hanseatic City’s strategy consistently to develop climate-friendly technologies in the transport sector.

With the use of our first electric vehicle we want to contribute to innovation and climate protection in Hamburg the European green capital in the year”, explains Tobias Hopfner, Managing Director of STAR CAR. The electric Fiorino is combined with high battery performance and a range of up to 100 Km best equipped for the requirements of the urban transport.” Customers the appropriate for families, 5-seater electric vehicle from now on the new STAR CAR station in Altona (Stresemannstrasse 318) for rent. With emissions on Hamburg’s streets that null en route through the electric car specialists and project partner KABONGO of delivered electric cars are mainly used in fleets of project partners. Other well-known companies such as Airbus, Aurubis, the Hamburg Port Authority and the University Hospital Eppendorf include STAR CAR among the participating companies. STAR CAR has recognized the potential of electric vehicles as a business model as the first car rental company and commercially deploys the FiorinoE in its fleet”, Sirri-Steven Karabag, CEO of KARABAG STAR CAR’s commitment forward. The Hamburg-based E-mobility project is forward-looking and is intended to provide in addition to technical issues also insights into user behaviour. The new electric cars of the model region have a completely with Bioethanol ensures powered heater that does not lead to shorten the range of vehicles thanks to energy savings, and the CO2-neutrality of the vehicle. Also, the FirorinoE can be loaded easily and quickly inductive via a magnetic field in the license plate. Until summer 2011 power charging stations to be built in Hamburg up to 50 locations in the street space, in urban parks or public park and ride spaces for electric cars. More information please refer to the project website

Captain America

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The new film of ' Captain Amrica' it causes that their comic strips very return to be demanded. It was created in the decade of the 40, when the greater villain to the one than could face was Hitler. After II the World war, their histories had to change to hook the readers. If days ago it was Green Lantern (Green Lantern), now touches the turn of Captain America. The opening of this film has entailed the publication of several cmics on most Yankee of the superheroes, whose classic adventures can now be enjoyed in the integral volume the living legend. The personage saw the light in 1940 through the Timely publishing house, that years later would change its original name by the one of Marvel Comics. The company had grown during the Thirties thanks to its enormous catalogue of magazines ' pulp' , but the sales had descended and a change of direction prevailed.

" Martin Goodman (owner of Timely) decided to contract Joe Simon, a writer and sketcher who was accustomed to to form equipment with another called artist Kirby Jack. The hiring of Simon also meant the arrival of Kirby, and the work of this equipment would finish being fundamental in the trajectory of editorial" , Raimon Fonseca explains, expert in cmics, the prologue of the living legend (Panini). " Working in the accomplishment of cmics of superheroes, Simon and Kirby they often thought about the necessity to imagine to great villains. At that time, just when World War II knocked down Europe, what greater villain than the own Adolf Hitler? " , the contributor asks itself. The creation of a superhero prevailed who put in his site the Nazi dictator, and could not be other that Captain America. " He was a personage of nature patriotic, able to synthesize the values of the freedom and of symbolizing the fight of the democracy against fascismo" , it points Fonseca.

Military Thompson

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Paul Thompson is reference for this study that if worries in bringing to tona those that they were part of the gamma of excluded and that they complained its place in history. The city lived intensely as scene the revolutions of 1930 and 1932, with bloody combats and some booties in the local commerce facilitated by the escape of the population for the agricultural zone and closed bushes, during the authoritarian government of Getlio Vargas. This initiated its ascension politics passing for the small city of Ribeira. In the period of the Military dictatorship, from 1964, Ribeira was also place of ticket of guerrillas. In the souvenirs of the inhabitants oldest of Ribeira it appears the figure of Carlos Lamarca, hidden of the repression in the region, passed for some quarters as Bar of the Sanded one, Santa Cruz and Cavinas, come to continue its walked by the Valley of the Ribeira.

