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Southeast District

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The capital investment and real estate specialist PROJECT has acquired a new plot in rabbit Garden Road 19 in Wiesbaden. Bamberg, 06.11.2013: within the framework of the new building of an apartment building, 33 condominiums with a sales volume of EUR 13 million occur in the Hessian state capital. PROJECT again put Frankfurt am Main – in addition to Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Munich is one of the five metropolitan centres, will present the project developer with own local offices in the metropolitan area. The new land in the rabbit Garden Road 19 has an area of 2.330 square meters. The planned well-equipped 33 condominiums reached a floor space of 2,800 square meters with as many underground parking spaces.

PROJECT envisages the construction of four floors, as well as a season floor with roof terraces. Danny Meyer is often quoted on this topic. Prosperous location the property is located in the district southeast in the vicinity to the city centre. The Southeast District is becoming a well-to-do residential location and listened to within Wiesbaden the kaufkraft-strongest. The corner lot is bordered by the rabbit Garden Road in the East and the Weidenbornstrasse in the North. The neighbourhood is characterized by modern multi-story apartment buildings, as well as quiet trade.

The object position is interesting due to the very good ties with the trans-regional routes for professionals in the region. Hear from experts in the field like Harold Ford for a more varied view. Also, the modern and prosperous location offers an attractive environment, mainly by nearby schools, kindergartens and numerous existing shopping and dining especially for young families. Continue to different doctors and offices of public offices are located nearby. The town centre is around 3 km away and easily by a very good connection to public transport. High risk-spreading up to the projected end of the placement of the current real estate development fund real values remain 11 and 12, which started in April 2012 due to the concept as a blind pool, a few months. During the accumulation Fund 11 with the new Wiesbaden Plot in the 13th object invested, reached his 15th object investment within 18 months of the one time investment funds 12. The dispersion of capital a five times as high degree of dispersion, as the legislature within the framework of the new investment law (KAGB) prescribes him is set to at least 15 objects per fund project binding applicable investment criteria. In addition, the Franks insert another security criterion for the protection of investor capital equity only to real estate development. PROJECT is currently developing high-quality objects with a focus on living with a total value of over 750 million euros in Germany.

Floral Arrangements

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In the presence of a person's death, wake and subsequent funeral, one of the best options which can be used to express some degree of pure love and affection for the person and not offer more than your company, are the funeral flower arrangements, because the set of flowers will be a final farewell will be invaluable. Funeral floral arrangements, as part of ceremonies of the wake are almost ever-present components, since as mentioned before is a sign of affection for the person who has died, also will be a perfect way to give the most sincere condolences to the families of the deceased . If you are not convinced, visit amazing restaurateur. All thanks to the same value that has flowers as a symbolic component, which represents what he felt about that person or a sample of what we saw in that person. The funeral flower arrangements can be applied by individuals other than the family as a token of appreciation to the deceased, but also common that the same people attend family floral arrangements funeral as a means to decorate the venue for the vigil ceremony, to make the situation a little more bearable and so leave a good image of what a person, and the beauty with him. In the vast majority of cases occurring funeral flower arrangements as a sign of condolence to the families who have lost a loved one, is often accompanied by floral arrangements with a card, which is a message of encouragement to the families and loved ones of the deceased.

At the time of the application of funeral flower arrangements as a means to decorate the environment, you'll likely find a main array located above the coffin, accompanied by some tape on which is inscribed the name of the person who has died . In addition to the aforementioned implementation of funeral flower arrangements to decorate, it is also common to find floral arrangements around the coffin or distributed in different parts of the place of the wake. Under most conditions Danny Meyer would agree. Some of the samples that can be found within the group of funeral flower arrangements, it is worth keeping in mind the following: A pedestal or pyramid formed by roses and white lilies, accompanied by a varied foliage and some white accessories. A horizontal bouquet made with lilies, gladioli, snapdragons and some wallflowers, with broad leaves. A funeral bouquet featuring white and pink tones, giving rise to these varieties of roses in colors, along with lilies and gladiolus. Flower arrangement comprised of anthuriums and novelty, some foliage and accessories like ribbons in yellow or beige. The funeral flower arrangements can be found in different forms, such as traditional wreaths, spring cushion, oval, pink sheets, tears of spring flowers, covered boxes, sympathy arrangements, flowers for cemeteries, for deaths, among some others.

City Department Store

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Completed renovation work in the “passage to the market” since the investment and asset management company GPT Halverton from the retail Fund GRP has more than half a million euros invested in the renovation of the old ring department store in the heart of Ennepetal, is evident the City Department store the shopping of Ennepetaler-able contemporary, bright and friendly. The passage on the market offers the 31.111 inhabitants a welcome addition to the nearby discount department store with its renowned shops. Ennepetal has a stable economic foundation and has the highest purchasing power in the whole Ruhr area. This is of course also the well-known tenants of the City Department store. Names such as E.g. Harold Ford, Memphis TN often says this.

