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A selection center is composed basically of units of reception of residues, mats, sheds for storage of the reciclvel material and rejects. In the unit of selection, the employees must separate, manually, the reciclvel parcel reject of it. For this, the laborers must be made use in the two sides of the selection mat, being two responsible ones for the catao of each type of residue. Later, the reciclvel material needs to be made use, in accordance with the type, its respective one continer. FIG.

8 represents an example of selection mat. Figure 8? Mat of selection of the city of Limeira? SPFonte: Google Images, 2010.O I reject must follow for another type of container, so that it is conditioned and destined in accordance with the current law. So that all operation occurs with security, the employees must necessarily be of ownership of the equipment of individual protection? EPI? s (gloves, boots, masks, aprons among others). Is essential the identification of contineres in accordance with the appropriate color to each type of material, as the PICTURE 2.Quadro 2? Separation of the types of materials for corMATERIAL (TYPE) CONTINER (COR) CANS OF ALUMNIOAMARELOMETALAMARELOPAPEL/PAPELOAZULPLSTICO/GARRAFA PETVERMELHOREJEITOCINZAVIDROVERDEFonte: Adapted of material Resolution CONAMA n275/2001.Os you recycle will have to be pressed and made use for posterior sales, that could be commercialized for companies specialized in materials recycle. The exemplifica FIG.9 the packing up of the residues you recycle. Figure 9? Residues you recycle pressed – ASCITOFonte: Authors, 2010.6.1Usina of selection of ItabiritoDe agreement with the studies carried through in the Integrated Project? PIN was verified that Itabirito already possesss a center of segregation of urban solid residues. The selection of the garbage is processed for the Association of Catadores de Materiais recycle of Itabirito? ASCITO.A association has fixed headquarters in the Street Belo Horizonte, 1076? Quarter Village August Jose, Itabirito – cited MG.Conforme already, daily, the center receives the residues that arrive through a truck.

The employees (feminine sex) carry through the selection, in which each type of material is duly separate for continer. After segregated, the material is taken for the only hydraulical press that the association possesss (to see FIG. 10). After the prensamento you recycle, them enfardados follow for sales. Figure 10? Hydraulical press of the ASCITOFonte: Authors, 2010.A local reality is precarious, a time that the employees not they are equipped by the had EPIS? s (gloves, boots, masks, adjusted clothes, protectors of foot

Orthodox Greeks

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After this the multitude all gift in the square of the anxious Basilica wait for the moment of the beginning of the ceremonies of the Christmas. of the possibility after the celebrations to go until the grotto of the birth to leave the kiss of respect and gratefulness for the infinite workmanship of God in benefit of the humanity. a special conjunct for the Peace in that region of the humanity so conflituada. Some hours later the multitude, composed mainly of foreigners, starts if to place ahead of the Church for the Vigil of Christmas. The great amount of priests and fidiciary offices crowds the franciscana parish. Together with the Catholics of all the parts, in the night of Christmas, us Bible students of Jerusalem, we participated of the concelebrao of the mass of the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, Dom Fouad Twal in Belm. The eleven and half one of the night of Christmas we left the sacristia of the Church of adjacent Santa Catarina to the Basilica of the Natividade in solemn procession with the image of the boy Jesus in the hands, for dep it knot center of the altar in the Church of Santa Catarina. The celebration of this Mass of Christmas is Televisionada for the entire world and the church is repleta of people, in the first banks is authorities of the most different nationalities, diplomats, invited special, priests of the entire world and a great number of pilgrims, is not easy to find a moment or a place of collect..


