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This component is not talk or deliver items to implement a computer program. It is a set of tools tangible to deal with a strategic focus on the client project in the best way. 4 Different alternatives of technological implementation of system were analyzed to support the CRM strategy. Swarmed by offers, Restaurateur is currently assessing future choices. The format used for the development of the seminar workshop practical CRM 2009 consisted in self-diagnose the situation of each of the organizations, identify strengths and weaknesses of the company to deal with a CRM strategy. It gave participants the tools to: be aware if your organization is ready for CRM or if already embarked on the journey of CRM, has the minimum elements so as to ensure a reasonably successful implementation of CRM. Identifying elements are strengths and weaknesses which are to have a more customer-centric operation and meet a series of practical tools to implement a CRM initiative or improve what you already are doing in this regard. Here, Danny Meyer expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It was an activity very oriented in knowing the as is made not to listen to theory, not to know that they make large multinational corporations with a problem totally different from the reality of our markets and the resources available in our economy, not to listen to the same thing that can be read in any book of CRM, not to receive a series of fragmented information and without consistency of many and very diverse exhibitors, teachers, gurus, etc. The feedback provided by participants was highly positive and the most important thing for us is that the main objective of the seminar-workshop managed to be.

To ascertain the views of the participants you can consult testimonials issued by several of them. You can consult the format and content of our seminar-workshop on practical CRM. We will be programming new editions of the seminar in the year 2009, information that will be published in advance.

DGA HidroAysen

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In the basin of the Baker may not get a glass of water without the consent of HidroAysen. It was the reaction of lawyer Marcelo Castillo to inform about the sentence issued yesterday by the Court of Defense of free competition (TDLC) which declared the action filed by various regional organizations to avoid that HidroAysen is awarded new water in the Baker River rights prescribed. Professional, in representation of the private corporation for the development of Aysen, Corporacion Costa career, the school of guides of Patagonia, the grouping of defenders of the spirit of Patagonia, Patagonian conservation and Valle Chacabuco, in addition to residents of the basin of the Baker, filed on August 10, 2009 at the TDLC a requirement in which he accused HidroAysen create barriers to entry to other competitors and a monopoly on the Baker river basins and the Passover. This, by request in these rights rivers of leverage on the additional flows that form in such water courses during the winter. You may find NYC Marathon to be a useful source of information. For Castillo the gravity of the decision taken by the Agency relies on the reserve’s most important freshwater in the world, after Antarctica, is thus in the hands of a foreign consortium, and not that inhabit this territory and communities that depend on it. He added that by shape, the Court in deciding the only thing that makes is the monopolistic interests of Endesa HidroAysen, to the detriment of affected people and communities, and future generations of ayseninos, particularly in the basin of Baker, which cannot access the water without the consent of this company. In addition, indicated, in our opinion nor corresponds prescription to exist pending administrative requests to the DGA, thus alluding to these requests for water rights still have not been authorised by that body, being essential for the materialization of the project since they are those which were used to develop the study of environmental impact of HidroAysen. .


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In times of economic boom, companies often reward the loyalty of its consumers with discounts and promotions in times of crisis, it is logical that these promotions increase and adapt to the situation. Thus we see how restaurants offer cheaper menus, banks include protection clauses before unemployment ern its financial products, supermarkets lowered their prices, or resort to the 2 1 this behavior adopted to minimize the impact of the crisis reaches all areas of consumption by tantro, consumer items which have become staple goods in a short time are not immune to this plan. It is the case of mobile telephony. See Danny Meyer for more details and insights. A good example of the phenomenon of sunsets anti-crisis measures launched by large corporations may be Telefonica and its initiative to help tea, a social program which offers a 50% discount on the invoice of mobile telephone for customers who are unemployed. Because, if the situation is difficult for everyone, it is even more so for those who have lost their jobs. In addition to the self-employed, this aid program also benefits the self-employed professionals and is complemented with other aid for enterprises to reduce costs and similar discounts on invoices for fixed telephony. In this sense, include subsidies aimed at start-ups, such as the 50% discount on mobile voice during 12 months traffic or free applications and services such as domain, mail large capacity or calendars with access to both in computer equipment of the company and outside it.