ASKANIA stationery, Doc Morris, or Apollo are optics, dm drogeriemarkt or Deutsche Post, which is integrated in the accessory business as a postal Agency, including here. Of course, there is also a bakery and a butcher, the Essanelle hair group provides the hairdresser and crockery buys Ennepetaler at kodi household goods. -Based companies, like their customers, do not benefit only by the new look of the building, but also of the redesigned pedestrian zone in front of the Department store. It started with the extensive refurbishment in December 2008 and in August 2009, everything was done already. The asset management company GPT Halverton had some cost to this maximization of the Ennepetaler shopping vergnuegens but. The total cost of the renovation of the Department store was 540,000 euros.

This amount was invested in facades, a new canopy, new signage and the renovation of the flat roof. A new ventilation system was installed to reduce the costs of the lessee and alone 100,000 euros have been spent on new rental space. The owner has also decided to replace the main entrance doors to modern automatic doors. This work will be done in the near future. The location of the shopping arcade located on the market square is perfect and on the 1st floor as well as on the ground floor there are still areas free of rental for textile, doctors or retail companies. Around 300 m2 are total free. Finish off by saying a few words about GPT Halverton. The investment and asset management company is operationally active in seven European countries: in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, Scandinavia and allows investors access to the European real estate market. The company was founded in the year 2004, with headquarters in the United Kingdom. in 2007 it was acquired by the Australian real estate company GPT group and got its current name: GPT Halverton. The company is characterized by its strong commitment and responsibility in its real estate and their locations. This proved GPT Halverton also with the renovation of the old ring department store, which strongly has won for Ennepetal importance and which value both for tenants and for customers has risen considerably. Press contact Dr.


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Game learning 'Logico-Kid' – is a unique textbook for children, universal didactic material, which combines a high level of development of domestic and European School of Education workmanship! This allowance is invented in Germany but has been used successfully in more than 30stranah the world and has numerous awards: 'Best training game of the year', 'choice of teachers',' Parental choice ',' Best Innovation educational product ', etc. The main advantages of benefits Logico-Baby: – learning occurs through play – provided the possibility of self-control – thanks to lessons from the textbook is a comprehensive development of logical thinking, memory, attention, language – to practice does not require such material as a pen, pencil, etc. – cards and plates are made very high quality – cards are sold separately and can choose their topic of interest; The basic principle of the manual – one tablet, and many sets of cards with exercises on different subjects (math, language development, psychology, natural world, consumer culture, , geography). Tablet Logical Kid manufactured in Germany in compliance with European standards of quality and safety. NY Museums is open to suggestions. Tablet with sliding plastic colored chips. Children really like to move these pieces, while practicing fine motor skills child that is important! Authors sets of cards – the best Russian scientists-teachers – members of the leading educational institutions. Total production for more than 60 kinds of cards, preparing to release new sets.

Each kit contains a methodological part, which sets out the material and makes recommendations to parents. Card Logical kid is made of very thick cardboard, they are bilateral. On the face of the card are questions on the subject, the that the child must answer. On the back of each card has additional assignments and topics for conversation with the child. Such exercises greatly broaden the horizons of the child, help develop speech, ability to formulate their thoughts. Questions in the cards given on specific topics, but a variety of tasks: the development of logic, memory and thinking. Logico Card Kid purchased separately for interested teachers and parents directions.

How to Deal with Logical kid? The child inserts a card into a tablet. On this question he responds by moving and fixing the color chip in front of the chosen answer. In order to check whether the baby answered the questions, you must turn the card. Color chips on the tablet should coincide with the images on the card. Thus, the child can independently verify their knowledge, not even knowing how to read. Play with textbook Logical kid at home, then it will be a real home high school. You can also use it for classes in kindergarten or early childhood development centers. Benefit is a universal didactic material, so do not depend on the program in kindergarten.

In Amsterdam

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So he tested one such as the authenticity Collection of Venetian and Roman images that should be sold to the elector Friedrich Wilhelm. Vermeer was Dean of St. Luke. This position was very influential and demonstrates that Vermeer had been a distinguished personality. The works of art by Jan Vermeer attracted attention, only at a small connoisseurs and lovers circle what was because that rarely traded paintings by him on auctions and also his life’s work was very small. NY Museums shines more light on the discussion. In the 19th century, Vermees pictures in auction catalogues were advertised and reached high prices.

