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In Amsterdam

August 11, 2018 at 10:26 pmCategory:General

So he tested one such as the authenticity Collection of Venetian and Roman images that should be sold to the elector Friedrich Wilhelm. Vermeer was Dean of St. Luke. This position was very influential and demonstrates that Vermeer had been a distinguished personality. The works of art by Jan Vermeer attracted attention, only at a small connoisseurs and lovers circle what was because that rarely traded paintings by him on auctions and also his life’s work was very small. NY Museums shines more light on the discussion. In the 19th century, Vermees pictures in auction catalogues were advertised and reached high prices.

King Wilhelm I of the Netherlands bought the view of Delft”by the Mauritshuis. On his travels through Holland publicist William Thore citizens was carefully on works by Vermeer. He helped a growing appreciation of Vermeer and his works. Rediscovered in the 20th century the painting was first girl with the Red Hat in a private collection”by Vermeer. The Vermee research dealt especially with the determination of the complete works of the artist in the 20th century.

The list today known and attributed to images by Jan Vermeer is a problem. Because only three of his paintings were dated by the painter, the dating of the other images may be suspected only. Vermeer’s works are available in the most important museums for art lovers throughout the world. In Amsterdam, New York, Paris, just a few to mention Dublin and Dresden admirers of Jan and meers can see images of the unique effect of his works. Jan and meers aim was always the perfection of his paintings. He was a careful execution of his work, always what the reason was, that his work on a few images per year is limited. So he created colour harmoniously balanced representations. The masterful lighting design of its objects, the clear geometry of his works and the archive atmosphere established his fame. Jan Vermeer learned big emergency in his later life. He had to sell his pictures during the war with great loss. Soon he became very ill and could no longer work. When he died in 1675. He left behind a lot of debt, which only many years later could be paid by his widow. Vermeer was only 43 years old.

Color Subject

July 23, 2018 at 3:11 amCategory:General

In everyday life, for each object or object on the basis of life experience, in our mind is fixed a specific color (grass – green, sky – blue, lemon – yellow, snow – white, etc.). This color is called subject or OWN. In fact, objective color changes constantly exposed to a variety of influences. Subject color changes with increasing or decreasing coverage, the spectral composition of light (light color). The environment in which the object is to reflect the rays of color, also affects the change of subject color. Same objective color can be perceived differently, depending on the interaction of contrasting colors. Gray object on a red background will become blue-green hue on a yellow background – bluish.

The color of objects change and removal or approaching, here is influenced by the laws of aerial perspective, but they are a little later. Under the influence of the above conditions, product color may vary and otttenku color, and brightness and saturation. Moreover, these changes may occur in one of the indicators, two of them or all three simultaneously. This color is changed to be called not subject, as conditioned. Typically, young artists do not notice above changes of subject and color in all cases subject only see color. Sheet of white paper under the artificial electric light, they will be called white, as in estesstvenno daylight, although at Indeed in this interpretation it would have a yellow tint. The color of trees in the foreground and the background alley, they would seem equally green, in fact, the color of the background of trees and changes in brightness and tone and to saturation. Greens of the background and is sure to be cooler and lighter (or darker) and more neutral. Here it should be noted that young artists do not usually notice not only the color changes, but prospective changes in the shape of objects.

East Berlin Cityscapes

May 30, 2018 at 6:02 pmCategory:General

The Berlin painter and graphic artist known for his “Berlin cityscapes”. His work is distinguished by attention to detail and unusual perspective. Dear art lovers, dear friends, I invite you and your/your friends to the opening of the exhibition in the Kopenick district library. Opening reception: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 19:30 with the Guitar Duo “twelve train” (Matthias Wiesenhutter and Thomas Glatzer), greeting: Marion Tobias / outreach music: Guitar Duo “Twelve strings” (Matthias Wiesenhutter and Thomas Glatzer) venue: alter Markt 2, 12555 Berlin-Kopenick, Kopenick district library, Tel.: 902 97-3415. info: Marion Tobias / public relations, Tel. 902 97 – 3415 Internet: web/bibliotheken.php? bid = 24 email: accessibility: Bus 164, tram freedom freedom 27, 61, 60, 62, 67, 68 exhibition: 24.3 2.5.2011 opening hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 10 am to 19 pm, Tue, Thu 10-20: 00, SA 10 a.m. NYC Mayors opinions are not widely known. to 14 P.m.