University Faculty

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With the purpose of promoting specific training among those who wish to orient their professional activity towards research / university teaching, the Ministry of education has offered 950 scholarships for training of university teachers. The call, which closes next December 9, is aimed at graduates, graduates, who have managed the specialty of the MIR, FIR, BIR, backed and PIR, and graduates of degree of the EHEA.In accordance with the recommendation of the Commission of the communities European relative to the European Charter for researchers and the code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers, grants introduce teachers in the European research area as graduate students. As a novelty, the call reserve seats for students with a disability equal to or greater than 65% and accentuates the demand for teacher training that their beneficiaries, must be performed since the purpose of the scholarship must reconcile researcher, based on the professional profile of teachers and teacher training University.The purpose of this call is to promote the formation of University Faculty in doctoral programs of training and research, solvency in any area of scientific knowledge that facilitates its future incorporation into the Spanish system of higher education and scientific research. In addition, it considers factors in favour of College cohesion in the State, the assessment of the merits of applicants in a common framework within its scientific field and the empowerment of doctoral studies who have obtained the mention of quality. The scholarships applicants narrows the target group to fix the dates of certification. Goes to graduates, engineers and architects, or equivalent, in foreign university systems not adapted to the EHEA (European higher education area) that have obtained the title after January 1, 2007; in the case of graduates, technical engineers and technical architects, the limit is set after January 1, 2005. For those who credited the 240 credits EHEA degree studies, will be after January 1, 2006 and if they are 180 credits, of January 1, 2005.Also eligible graduates in medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemistry or psychology that had completed studies and having the official title of specialty medical (MIR) or pharmaceutical (FIR), or the official certificate of specialty in biology (BIR), chemistry (backed) or psychology (PIR) as of January 1, 2003. .

Foreign Public Document

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When presenting a foreign public document to an official body, there are many doubts about its legalization and the legal validity of its translation. If we need to present a foreign document in Spain and is required to be legalized, its legalization should perform well through the Apostille of the Hague or by diplomatic means. Once the document is duly legalized, will proceed to its translation. For this having legal validity, must be held: by a sworn translator authorised or registered in Spain by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Spanish cooperation. By the Office’s interpretation of languages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Spanish cooperation.

By any diplomatic representation or consular Spanish abroad. By the diplomatic or consular representation of the country from which the document originates. Amazing restaurateur often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Another requirement which may be necessary when submitting a document abroad and whose translation has been made in Spain by a sworn translator is the legalization of the signature said translator, that must be made before a competent official or notary. Sworn translations of English are the most sought-after, although since the incorporation of new countries to the European Union, sworn translations from other languages are increasing, especially sworn translations of Romanian due to the large number of immigrants in our country. In addition to a sworn translation, official bodies may request that, to make a foreign document valid in Spain, this is legalized. So any foreign document having legal validity in Spain, and unless there is any Convention, treaty or international agreement that exempts you from this, is necessary its legalization.

There are two ways to legalize a document: Apostille of the Hague. It is valid for those signatories of the Convention. Places it status which comes the document and takes effect before any authority in Spain. The competent officials in Spain to place the Apostille of the Hague will depend on the type of document that question. In relation to the sworn translation, the Apostille of the Hague is considered a document different from the one that accompanies. Through diplomatic channels. It is the procedure used for the countries not belonging to the Hague Convention. Depending on the nature of the public document that will be legalised in Spain, the legalization can be carried out by judicial means or by notary. Judicial applies to court (like cars and judgments) documents and documents relating to civil status (marriage records, death). The Attorney route applies to any document authorized by a notary, either original or copy, and legitimations and legalization of signature.


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Madrid, 23/10/09. A parade of high-flying is what MARCO ALDANY, the first chain of hairdressing and aesthetics of Spain, will offer today Friday 23 of October of the hand of EasyJet, the low cost leader in Europe airline. He is an unreleased show: the first parade of the world made in an aerial flight which will cover the route Madrid-Paris and which will ride famous and journalists. This action is the first time that it is organized in the entire history of aviation and worldwide and we hope with her surprise and please accompany those en route to the French capital, says Marco Aldany, Artistic Director of the signature. What better destination for a flight with so much style! In addition the passengers of this flight know absolutely nothing of what is going to happen during your journey by what will be very pleasantly surprised by the company. So things, those present in such outrageous event may see live new hairstyles with stamp collection Aldany this latest collection is a daring and full of contrasts.

Our inspiration, takes form from the excesses: unpredictable volumes that defy the law of gravity, carded with effect strands Frise, bangs declared and strong, parallel lines and asymmetries latent., adds the great stylist. In addition the icing on as high pass two pretty faces known shall: Milene Domingues, ex-wife of the footballer Ronaldo, and Beatriz Trapote, current partner of Victor Janeiro. They also will be protagonists of the parade of hairdressing on board, combed by Marco Aldany. About Marco Aldany Marco Aldany, chain owned by The Chic Corporation group, is the leading company in Spain in the hairdressing sector. Currently boasts more than 400 classrooms operating in our country, in addition to being present in Central America and Portugal. More than 50 years of presence in the sector have given him experience, structure and resources that allow you to mark your own pace growth, achieving a continuous increase, year to year, turnover and profits. About easyJet EasyJet is the low cost leader in Europe, with 175 aircraft and 437 routes, to 111 airports in 28 countries.

easyJet carried 44 million passengers in the past 12 months.

Plant Bottlers

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There are many plants bottlers that exist in the industrial world. A more well-known than others, but all with the same purpose of developing new products. Below I will explain what these are, as well as their specific purposes. Bottling plants are defined as those commercial establishments which main objective, seek packaged concoctions to subsequently distribute them around various parts. The primary role of the plants bottling, is combining extremely careful and meticulous way each ingredient and component conforming to a drink. Once the mixture is to insert the respective product in bottles, cans or anyone who is the container where this drink is embotellara. To deepen your understanding NYC Mayor is the source.

