International Charity Organization

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It is believed that the volunteers – either students or housewives. In reality in the volunteer ranks of many reputable and successful people. For them, this activity – a way to express their civic position. The most "selfish" motive of his own social activism, 34, lawyer Andrew believes improving its environment. "My house is not the end of the apartment – he says – and this is the nearest orphanage and boarding school. Responsibility for the welfare, success of orphans should be borne not only by the shoulders of city services, but also the whole society. " A couple of weeks ago, Andrew gathered like-minded people to visit the children from boarding schools to give them gifts and just talk. And the last issue of Andrew donated 5 thousand UAH.

on buy and sewing dresses for graduate school – a boarding school. "Do you think I – a volunteer? – He wonders – I just heartily. " Director of the School Volunteer of the International Charity Organization "Vision" Mrs. Paterichko confident that this is precisely what is currently volunteering. "There are four forms of such activities – explains the director. The first – a service: bring something physically to help.

Second – mutual aid, when a group of people gather for a common goal, for example, painting the playground of the orphanage. The third form – upholding the public interest. And the fourth – the provision of financial assistance. " Catherine herself with the students involved in aid projects for orphans and children deprived of parental care to the poor. According to her, more and more students are suited to such pursuits as a way to gain experience and inputs necessary qualities. Emerging companies to whose entry in the summary of the "working in the volunteer project" – a significant argument in favor of a candidate for the vacant position. With such information, the employer is aware that in front of him a serious man, capable of cope with the tasks and to lead people. With a heart wide open archaeologist by training, Anne became a volunteer recently, when from the familiar hear the information that can help. Children already after the first meeting with Anna with great pleasure that fled to sculpt and draw. Anya always receives generous thanks: views of burning eyes and sincere smile. "From this activity I have never waited for money. Creativity – is always a healthy side personality. The development of creativity helps children solve psychological problems "- explains its mission Anya. She gladly shows pictures of children from school – boarding school 3 in Kiev. "We have them at least once a fortnight we arrive. You should have seen how they pleased us. Painting, sculpture … – it's a good excuse to talk on equal terms. " To help, do not need to be specialists. Enough to be willing and sincere motivation. "Volunteers working in our field, a little – a unique feature in our easy – but they still have – the president says IBO "Look," Mrs. Paterichko. – In this activity opens the heart. " The reason that young people are increasingly sacrificing leisure time and on their own for the sake of others, according to Catherine, is thus able to move beyond narrowly-defined occupational employment and environment. Discovering life in touch with the other parties of being. We invite each of you to join us in this effort! Call us and sign up for school volunteers by phone. 228-36-55 or e-mail


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The latest highlight of strike: Sunglasses in the carbon look of uncompromising quality, high functionality, sporty looks and fair prices make the strike GmbH long the fixture on the sports eyewear market. Now, the company presents a very special treat for all sport enthusiasts: model 175, which already counts by especially high wearing comfort and cool shape to the top sellers, will appear in a new style: carbon look! Carbon is a material that is very durable and lightweight and is used primarily in racing and in the aerospace industry. But also many other sports equipment, such as bicycle frames, skates or tennis racket, are made like this. The carbon-style gives the popular strike sunglasses 175 a particularly sporty touch and a fancy 3D effect. The air holes incorporated in the brackets”reinforce the cool racing look. Rubberized nose pads and rubber strap ensures a particularly comfortable seat, the final form with slightly curved glass front protects against wind and oblique light. Perfect for all sports adventure whether at the bicycle tour, ski downhill, on or next to the car race track.

Carbonyl Hospital

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Its healing waters, especially for treating psoriasis suitable medicinal water of Harkany is a term in the circle of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as the suffering from psoriasis or chronic gynaecological inflammations. The Spa hospital was incorporated in 1991 to the academic teaching hospital of the Medical University of Pecs. On October 15, 2005, the hospital has received the name by Vilmos Zsigmondy, the pioneer of the geothermal research in Hungary. Especially his successful artesian fountain made famous his name holes. Following disciplines are available in the medical hospital in Harkany Zsigmond Vilmos: chronic internal medicine, active obestologische care, dermatology, Gynecology, rehabilitation of locomotor, cardiac rehabilitation Department, active, rheumatologic care. The Spa hospital inpatient Dermatology Department has established due to the favorable experiences of the formerly functioning psoriasis Department starting in April 2007. As main profile you have the supply Set the goal of psoriasis patients.