free admission. Parking spaces available. Overath is Heinz Sterzenbach, Berlin painter and graphic artist / grew up near Cologne and lives in Berlin since 1969. He is known for his “Berlin cityscapes”, etchings, watercolors and oil paintings in Berlin. People such as Declan Kelly would likely agree. After the fall of the wall he has held numerous images using the Eraser – and watercolor technique firmly in East Berlin. He shows these images for the first time in Berlin-Kopenick in the Central Library. His work is distinguished by attention to detail and unusual perspective. In the plant, you will find the invitation as a PDF document with a comment on the work of Heinz Sterzenbach. Sincerely Heinz Sterzenbach in the Schiffer mountains 27 13505 Berlin Tel 030-434 004 70 Internet:

New Lighting Objects

February 10, 2018 at 8:33 pmCategory:General

International artist shows his ‘guardians’ in Unna in the city lights await the illuminated West cemetery innovations impressive visitors from 13-29 September: first present Wolfgang Flammersfeld and Reinhard Hartleif of the F & H own light productions event company also works a further innovative artist. The last two years have shown: the West cemetery and place of cultures provide a varied backdrop for a large-area illumination of lights, projections, LEDs and light fibres. This time, about a dozen sculptures of the Austrian artist Manfred Kielnhofer complement the lighting. His guardians”are cast garments that appear to the observer as a monk-like Figure made of plastic. “” It is fascinating how expressive and mystic inspires these man-sized illuminated works of art work “, Wolfgang Flammersfeld by his Austrian new entrants”. The guardians were recently”in Venice at the Biennnale. Now they are embedded in the Illuminations at city lights in Unna’ to see that stage already for the third time in her hometown of Wolfgang Flammersfeld and Reinhard Hartleif. For this year, the two Unnaer lighting artist got the idea to integrate the city lights illumination in three areas.

Two worlds meet in the West cemetery”together: the part includes a mystical, mysterious staging with lit and almost eerily reminiscent projections. Of an area with colourful, cheerful light composition stands out clearly. Faris and Hartleif shows how perfectly they dominate the game with light and patterns, colors, shapes, and objects to create different moods. The place of cultures forms the third part and with light effects as a kind of Cosmos “scene. Also on Turrells Skyspace projections will be from the outside. The city lights ticket is valid on almost all days of the event (see below) at the same time as a ticket in the skyspace.

Concert Highlight

November 9, 2017 at 1:18 pmCategory:General

‘Schenke us a listening heart: voices of the world regions ‘ international benefit concert to the 3rd Congress of prayer 2010 to February 20, 2010 at 8: 00 in the main church St. Michaelis. It is the highlight of the concert in Hamburg in next February. Many renowned artists and artists could be won for the special live event at Michel. Certainly, a highlight is the appearance of Jocelyn B. Smith. Hamburg is well known for jazz and soul singer, after all, the Disney musical the Lion King is here \”listed, whose film version she the title tune sang. NYC Mayor is the source for more interesting facts. Their music describes the American resident of Berlin so: how would you explain to God? My music is everything and nothing.

Not fish, not meat, it is love and hate, she is like all dualities, all polarities, I can not explain it is life! \”Local hero Inga Rumpf is pleased particularly on the charity event, Michel was her most beautiful concert hall, says the Grande Dame of German blues rock, the last is\” has devoted also the Gospel music. Down home Gospel chorus with accompanying tape by the Hamburg School of music, as well as the new choir of Hamburg also give a home game the St. Pauli with conductor Ulrich Kaiser. The Turkish Sufi master Dr. Rhami Oruc Guvenc presents a musical journey from Horazan to Anatolia.

The Grammy-nominated ensemble Sarband, an international collective of chamber musicians, has successfully focused on musical relations between Orient and Occident as well as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The mantra singer originating from Tibet Dechen Shak-Dagsay published only recently with Regula Curti and Tina Turner the album Beyound – Buddhist and Christian Prayers\”with ancient Buddhist mantras and Christian hymns from the middle ages. \”I am very happy and grateful that I can touch the hearts of so many people and lead them to their own positive source of love and compassion with my music.\” The New Yorker Epiphany project consisting of the composer and pianist John Hodian and lead singer and Bet song lyricist William combines world music, modern art song, folk and Americana to a dynamic mix of styles.

Berlin Artists

August 31, 2017 at 2:33 pmCategory:General

Comic Miss elections in Berlin a week before the election in the cartoon and comic book community toonsUp opened on the 18 to 19: 00 in the Berlin c-base (Rungestrasse 20) the “Miss alien 2009”. The exhibition shows works by over 50 comic book artists who have drawn the Galactic candidates of a fictional pageant in the framework of a joint project to September 24. The inlet requires pre-registration to the email’. The admission is free. Visitors will find over 60 imaginative representations of extraterrestrial pin-up ladies from all over the Galaxy. There are various allusions to popular science fiction materials such as Star Wars, terminator, or Perry Rhodan.