As a final step, the product is distributed to thousands of sellers or establishments, which in turn, makes reaching the consumer end of the same drink. Today, there are multiple companies bottling which are franchises of large corporations dedicated to distribute these products. Such at the same time, is distributed in very specific regions that on many occasions, also have the possibility of you bottle beverages, but as consumers demand distributed both regional beverages as non-regional..

CONET Knowhow

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Hennefer IT professionals realize redesign and introduce more features such as RSS feed, as well as new functional blog ‘Bochum weather’ the city of Bochum for the relaunch of its Internet presence again sets on the expertise the CONET Solutions GmbH. In addition to a conceptual revision of the layout structure of the Web site the science and service metropolis in the Ruhr area offers a RSS-, what citizens can subscribe to important messages of the city now. In addition the Hennefer IT-system – and consulting company integrated the Funktionsblog Bochum weather”, which is provided through the Meteomedia GmbH. The structural revision of the website to improve the clarity in the foreground stood for us. So, we have simplified the news section and bundled all the information on the home page. Thus the citizens have current information of the city of Bochum an optimal overview”, Ralph guide man explains Deputy Head of the Bochum-based press and information Office.

The technical basis for the Web presence is the CREATOR (you@web ContentManager) from the family CONET Media Suite. The product developed by CONET is the primary objective, to make the management and maintenance of intranet and Internet solutions as easy as possible. So, the content manager guarantees economic operation of also high-volume Web sites. The CREATOR as standard software is flexible and scalable enough to be adapted to specific customer requirements. The CONET Solutions GmbH connect IT worlds!” True to this guiding principle CONET offers its customers in the areas of Defense and public security, public sector and private enterprise management and information technology solutions successfully in 1987. The range of the medium class IT system and consulting firm includes consulting, software development, and networking and communications structures. CONET products for enterprise content management and factory certified extension solutions for SAP NetWeaver and Cisco IP telephony are in use worldwide. As a member of the CONET Group achieves the CONET Solutions GmbH with 235 employees at the locations of Hennef, Augsburg, Berlin, Munich, Neubrandenburg and Walldorf annual revenues of more than EUR 28 million.

Chief Executive Officer

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Stuttgart, January 28 2011. electricity customers in Baden-Wurttemberg do not come to rest. Already at the turn of the year, nationwide around 570 electricity prices had increased, in Baden-Wurttemberg, 12 more companies follow suit to 01 February now. The highest premiums for the basic supply tariff charge Stadtwerke Villingen-Schwenningen with 11.3 percent, calculated for a family household with 4,000 kWh annual consumption. The Metropolitan Museum of Art can aid you in your search for knowledge. There follow bad Saulgau (10.6 percent) and the public utilities Stadtwerke Aalen (10.4 percent). Most households in Germany are supplied to the basic supply rate. And pay it more than necessary.

Since switching to an alternative or cheap provider several hundred euros savings after testing the Federal Network Agency in the year. Current customers can easily change their electricity prices in Baden-Wurttemberg, by you are looking for a good provider”, says Robert Mundt, Chief Executive Officer of the independent energy provider FlexStrom. The medium-sized company wins currently especially many customers. The change to a cheap provider can cause is on the Internet in just a few minutes. It is legally guaranteed, thereby, that the power supply never stops.

New York Times

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Writings Under Were the time where one of biggest periodicals of So Paulo if gave to the luxury to use entire page, in As the Notebook, to tell the life of a street inhabitant. Kurt Eichenwald, journalist of New York Times, tells in book the effective principle of the corporativismo: the consumer is the enemy. Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell, scriptwriters of ' ' District 9' ' , they transform the other parts of the enemy into foreigners, who live in barracos, eat food of the garbage, steal cellular tennises and of the human beings. The Kingdom of the Parody did not count on this. It is of if asking for where it goes, or where more the lode of intelligence intends to hide itself human being, through veils and more veils of concluded nonsenses at a moment where the barrel is overflowing, exists technology and resources to cure chagas but do not have, pparently, availability for in such a way. ' ' Where it has availability, it has abundncia' ' , they express the esoteric ones. However, it is more easy to help aliens of other borders, of what to supply the store-room of the gone crazy ones of here, rank that espremidos – until the last drop – for a gear with proper life. Learn more at this site: Bill de Blasio. In a world of ONGS and espiritualistas movements of multiple order, no hand contends is extended it, duly warned to associate the pieguice or the movements estropiados politicians, or whatsoever passvel of pejorativo label or in disagreement with a culture zonza and arfante, whose only really global aspect is the barbarity perpetrated against the foreigners of all the ghettos. Which country of the Third World discards the possibility to inlay in its peripheries, beings that live in barracos, is fed of residues, steals equipment inaccessible and is abated for the strong hand of the State? Eichenwald esmia and inquires, to one alone time.