Psoriasis vulgaris is a common and chronic inflammatory skin disease, which significantly restricts the quality of life of the patients. About 25 million people in Europe and America are affected by psoriasis. This is probably the most common skin disorder that is related to the immune system. Clinical studies have demonstrated a treatment shows a positive effect on the reduction of the skin symptoms as such or in combination with other therapy modules with healing water. Its thermal water with its healing effect was discovered in 1823. The water contains a biologically very active, well absorbable gaseous compound Carbonyl sulfide, which is transformed to a gaseous transmitter only recently discovered, the hydrogen sulfide. The healing waters in Harkany but may by its peculiar composition and effect also in other Keratosis disorders, chronic skin inflammation, or rheumatological diseases in Beneficial to use connection with skin diseases. The Spa is one of the oldest healing methods. Bathing cleans the skin, removes scales and Schorfen by the addition of disinfectants for the treatment of infected skin symptoms and it leads to the hydration of the cornea to excellent results.

Dangerous Carbon

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I know you seem horrible to live such as unpleasant sensations. Before suffering a panic attack typically start to feel uncomfortable things such as palpitations, dizziness, tingling and others. When we don’t know why it happens to us this enters us fear and even think you’re going to drown or are going to stop the heart. Know why occur those feelings makes you to know with certainty that you will not drown or gives you a heart attack (by very real it may seem). Dizziness, palpitations, tingling and others are caused by HYPERVENTILATION. If you learn to not hiperventilarte, avoid having those so unpleasant sensations. It is evident that we need to breathe to give our energy body. When we are inspired, we inhalamos oxygen-laden air.

Once inside, the oxygen travels toward the heart through blood. Then the heart pumps blood to bring oxygen to the entire body. All that oxygen allows nutrients to be converted into energy with a series of chemical reactions. At the end of this process we produce carbon dioxide and expel him exhaling. In other words, we inhalamos oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

When you have lot of anxiety is normal hiperventilarse and then the level between oxygen and carbon dioxide becomes unbalanced. I.e., oxygen levels increase and those of carbon dioxide fall. It may be too breathe, breathe superficially, take much air etc. When this happens two things happen: 1. the brain detects the lack of carbon dioxide in the blood and instructs the body to breathe less. Then it seems that body refuses to breathe as it was making a few moments ago. The normal is that we react to trying to breathe more. When we do this we maintain the imbalance between oxygen and carbon dioxide and we can even make worse it. If this happens, can that our brain sends you more signals to the body for even less, breathe even stop breathing a moment to balance the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Sodium Bicarbonate

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I’ve become a self-taught researcher for years. Whenever he walked by my favorite spots, – libraries – I was going to stop at the shelves of books on health, even without having suffered any disease, this has been a constant in my life, read and learn about topics in medicine, different alternative ways to cure me and helping others. In order that apparently one day would be sitting writing this knowledge according to the needy or sick. One of the first books that I loved to read was the psychical, clairvoyant and healer Edgar Cayce, their natural cures, therapeutic methods dictated by the famous clairvoyant that brings many valuable recipes that have taken utmost efficiency in many treatments. Among the remedies that more used prescribed the Edgar Cayce sick I can name, the Castor oil or Palma Cristi and sodium bicarbonate, among others.Especially want to mention personal mode from my testimony, healing with bicarbonate that already echoes in the internet pages, due to its application in diseases such as cancer. Recently I stumbled across a page that said baking soda cure cancer, an Italian Doctor named Dr.Simoncini that has manifested in conferences their research and application mode. Of course that as it has happened with vitamin C in high intravenous doses, which has given many sufferers of cancer, remission this doctor, as other researchers, have before him a great mostruo, large drug companies that produce chemotherapies, which are, multimillion dollar, and as this medicine so commodified not allowed advance in such economic for a patient treatments most of the times have until more effectively without the side effects of such embergadura produced by chemotherapies and radiation. After reading these writings about the applications of the baking soda for cancers, I was very upset because a small wound in my molestandome hemorrhoids pretty in my daily needs, because until he was bleeding due to the astringent effects of Sera in my body.