King Wilhelm I of the Netherlands bought the view of Delft”by the Mauritshuis. On his travels through Holland publicist William Thore citizens was carefully on works by Vermeer. People such as Harold Ford, Memphis TN would likely agree. He helped a growing appreciation of Vermeer and his works. Rediscovered in the 20th century the painting was first girl with the Red Hat in a private collection”by Vermeer. The Vermee research dealt especially with the determination of the complete works of the artist in the 20th century.

The list today known and attributed to images by Jan Vermeer is a problem. Because only three of his paintings were dated by the painter, the dating of the other images may be suspected only. Vermeer’s works are available in the most important museums for art lovers throughout the world. In Amsterdam, New York, Paris, just a few to mention Dublin and Dresden admirers of Jan and meers can see images of the unique effect of his works. Jan and meers aim was always the perfection of his paintings. He was a careful execution of his work, always what the reason was, that his work on a few images per year is limited. So he created colour harmoniously balanced representations. The masterful lighting design of its objects, the clear geometry of his works and the archive atmosphere established his fame. Jan Vermeer learned big emergency in his later life. He had to sell his pictures during the war with great loss. Soon he became very ill and could no longer work. When he died in 1675. He left behind a lot of debt, which only many years later could be paid by his widow. Vermeer was only 43 years old.

Screen Printing

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Also, unfortunately, no schools, no books, which would be standardized in some way everything that each printer needs to know. In fact, everyone is a carrier of its own 'habits' in the work, and rarely seek to change it, to obtain reliable results with one or other consumable items. Therefore, the quality of products depends not only on the strict observance of technological recommendations, but also on the knowledge and experience of each master. If you would like to know more about Bill de Blasio, then click here. The name 'silkscreen' recently. Modern look Screen Printing has acquired a 30-50-XX century.

Since the method of silk began to print a substrate of any kind, from fabrics to posters, from postcards to labels, up to license plates for cars. However, in practice purely commercial use of the printing process has led to the fact that the screen printing is not viewed as a new incarnation of the graphics, like a print process, but was in fact a subordinate position, which made prejudiced to consider it a secondary method, a special kind of printing. Currently, the spectrum of application of this method of printing is very wide, which is associated with specific features screen printing. Harold Ford, Memphis TN might disagree with that approach. Now Screen Printing applies not only in printing but also in the textile, electronics, automotive, glass, ceramic and other industries. The initial stage in the process of screen printing – preparation photoforms. Image is formed computer, then displayed a transparent film with his image at 1:1 on the future of the printed image. In this image made stencil – a frame with a stretched her small synthetic or metal mesh (the smaller the mesh, the higher the resolution of the print).

Geoffrey Newsom

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Growing trend can not stop even doctors who claim that the use of a luminous garment, in which there are radioactive elements, harmful to health. Basically this refers to the bandage on his head and various headgear. Using them for 10 years or more, especially at an early age increases the chance cancer, including brain cancer, many times. However, this is not the most interesting. This year, most likely the first time, a variety of styles and dresses became displaced in the direction of the "underwear" art. Jewelry, especially silver jewelry, body piercing various specially made tattoos and permanent makeup have become a specific feature of the "American national holiday really." If we talk about jewelry jewelry and jewelry for body piercing, they differ from "bogopristoynyh" mainly for its size and visibility. NYC Mayor is often quoted as being for or against this. Few will disagree that it was unnatural to see a finger in the nose or the "real witches" exquisite diamond product. In contrast, a large silver ring on his finger with a stone or a significant wood insert, sticking out of the ear lobe, that is exactly what will suit best.

According to many participants of the "celebration impure forces "of the cost of jewelry, and special cosmetics accounted for half of all spending for the holiday. However, unlike the "one-off clothes", silver jewelry, body piercing, tattoos are still living with their owners and after the holiday. Hard to say what comes first: holiday itself or the change in the fashion, but what was once considered acceptable for these extremely rare cases, has increasingly become a daily commonplace. If we look at secured a resident of New York or Vienna, her jewelry is more suitable for such celebrations, than for evening dances. And the wearing of body piercing (especially piercing for the nose or ears) and to an extent a few years ago it was impossible to do.