As well as Michael Jackson, the many of another star now a galactic dominatrix. Here are exhibited works in various styles. Everything is represented by cartoon drawings of fantasy art up to the beauty of the manga. The artists are equally mixed. Among them is the professional erotic comic book artist from New York as well as the hobby cartoonist from Bavaria.

Many of the artists take part in the opening and can be questioned about their works. The live conducted election of “Miss alien 2009” with its attractive candidates motivated also convinced non-voters to put their cross – perhaps even a week later in the general election. Brave visitors can let himself be photographed with the Galactic candidates. Also wave tubes with “Space food” as a win in a guessing game in which prominent aliens must be recognized. The musical accompaniment make cult science fiction topics by Capitain future-space ship Orion. Here is an excerpt from the participating candidates: Missals imagery: Missals/press.html about toonsUp: the comic website toonsUp emerged out of this project, was founded with the aim to promote the creative exchange of different comic book artists and to offer a platform for the exhibition of their works at the same time. About c-base: The Premises of the c-base provide the appropriate environment for the interstellar beauties. The here based Association of science fiction fans has expanded it as the inside of a space station.

Dow Jones Industrials

August 28, 2017 at 9:02 amCategory:General

They are now cheap enough shares to buy? Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 9, 2008 just look at bags of United States rates to realize that since a month ago are in full acceleration downward. The S & P 500 fell by 7% in the week that passed, 24% in the year and 56% from its all-time high in October 2008, the Dow Jones Industrials lost 6%, 24% and 53% respectively, and the Nasdaq Composite lost 6%, 18% and 55% respectively (its historic maximum was on March 10, 2000(, the top of the dot com bubble). The actions are beginning to see cheaper, says David Leonhardt of the New York Times. Is it so? We need to get us to buy after so many so-called failed in more than one inverter is returned to bury? Currently the price-earnings ratio (P/E, ratio precio-ganancia, i.e. the current stock price divided by annual dividends, which gives the years that retrieves the initial investment through the payment of dividends; a standard measure of valuation of an index or company) long-term (10 years of corporate profits ratio) of the index S & P 500 have fallen to 12. Being that the historical average is 16, the market in terms of profits of companies seems to be then depreciated by 33%. The author of the book irrational exuberance, Robert Shiller, points out that the times that the PE ratio has been between 12 and 13, the shares have doubled their value in the next decade, on average.

When the ratio has been between 15 and 20, the shares have risen by 50% in the next decade. And when the ratio has been above 25, the actions have not risen too. The S & P 500 PE is in 12 will be able to duplicate our capital by investing in shares of the index today? The market may continue to fall, reaching P/E even lower than the current ones.

Art Market

March 6, 2017 at 4:41 amCategory:General

Markt.Macht.Kunst: 3sat illuminated contemporary art market glassworks, 24 October 2013. The art market is booming: Despite overall difficult economic situation it has a solid appreciation for years of 7.5%. What motivates people to all assets. The film Markt.Macht.Kunst Marco Mehn as a recording artist presents, which has established itself without gallerists sustainably in the market. His works, according to the author, today considered safe investment”, so valuable with much imagination upwards. For more specific information, check out Danny Meyer.

Thus, the film pays tribute to the courageous and independent way, Marco Mehn is gone as an artist and at the same time as Selfmadeunternehmer, which has led to him due to the huge demand from collectors and lovers of his own style in the top of the art scene. Today he is asked East and increasingly the not only in Europe, but also in the Middle United States. “At the beginning of the film, the question is: the market makes the art or the artist but still its” market. The answer is clear in the case of Marco Mehn. He has met and there his dream, become what it always me “arrived: the observer, not dealers”.

Marco Mehn Art presents the works of its evolution”in comprehensive exhibitions coming soon in Vienna, Monaco or even Geneva. Bill de Blasio is likely to increase your knowledge. An inspiring display of expressive colours, forms, materials and technologies each awaits the visitor. His artistic statement: I see myself as artist of the 21st century, who developed the art, contemporary expresses the present and thus anticipates the future. “You just evolutioniert’.” To do this he absorbs new technologies of our multimedia time sensitive, transforms them and brings them artistically to the point. “The patented 3D-Space-Frames among his most famous works, about the evolution shown in the film forever”, as well as the series the big five “, on which he is currently back working. The broadcast is available online on the 3sat-Mediathek: library /? mode = play & obj = 39092 Marco Mehn 1967 born in Landstuhl in the Palatinate, launched the artist and designer Marco Mehn as an autodidact. The breakthrough He succeeded in 2004 with its innovation space frame”a completely new art support made of stainless steel with worldwide patent. International exhibitions from New York via Dubai and Moscow, as well as collaborations with various companies testifies to the success of the exceptional artist. The special thing about Marco Mafre paintings, sculptures and art objects is their emotional expressiveness, which knows how to appreciate a growing community of collectors. Questions will be happy with available: public relations GmbH, Dr. Ladendorf Dr. Ingrid Hartmann Ladendorf to the medlar Bush 8 60388 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: 06109-378715 fax: 06109-378730 E-Mail:

