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Charles Spencer Chaplin

September 12, 2017 at 10:34 pmCategory:General

Charlie Chaplin, Charlie … For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bill de Blasio and gain more knowledge.. Every person is a name associated with the filmmaking. Charlie became the personification of the movie, his character, his legendary … But he is – a living legend. His films have taken almost at the beginning of the century, we look up to now.

The first scene with Chaplin's 'earning a living' appeared in 1914. But not its hero brought Chaplin worldwide fame, and the new, which appeared later, for which the actor came up with his face mask – bowler hat, black mustache, walking stick, tremendous shoes, silly walk. This character is already a permanent name – Charlie. What is the secret hero Charlie infinity reign on the screen? Perhaps the fact that its founder was an extraordinary artist. NYC Marathon has much to offer in this field. He was an actor, screenwriter, director, and he even composed music for his later films. In Performing Arts Chaplin closely intertwined clowning, pantomime, circus. He knew how to amuse the audience like no other, but had a more unusual feature – it caused not only laughter, but tears, people were crying at his kartinah.Chaplin created its own special world on the screen and her, a special hero, who never had any luck, who lost even the little he had.

His films have never been late – it just removed Charlie from us on a deserted road, disappearing into the darkness of the picture. And in each sleduyuschemfilme we again met with him and continued looking at the same time funny and sad small stories, funny man named Charlie … Chaplin's childhood spent in a squalid room of the poorest homes and orphanages. He never end and was not sure who his real father. The husband of his mother, singer Charles Chaplin, left the family early and died of alcoholism in 1901. His mother, Hannah, actress extras, or was in a psychiatric hospital, or just got out of it. Charlie left school at age 10. Mime and circus performer, he was hanging out among the artists and trying to make money. Poverty has gone to him only benefit. It was she who instilled in him the idea of a costume Tramps. Playful, creative parody of the parade off suit. Authoritative adult, re-invented by frank child.

Gallery Tanager

February 2, 2017 at 12:33 pmCategory:General

Persistent desire to understand what what may be termed 'poetry of publicity', valid throughout the entire career of Warhol may have been dictated by the need to deal with his own omission in public. Warhol knew how to get refusal to yield to the public space in the truest sense – appears to other people – this happened because of his unwillingness to renounce his womanishness, homosexuality and worship of the male body. Frequently Rudy Giuliani has said that publicly. It is widely known, for example, that his attempt in 1956 to hold an exhibition of his works in the Gallery Tanager failed due to the fact that his touching portraits of the boys were too frank, too brazen in their homoerotic sexuality, and that in the early 60 other New York artists such as Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, as well as mainstream and artistic circles, rejected with scorn him, because he was' too feminine '. On this occasion, Warhol said: 'Of course, in the factory were gay, we were in the entertainment industry, and it was Fantastic. Of course, the factory was more blue than, for example, in Congress, but not more than your favorite TV show Police …

I believe that the reason for such intense and violent attacks was the fact that we refused to play along, dissemble and hide. This did result in rabies many people who wanted to save all the old stereotypes. I've often wondered: 'Do the people who play these games with the image, there is nothing to do with all those unfortunates who can not fit into standard roles? " If the object of attack was homosexuality, just as practice, recognizes Warhol, then all of Hollywood would be as vulnerable as the factory. More alarming is the public display of the display of sexuality and the fact that Warhol refused to play along, dissemble and hide. In order to gain access to the audience, to become public – no matter who you are a politician or a TV actor – it was necessary to fit into standard roles, roles that were acceptable to some, and unacceptable to others.

Two Approaches To The Interpretation Of Genre Plot

December 21, 2016 at 9:02 pmCategory:General

I. Definition of "genre painting" and "genre scenes." Speaking about the achievements of Dutch painting of the seventeenth century, made mention of the birth and flowering of the so-called "genre painting", ie set paintings, written in everyday scenes. Depicted events or scenes that are written on such subjects, respectively, will be called "genre scenes." The main legacy of the works of two major seventeenth-century artists – Vermeer Delft (1632-1675) and Jan Steen (1626-1679) who created the most famous of his works in Harlem, so we do not hesitate to assign to genre painting. In these pictures we see people Dutch burgher middle of the seventeenth century, employed the usual chores for them – whether gay holiday visitors pub, visit a doctor prihvoravshey girls, so fond that depict the wall, or read the letter brought by a servant, music lessons and other situations in which characters get Vermeer. However, despite the formal proximity of plots belonging to the same art historical period and specific culture that developed in the United Provinces to the top of the last third of the 17th century, a careful study of genre painting and Vermeer wall allows to draw conclusions about significant differences in the way images by artists living scenes. Connect with other leaders such as Danny Meyer here. Comparing typical for artists painting techniques, plot "napoleniya" their paintings, typical images of the characters on the wall and Vermeer's allegory of "messages" would better identify the nature of genre painting of each and accurately distinguish the individual techniques of artists. II. Features beautiful manenry Delfskogo Vermeer and Jan Steen.

Working with color and light and air environment. The first obvious difference between Wall paintings from Vermeer's paintings – in the degree of color-and light-saturated environment within which the action. Opacity interior wall paintings perfectly sootstvuet real situation in which events occurred: the room at the inn, pub, where the fun time, representatives of the most basic social strata.