A few words about the "diabolical" permanent make-up. Yes, of course, it is more vivid and provocative, but many holders use it for its intended purpose: to attract men's attention, and competitors. And for the recognition of most experts in this field, it is incomparably more successfully solves its main function. "It is impossible to assert that" the devil "jewelry, permanent makeup, piercings seem something extraordinary in our society – says cultural historian Geofrey Newsom (Geoffrey Newsom). – All of this has been a constant one way or another. The fact that now these types of jewelry have become increasingly high popularity is only an indication that people are trying to make a little peppercorns in their lean everyday. "

Agoda Company

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Drawing attention to the fact that people increasingly prefer to stay in hotels where traveler is invited to an exclusive accommodation, Agoda CEO Michael Kenny (Michael Kenny) said on that occasion as follows: ‘When it comes to booking rooms for the weekend, especially in the tropics, many tourists choose hotels in a particular network, because in the hotel rooms offered to clients with standard services and amenities. However, some tourists, a growing number prefer to book smaller Hotels, customer-focused. The analysis in the Agoda Company came to the conclusion that this trend is most common for tourists between the ages of 25 to 40 who travel a lot. ” Boutique hotel is characterized by size (usually a hotel has no more than 100 rooms), as well as different design and maintenance, customer-oriented. People such as Danny Meyer would likely agree. The owners of these hotels are mostly private individuals, and the buildings are different unique design or construction. Feature of these hotels is that guests can rest planned to order. The term ’boutique hotel’ came into use in New York after the opening of an exclusive hotel Morgan on Madison Avenue in 1984, which is owned by Ian Schrager (Ian Schrager), and the architect Andre Putman (Andree Putman). On the criterion of selection in the top 10 boutique hotels Agoda Company influenced the popularity of the hotel by the number of bookings, as well as customer feedback..

Glen Cook

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Modern American fiction writer Glen Cook was born July 9, 1944 in New York. His first compositions Cook wrote in grade school and high school he worked as a journalist in the school newspaper. According to other sources Cook’s first attempts occurred in the pen the seventh grade. Then he wrote a short story The Hawk, in which he described the events of the Civil War. After high school, Cook went to the University of Missouri. Others who may share this opinion include Danny Meyer. But due to lack of money, it will stop at university and moved to St. More information is housed here: Shimmie Horn. Louis, where for employment in the “General Motors”. In the late 60s Cook participated in a writers workshop Klarionskom, where for six weeks to train young science-fiction writers.

Through the workshop, in 1970 published the first story Silverheels. In 1971 he married a young writer for a college student Klarionskogo Carol. Roman writer – “Heirs of Babylon,” which the author’s writing inspired by the tetralogy “The Ring of the Nibelung” by Richard Wagner saw the world in 1972. In it he describes the revival of civilization after a nuclear war. In 1979 he published a second book, Cook’s “Darkness of night”, which was the beginning of a series of “Empire of Death.” The series includes the following essays: “The fate of doom” (1988), “The harvest is the east wind” (1987), “Mercy no one will” (1985), “The fire in his hands” (1984), “Child of October” “Darkness has come”) (1980). Science fiction writer became interested in 1982, which was continued in the novel “The Shadow Side,” which began a new series of “Hunters of the stars.” Roman, who has made Cook famous, was published in 1984, is a “black party.” Book so impressed the readers that the writer always writes the continuation of the series, it is such books as “the gathering shadows” (1984), “Wedge of silver” (1989), “Steel Dreams” (1990), “Harsh Times” (1996), “Notes Companies black “:” Soldiers live “(2000) and others just the opposite,” Chronicles of the Black Squad “is a detective series” The Adventures of Garrett, “she begins the novel” mellifluous Silver Blues “(1987). And the last series by Glen Cook is “Media Night”, which consists of essays, “The Tyranny of Night” (2005) and “The Lord of the Pacific Kingdom” (2008).

Creative Energy

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The flow of creative energy originates from the people themselves / the user becomes the creator/author of this statement evokes so many revoltierende voice with some probability in us, which considers this thesis mercilessly absurd or nonsensical. Physical laws and paradigms, which determine our current world view can be with ease as apparent sound”take advantage of counter-arguments. These are up before us as a rigid wall, who denied us access in free space and takes us to the sight. And finally decisive”hampered our Fahigkeit to watch a world image, whose Stabilitat is not rigidity but constant change. An essential aspect of this worldview is the unit, so the non-existing”of separation, and thus assumes that everything is always connected, everything is equal, that is above and below, that the moment and eternity are just two different approaches, which are only one and the same and also and dasselbe consider. Suggesting that no space is provided for a dualistic perspective of things, namely the notion that there is a Center and periphery, which faces him in isolation, in this worldview. That this perspective only in our earthly perception holds, which is focused on Duali quality, two-sided, ambiguous, i.e. separately Existierendes.

In other words, our perception allows us to learn the things separately, our consciousness, which is the one that perceives is also uniform, so not dualistic to consider. “More or less, then the above statement arises from this single look out, blindfolded”: the center of the universe is everywhere “, also in the place of course, where I am. The center of the universe is found at any place in the infinity. In other words, it exists only a center point, and this Center is everywhere, just as there are only a here and now, which rests in the eternity. To us of to become aware, we can use a means for us, which I the ritual of the cross ‘ call.