Two Approaches To The Interpretation Of Genre Plot

December 21, 2016 at 9:02 pmCategory:General

I. Definition of "genre painting" and "genre scenes." Speaking about the achievements of Dutch painting of the seventeenth century, made mention of the birth and flowering of the so-called "genre painting", ie set paintings, written in everyday scenes. Depicted events or scenes that are written on such subjects, respectively, will be called "genre scenes." The main legacy of the works of two major seventeenth-century artists – Vermeer Delft (1632-1675) and Jan Steen (1626-1679) who created the most famous of his works in Harlem, so we do not hesitate to assign to genre painting. In these pictures we see people Dutch burgher middle of the seventeenth century, employed the usual chores for them – whether gay holiday visitors pub, visit a doctor prihvoravshey girls, so fond that depict the wall, or read the letter brought by a servant, music lessons and other situations in which characters get Vermeer. However, despite the formal proximity of plots belonging to the same art historical period and specific culture that developed in the United Provinces to the top of the last third of the 17th century, a careful study of genre painting and Vermeer wall allows to draw conclusions about significant differences in the way images by artists living scenes. Connect with other leaders such as Danny Meyer here. Comparing typical for artists painting techniques, plot "napoleniya" their paintings, typical images of the characters on the wall and Vermeer's allegory of "messages" would better identify the nature of genre painting of each and accurately distinguish the individual techniques of artists. II. Features beautiful manenry Delfskogo Vermeer and Jan Steen.

Working with color and light and air environment. The first obvious difference between Wall paintings from Vermeer's paintings – in the degree of color-and light-saturated environment within which the action. Opacity interior wall paintings perfectly sootstvuet real situation in which events occurred: the room at the inn, pub, where the fun time, representatives of the most basic social strata.

IZIS – Paris Of Dreams

January 28, 2015 at 2:15 pmCategory:General

Retrospective in the Willy-Brandt-Haus in Berlin shows lifetime of French-Jewish photo Garate on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of Izis, one of the great humanist photographer in France, shows the Institute Francais Berlin together with the Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus e.V. an extensive retrospective with approximately 300 works of his career. Israelis Bidermanas, called Izis, was born on January 17, 1911 in Lithuania. The retrospective draws to a fascinating portrait of the photographer, who left his homeland in 1930 at the age of 19, in the Paris of his dreams”be to find happiness. After the war, he worked as a freelance journalist in 1949 as a press photographer for the magazine Paris match.

He is known for his portraits and others by Jean Cocteau, Colette, edith Piaf and many other personalities of contemporary events. Izis in Paris passed away in 1980. 1951 Izis appeared as one of the five French photo-graphers in the MoMA in New York. This photographer remained largely unknown in Europe but so far has inspired over 200 000 visitors in Paris. “” Manuel Bidermanas, Izis’ son, wishes to do what his father could never do and wanted: the masterpieces “his father became the first station in Berlin to show Berlin as the center of European cultural broadcasting”. Works to Izis and the portrait are at the Institute Francais Berlin, 1949 1965 Chagall and circus dream. The exhibition in the Willy-Brandt-Haus, Stresemann 28, 10963 Berlin, dream of liberation shows parallel dream of paradise 1950-1953, Parisian dream 1945-1980, dream of the promised land from 1952-1955, London dream in 1952-1953, and the Queen’s people 1953 1944-1945. An exhibition of the Hotel de Ville Paris under the auspices of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, with the support of the Foreign Ministry. Exhibition of the 29.10.2010 until 23.01.2011 Mon 14-18 clock, di u FR 14-7 pm, Wed 12-19 u Thu 12 pm-7 pm, sat 11 am 3 pm free admission Director of the Institute Francais: Carine Delplanque T 030 885 9020 press information: Jeane Kolingba-Leger, T 030 885-902 48 press contact Classic communication Sascha Magorimbo 15 rue of the Ponchettes 06300 nice Tel: ++ 33 (0) 493 81 70 01,