The presence of Lamarca not only left deep marks in Ribeira as in all region, reaching the city of Itapeva. To know more about this subject visit Bill de Blasio. Some tell with certain fear, others are proud of the courageous guerrilla. Of this form, to reconstitute the history of Ribeira in them takes the Thompson. It will be mainly of the souvenir of that they had witnessed very of the cited facts that we will go to reconstitute the rich history of small city. Exactly that you go to take the handle only one personal project of verbal history, valley the penalty to think on the sequence of the topics of the interviews and on the fraseado one of the questions.

The strategy of the interview is not responsibility of the informer, but its. (THOMPSON, 1998, P. 262). In this research we will go to support our theoretical recitals in verbal history from two authors Paul Thompson and Verena Alberti. Verbal history developed after World War II initially, having as great landmark the creation of the first formal project of verbal history, in the University of Columbia, New York (GRELE, 2001).

Interesting Traveling In Buenos Aires, Argentina

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One of my best experiences has been visiting Buenos Aires. It is known and known that Buenos Aires is very similar and similar to certain streets of Madrid or Paris. In fact Buenos Aires is the city most European of Latin America. The first thing which I call attention was the vividness and quackery of the portenos. Another uniqueness is the beef of very great quality that you can eat in the Buenos Aires restaurants. Below I have included some suggestions: sites or streets logos that you can not miss are Corrientes Street are where famous to eat pizza, books and theater without forgetting the intense nightlife. Corrientes is a solid-State Street and you have to choose a specific section, i.e., between July 9 Avenue and Callao where you can eat pizza for thousand variants, go to the cinema in the beautiful sala Leopoldo Lugones, buy new or used in Edipo Libreria books. Another very interesting street is Honduras at the heart of Palermo neighborhood that leads us to the place of Cortazar and ramshackle and bright coffee of the Taller.La conversation and the Word are very important topics in this city and one realizes immediately of the quality of the portenos as talkers and communicators and also his interest in reading and the theatre (there are hundreds of literary workshops in this city).There are a total of 55 cafes protected against possible renovations that stealing them your essence.

Among them we quote the famous Tortoni.Tambien can be considered to Buenos Aires as city of design and creativity that can be seen throughout the city especially in Palermo Soho, the neighborhood that has the same level as for example the New York’s Soho.It has many important museums such as for example the Museum of Latin American art (Malba). Another important Museum is the Museum of modern art (Mamba).Buenos Aires has touched the Rio de la Plata, very great, very wide and color Brown, near is the fashion of Puerto Madero neighborhood. Now as you know Buenos Aires brings the refinement and sophistication of a European city and sense and philosophy to live intensely in Latin America, a formula enviable when travelling all over the world.


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Having decent ground clearance (clearance of 170 mm) the car is perfect for Russian roads, he is unpretentious and extremely efficient: consumption of different versions depending on the cycle is in average 7-8 liters per 100 km.Chtyrehdverny sedan Hyundai Accent is equipped with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with fuel injection and a 5-speed manual transmission. Engine output is 102 hp, which allows front-wheel-Hyundai Accent maximum speed of 180 km / h. Smooth running car, nice appearance of the salon, excellent visibility and comfortable fit for the driver, rather big trunk – will serve you for many, many years. In Europe, this model was significantly contribute to motorists press, and even Hyundai themselves as 'time' model – that he simply plug the gap in Hyundai's range until then, until a new small family car was launched in 2007 year. Danny Meyer usually is spot on. This new car, Hyundai i30 fills the vacuum left by the Accent and Hyundai ELANTRA more. The change of name has occurred so as to help distance of i30 cost reputation Accent, as well as to emphasize that the new car really can compete in a small family hatchback sector – something that stress was a little too young to do, and ELANTRA too large.

Emphasis will continue to be sold in the U.S. in 2008 to repair the dashboard and rear cupholders standard in model SE. Car Hyundai Accent (Hyundai Accent), confidently and quickly dispersed when pressed on the gas engine response is almost instantaneous, there are no failures. Do not expect miracles from the engines of 102 hp, but there is no doubt that its dynamics Korean car VAZ superior fashion "dozens" with a new 16-valve engine.