American Journal Billboard

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According to established tradition, not so long ago, we are glad to present you with the best selection of albums in 2009. And this time we prepared you a selection of the best albums of 2009 in the genre of Blues, Country. Background: The rhythm and blues (also rhythm and blues) (English Rhythm and blues, abbreviated as R & B, or R'n'B) – a genre of popular music, originally performed African-American musicians have integrated the combination of blues, jazz and gospel. The term was coined in 1949 by the compilers of the charts American Journal Billboard instead of the expression "racial Music (race music), common before. With the easing of racial segregation in the U.S., the term "rhythm and blues" evolved toward a wide range of music notation "soul" and "Funk" performed by musicians of all races and nationalities. Not taken to include in the rhythm & blues rock, hip-hop and reggae, established as independent lines in a later period. It has now been distinguished modern rhythm and blues from the classic rhythm and blues.

Under modern R'n'B implied musical direction, originating from the symbiosis of blues, soul and other "racial" genres. Rhythm and blues music is considered to be on the basis of a pronounced blues. Many people relate the music of classic rhythm & blues to rock, and under the very notion of "rhythm and blues" refer to modern R'n'B. This is a very common misconception. Many critics still been debated – whether classified work rhythm and blues to rock groups, and assign it to the very notion of 'popular meaning. " Some people believe – it is easier and, therefore, correct.

Some say that the genre should be considered, based on the qualities and characteristics of music. American Academy of Recording annually presents the award "Grammy" in the category "Best male vocal in the style of rhythm and blues," "Best Female Vocalist in the style of rhythm and blues", "Best vocal performance in the style of rhythm and blues in a duo or group, "" Best Song in the style of rhythm and blues "and" Best album of contemporary rhythm & blues, "" Best Performance in a traditional style of rhythm & blues " and "Best instrumental performance in the style of rhythm and blues. " 1. Taylor Swift Fearless album in 2009 2. Sugarland album 2009 Live on the Inside 3. Seasick Steve album 2009 Man From Another Time 4. Reba McEntire album in 2009 Keep on Loving You 5. Keith Urban Album 2009 Defying Gravity 6. Jim Byrnes 2009 album My Walking Stick 7. George Strait album Twang 2009 8. Carrie Underwood album, 2009 Play On PS All the songs you can download for free, without registration, without SMS. R. PS All files stored on the share, posted for informational purposes only. After listening or viewing you need to remove them from your media. R.R.S. View and download all the songs may be going the link

Miguel Cervantes And Cesar Vallejo Before God

October 8, 2014 at 2:41 amCategory:General

Making a low-flying, about the lives of the father of the literature Universal (title that dispute with Homer and Shakespeare), Don Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra and Cesar Abraham Vallejo Mendoza, we find some similarities, particularly in the tortuous path of suffering and injustices that lived them, for example in the case of Miguel, agreed to go to a war2 years for a wage, that was delivered to his family, where he is wounded in the left hand, hence the nickname of Manco de Lepanto, of Homecoming, is taken prisoner five years, leaving his family he found in ruins, nobody gave him work, got one tax collector, which meant going House to Houseknocking on doors with all the risks that it carried, from procacidades to assaults and above after a year of fundraising, the Bank, where Miguel kept this money went bankrupt, disappearing all silver, he was accused of Theft and jailed a year, he was already married to Dona Catalina Salazar y Palacios, even as it was born their first daughter Isabel, leaving already nobody gave him work, was a vacant, was aided by Don Pedro Fernandez de Castro y Andrade, count Lemos, who assigns him a modest monthly pension, which survives, some of his works are pirated counterfeit writersbegins to be published near the end of his life, not enough to enjoy, none of his majestic work, dies poor and is buried with their faces uncovered-like poor-, according to Don Francisco de Urbina that pays him emotional poem engraved in the marble of his tombstone.In the case of Caesar, equal it was imprisoned and unjustly imprisoned, he fled from the Peru, but while he remained in our country, not he got a stable job and quality, living tips and Cachuelos.

House, MD – Favorite Geek

July 4, 2014 at 6:11 amCategory:General

It has been over five years from the time when the medical column in the newspaper "The New York Times' Paul turned the producer Attanazio on the idea of creating a television drama series about a team of physicians, a central figure in which will have a strong personality male doctor with an original style of behavior. The pilot series television series "House MD" was released in November 2004, and soon this exciting project very quickly captured audience of many millions around the world. "House" – winner of the prestigious nominations, "Amy," "Peabody" and the "Golden Globe" – but survived the test of time, and welcome to the many fans of the fifth season premiere of "House MD" was held in September 2008. Dr. Gregory House played by British actor Hugh Laurie, who has repeatedly been recognized as the best creator of the dramatic image of the television series, has become a real idol to a huge number of spectators.

Its original statements on the verge of misanthropy, a sharp, sometimes cynical sense of humor, captivating look intelligent educated man who has lived through difficult personal drama – are the main ingredients for success of this image. Dr. House combines the features of the talented head of the office of the diagnostic department, located in the hospital Princeton-Plainsboro and gall misanthrope. But Dr. House, for all its faults capable of selfless acts, and often it is hard at first glance, the action in relation to patients is grim necessity, dictated by severe illness.