I turned to the task of preparing me a few packs of water and baking soda to sleep with them. irritation and inflammation were present, a malaise did not allow me to be sitting normally, it had to be booted all the time. Amazed was my awakening, relieved in a way fast, which continued one second day and to my real surprise, inflammation, bleeding, pain, all disappeared, but this therapy I did combine it, with a tip of teaspoon diluted in water after lunch, to carry my body an acid-alkaline PH, as always suggested Edgar Cayce. I started taking aloe vera tablet at the same time or Aloe Vera toning steps of fecal matter by conclusions intestines has disappeared constipation, I have seen improvement and recommend much to those who suffer from hemorrhoids these compresses or poultice to only in two or three days end with those produced by Candida, fungus or a PH unbalanced trend acid, which can bring many problems to our body. This is an alternate recommendation, if you want to consult a specialist before doing so, but my has given me a wonderful result.

Carbon Shaped Tubes

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Long and firm carbon shaped tubes took the leading place among construction pipes. However, the profile stainless since its launch early cramping leader. Stainless profile much better any other pipe is adapted to the external environment. Thick-walled stainless steel tube profile is massive, but that it is the basis of weight and pre-fabricated metal structures. In other words, the pipe stainless profile – a metal timber. If you use a profile stainless, then the choice of finishing materials markedly increases, which in turn allows, if not hide completely, then gently muffle design elements.

Stainless profiling is used in mechanical engineering, industrial and civil construction in the manufacture of construction and building envelopes. As an example, which found a great use of stainless profile – it’s fencing of the pipes. Fencing of the shaped tube is a lattice, screen or combined weldments. In turn, the screen fences, pipes are used to protect the balconies of apartment buildings. Thus, stainless profile finds another application – this pipe to the balcony of apartment buildings. Pipe to the balcony of residential buildings should meet the requirements for strength and rigidity, and shaped tubes, where the stainless steel – a material from which it is made, has excellent strength and good mechanical properties. Y fencing of the shaped tube, which uses profile stainless, no problems with corrosion protection, such a fence shaped tube does not need refinishing. In addition to corrosion resistance and strength properties of steel, stainless pipe for the balcony has a high aesthetic qualities. As a result, decorating obtained some very interesting solutions, such as stainless mirror. Without belittling the merits other kinds of decoration, it should be noted that the stainless mirror of course gives stunning design.

Internet Agency

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Online Agency cross over point from Brunswick takes over online marketing by Angel the Brunswick online agency cross over point,, accepts advertising marketing and the keyword with the search engine online marketing of the E-commerce shop (Angel domain). This is a more E-commerce platform in the client portfolio of the Brunswick online agency. In the framework of cooperation of sector search engine to reinforce first marketing with the keyword advertising in the field of online marketing. The growth of E-commerce shops should be expanded through this online channel. The company fishing among domain in the market the leading companies in its industry. To reinforce the company’s success also on the online channel for quite some time. The online users should ideally consult the Internet and courteously treated.

Already, the diverse range of E-commerce shops of the Angel domain ensures high levels of satisfaction with the customer groups. The considerable brand and product range of the company is also in the online environment. The online agency cross over point supports performance marketing with Google AdWords and Web-controlling the area. The aim is to increase the conversions and more efficient to use the online advertising budget in this way. For the Brunswick online agency, which specialization and core competence the include search engine marketing and search engine optimization, means”this day-to-day operations and optimization. cross over point marketing & eCommerce advertising agency: online agency owner: Mr Thomas Dohler Beckinger Street 2 38116 Braunschweig phone: + 49 (0) 531-250 67 47 E-Mail: Internet: via Cross Over Point the Brunswick online agency is specialized in the areas of online marketing, performance marketing and consulting. Cross Over Point advises small and medium-sized companies, which are increasingly active in the online market.