The Indoor

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But if you're a homebody – look at the ping-pong table for indoor use. Those involved in tennis for professional basis for this purchase is better not to save, and choose a stable, reliable (massive) model. The thickness of the countertops in these tables can be up to 28 mm, weight – 140 kg. But, thanks to the rollers, they can be easily move. These tables are generally consistent with international standards, are manufactured on special equipment. All parts of professional tennis tables are verified, polished. Among these models, there are folding.

If you have limited resources, and consider yourself a fan of tennis, do not pass by standard models. Among the indoor tennis tables and a folding options and on commercials. Metal pipes or corners make these structures stable and affordable price – attractive. Weight tables amateur usually does not exceed 70 kg. They can be installed not only in the apartment, but also in the lobby of the office, holiday home or dorm. Amateur tennis tables most often made of particleboard or other practical materials.

The only "but" lies in the fact that – Amateur tennis tables are not suitable for outdoor installation. Choosing table tennis, make sure that it was counting on, the playing surface – smooth, matte (not blikovala). Check the accessories (in particular, the grid). Know this: modern sports equipment allows trained and alone. In order to play ping-pong one, you need to raise one half of the table. 10-20 minutes of exercise – and you are cheerful in the morning and ready to labor feats. – It has been noted in the table tennis game raises vitality, gives a good mood. Those who regularly picks up a tennis racket, surely noticed that they have become more mature and confident in their abilities. And yet – that the body become more efficient, and decreased weight. When a person moves, he forgets grief and depression. And confidence in their abilities and, consequently, in the future.

Florida Early Flights

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Holiday 2009: summer breeze instead of economic crisis that is holiday planning 2009 before the door and already weekly flight prices tumble. Flights in the United States, and particularly on the West Coast and Florida, are currently cheap how long gone. Several airlines are currently offering trans-Atlantic flights for less than 400 EUR. Go to New York already from 268 with US Airways and Miami for 368 for round-trip airfare to North West Airlines is particularly cheap. Even the Lufthansa currently offers direct flights under 500 in special to Florida (Miami and Orlando). This is for travel until April/May 2009 at the latest. The falling price of oil and a weakening demand for long-haul travel increasing cost consciousness of business travellers can now benefit from the Otto-normal holiday-makers.

And prices continue to fall: weekly are derezeit to find new specials and special conditions. For departures from Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, as well as by Hamburg, Munich or Stuttgart. Current developments and flight tips daily manually researched at O. Jockschat

The Cafe Cantante

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The next Tuesday, May 6th, Xiomara Laugart be presented in the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant Amor Cubano. Manhattan (3rd Ave 111 Street). Good music and mojitos as antidote to the hangover of beer that we engendered insurance multiple taverns, bars, canteens and basements of dubious reputation of this city on the occasion of the celebration of May 5 the day before. 2018 Third Ave, New York, NY 10029 212-996-1220 info Update: Xiomara is a deity who retains a freshness and humility really impressive. It was down from the stage, kisses to one and drop a very natural “pussy asere, thanks for coming to see me” … as if the pleasure of being there, had been to her! The night was warm and fraternal.So much so that reminded me a lot tastier than the air breathed in the rocks of The Cafe Cantante and The White Peak in the late 80s. At the banquet was attended by a varied recholata of Creoles, including a friend who saw no more years than would be prudent to award to a lady living at least in public. It’s cozy and well attended local aftermath brought us one ding hall semos “huddled together” … more or less as he liked to keep Elpidio bagpipes when the machete … jejeje .. But to compensate, there tamales , cassava, mojitos and even a box of “Popular” which brought an Argentine newcomer of the key and I end up turning into social property, with the gracious permission of the owner. Marilu Thanks a million, to coordinate and advise … Ojala repetition of these evenings that both blood decked him one!..