Cross Over Point of Brunswick is here analyzed on the holistic consulting in the field of online, marketing and Web, market, target groups and Competition and checks the communication of brands and products. The advice in the field of marketing is part of the fixed portfolio of services. Prospects and customers should convey a clear USP and offer advantages over the competition. Cross Over Point sees itself as a consultant and service provider for complex online marketing strategies and concepts for their successful implementation and the implementation of performance marketing. Core competencies of the Brunswick online agency Cross Over Point are the areas of search engine marketing – SEM and search engine optimization – SEO.

Agency PRYOU Starts

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News from the PR agency PR4YOU Berlin-based PR agency PR4YOU recorded revenue growth of approximately 30% despite the economic crisis in the financial year 2009. Since the existence of our agency, we have made the largest leap of growth in 2009. This is one reason that we have gained many new customers to another but also keep in mind that our long-time customers remain faithful us. We take care of the most customers now have an average of 4 years\”, explains Holger Ballwanz, owner and Managing Director of the Berlin-based PR agency PR4YOU. In addition to expanding and improving the services PR4YOU continues to a small and effective team, consisting of 8 communications, media and economists with extensive professional experience in Public Relations, journalism, marketing, media planning and advertising. Include for our customers quality and not the size of the Agency itself, and it pays off for us\”, Ballwanz notes in his conclusion to the beginning of the year.

During 2009, mainly larger companies in the field of PR have saved, the interest of the middle class, however, has increased considerably. Here the effect is regarded by PR in economically difficult times as enormous, because editorials are usually more efficient and more credible than ads.\” The PR agency PR4YOU is also innovative ways. Since 2007, customers can book the services relating to the press, media and public relations, for example, on a contingency basis. We are 100% dependent on success. The success is measured at the height of the circulation of a newspaper or the TV transmitter’s range, where PR-induced customers reported. Basis for the calculation of fees provides the TKP – thousand contact price: cost of contact per thousand accomplished receiver (readers, listeners, viewers). \”The main attraction: no publication, is also no cost.\” Also in TV-PR and PR: radio demand 2009 so PR4YOU well since last year in this business full service offers.

Identmedia Introduces First Cologne Agency Flat Rate Tariffs

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Start with low rates of corporate communication flat-rate tariffs for communication and Web 2.0 now offers identmedia flat-rate tariffs for corporate communication and Web 2.0. So even small and medium-sized companies with a lesser budget can build a continuous corporate communications. The tariffs apply bold to a flat rate contract with a term of 12 months. Within this time, you can call services from the identmedia products and services individually according to your needs. The time accounts are staggered in 3 time tariff: 25 hours / month – 40 hours / month – 80 hours / month on a time account not spent hours on the following month transferred. The advantage of flat rates holistic use of communication and Web 2.0 to flat-rate flexible use of services depending on the needs unused hours cheaper hourly rate as opposed to the usual project-based fees on a time account on the next month transfer any additional costs through Get the social security contributions and absenteeism for part-time or permanent staff more information here or in a personal conversation. identmedia Matthias Langer

Agency Struhar

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This behavior however is gross negligence and not the laws covered by the customer! The real scam of the industry does not care about time limits and blackout dates, in the best-case scenario, the applicant receives an invalid driver’s license without a birth number and registered address. In other cases driving licence aspirant, is empty. He shall make the payment, though, but the party never disappeared then. And a lawsuit or similar is usually not possible. There are neither an address nor a valid landline number. Also the payment usually bar in such cases, so that there is absolutely no evidence. The EU driving licence applicant has the damage. Also included in an invalid paper, because every Director ash in owner is responsible for the validity of its legitimacy.

Quickly can threaten severe penalties. Actually, it’s quite easy to acquire a legitimate and legally secure driver’s license, you must adhere only to the irrefutable Comply with policies and laws. That means in plain language: compliance with the 185 days of rule, as well as compliance with the lock. To do this, it is required that the candidates arrive at least twice. Once for the message of the residence and once for testing. She all need a little organizational effort, the few reputable provider such as the Agency Struhar ( and also the operators of like to take over. The behavior of these agencies is legitimate and transparent. The customer is informed about every step and payments are only payable if the service is also provided. Often, the holder will be asked even the mentioned agencies to report serious television programmes about sense and nonsense in the area of EU driving licences.