Sweden Hauptatsstadt

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Or what you have to do everything in Stockholm! Because Stockholm, Sweden Hauptatsstadt, is built on 14 islands and is connected with 53 bridges, they say that it is the Venice of the North or a European New York. Can you say you don’t have to but. Stockholm is a special city, and must not be compared with others. Stockholm is particularly suited to short tip. Because this city attracts many young people, it offers simple, good and cheap hostels, such as E.g. City BackPackers Hostel in Stockholm for its visitors.

The hostels are cheap and convenient, Central and spends little money. And you need money in Stockholm. You must take not much luggage, but leave plenty of room in the bag, because if you’re in Stockholm, must one simply reading. Although Stockholm traditionally not part of the main fashion capitals, everyone knows that Stockholm is a city of fashion. Fashion from North has already conquered us with H & M and IKEA, so that you don’t even realized it. No matter whether it is major internationally known brands or According to an individual, Swedish label Stockholm you won’t disappoint. The three main shopping areas of the city form a shopping paradise, where you can easily lose head and makes lots of money. It is important to book a hostel in the city centre: has not truly want to carry the heavy shopping bags through the whole city.

And the bags are filled. Alone, ovre Drottninggatan evolved into an increasingly trend-oriented shopping mile. In addition to the large department stores, ahlens city, as well as H & M and Zara, there is now the new lifestyle department store PUB03. Nina Persson, vocalist in the pop group the Cardigans, is the fashion icon of the trendy fashion house. You will find Swedish fashion among awesome rags on the ground floor pub and at ahlens and in the more luxurious department store NK.

San Gregorio Magno

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For prof. Hans Naegeli de Zurich, there is a transcendental power, which would be a physical energy unknown under the control of a psychic energy, which could be the one that produces the voices. While the physicist Rudolph, believes it is a subcuantica energy, which would be filling the Cosmos. According to him, all forms of energy in the world would not be more than derivatives or byproducts of this energy, whose manifestations one way or in another, would depend on the acceleration or slowing of their vibrations. From the above statements we can deduce that we are manipulating a smart living energy, which we are still unaware of its existence and origin for lack of a physical medium for could manifest itself reliably all quit indicate that from the psychological point of view, we are in the presence of one energy that influences on the psyche, so that it gives rise to a desire of others, very intelligent and projected in the recordings. Here it should be the concern of Teilhard de Chardin, manifested in his book of the human phenomenon, that we’re beginning to resolve one of the several unknowns of man, that really separate him of a world, or a totally different dimension, from a plane that our senses do not capture but that lead us through our intuition alwaysby meditation and our eternal unshakeable faith of a beyond.

To end this first attempt to publicize the importance of the phenomenon of the (staying slope in upcoming articles on deepening the theories and casuistry), is worth mentioning the importance of the psicofonia in the Aula of the University of Berne and also where the Switzerland Association of parapsychology distributed on February 24, 1973 corresponding to 1972 Awards, being the second for father Leo Sumid, pastor of Oeschgen, in recognition to his research about the phenomenon of the voices, recorded on audio tapes. Precisely, because of the seriousness with which this society has carried out investigations, the prestigious Parapsychology Fondation in New York, wanted to finance research work corresponding to the other years ahead that performs the Switzerland Association of parapsychology Finally, let us remember, that Papa Pablo VI conferred the Grand Cross of Commander of San Gregorio Magno on 28 August 1972 to Friedich Jurgenson, for his research work on the uptake of voices and music of unknown origin. Finally, you may notice, that the study of this phenomenon is of importance in the scientific world and the serious interest that researchers granted. Let us not forget the concern expressed by Robert Tocquet when he says: the tangible world, that such importance we attach is no more than one part and a true reflection of the living mundi. Engineer, Secretary of the Chilean society of parapsychology * summary of the Conference issued the international Bilingual College.