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Entrance metal doors with a finish mdf. Advantages and disadvantages of input metal doors with mdf trim are beautiful and reliable, they belong to a class of elite doors. mdf is made by pressing and gluing lignin of wood pulp, these plates do not become unstuck and do not deform under the influence of different temperatures, so the metal doors with mdf panels less susceptible to mechanical damage, long-lasting and durable. They made from natural materials, making them environmentally friendly and resistance to various fungi and microorganisms that are not indifferent to the choice of entrance doors. These metal tambour doors provide fire safety and high humidity. Just a great selection of colors, different designs can pick up the door for any interior. Colors do not fade even under constant contact with their bright sunny color, which allows entrance metal doors retain their original quality, pleasing owners for their beauty.

mdf panels easy to handle, giving them a variety of forms, decorating, etc., which provides uniqueness of each model, embodying in their imagination of designers and customers. mdf panels due to production by compression gain strength comparable to the strength of concrete, and attach the doors except for strength, Soundproofing and thermal insulation qualities. mdf can be coated with pvc film, which allows you to simulate the color and texture of natural wood species, as this option would preserve the original appearance your door, as it is not affected by mechanical damage and chemical substances. Just stick to the mdf thin layer of natural wood, which allows to approximate the color and texture of the product to natural tree. Such treatment is called veneering, it is very popular, as will provide excellent results, thus the iron doors will cost a low price. Perhaps covering mdf panels with special paint, which also resistant to various environmental influences, no scratches, no burns, which ensures longevity of the door.

Just such a treatment option provides a unique color effects. Beauty and unique product will help to emphasize a variety of jewelry and unusual furnitura.MDF, thanks to its lightness, elasticity, flexibility may issue structure of any tree species, which allows designers to produce unusual products with original designs, extraordinary items and fashion accessories. Standard set for the input of metal doors with mdf trim is sent away from the door frame factory rolling profile, door leaf made of hot-rolled hot-rolled steel sheet thickness of about two millimeters, increasing the number of stiffeners to strengthen the door leaf, metal clypeus, bar-shaped filler door hinges plant the flag groove fastening system. Present pocket compartments to be subsequently installed door locks: the lower lock with removable mask, which is not will automatically swing shut, and the upper Safe-lock, two-sided finish mdf peephole protivosemnye pins. So as to enhance the design and density of the closing doors are used sham shaped tubes. Processing is performed as follows: box and the ends of a metal door is covered with enamel on metal, and mdf panels with a protective layer of lacquer coating. Selecting exclusive original model doors you never regret, as they have a vandal-proof qualities, durability, resistance to environmental influences. Such wonderful design for a long time will have an initial appearance, pleasing you harmony and beauty.


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Fiorillo in its workmanship places that the denomination solid residue includes the discharges of solid materials proceeding from the industrial operations, commercial, agricultural and of the community. In other words, it affirms that solid garbage or residues is any rubbish, silt, lamas and splodges resultants of activities human beings of domestic, professional, agricultural, industrial, nuclear origin or of service. It considers despite these if constantly aggravate in result of the demographic growth of the urban nuclei and especially of the areas metropolitans. Given the conceptualization of Fiorillo regarding the garbage, this article is started saying that the increasing production of the garbage is closely on to the exacerbado consumerism that if it installed in the society in a general way, being a problem local, but not only planetary. The population density, the purchasing power and the North American model of life contribute so that objects quickly are substituted by others with better marks, more powers, bigger speed or because they are in fashion.

The agricultural exodus with the consequent population concentration in the urban centers also is important factors in the development of such problem. Concomitantly to the cited causes however we have a collection and final disposal of the inefficacious garbage, since most of the collected lixos is deposited in lixes without any treatment, some in urban zones, other next a hidrogrficas nets. This garbage cause contamination of the ground and the water, propitiates the proliferation of animals undesirable as rats and cockroachs being, therefore, of any form, vector of illnesses. It is seen, thus, that the question of the garbage more than an ambient problem is also social and politician, mainly when we come across in them with families liveing in these places. However, for the analysis of the context of the garbage, one becomes necessary to analyze the birth of the consumption culture, which is closely on to the problematic one of the garbage in the present time.


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Despite being contrary pretensions, they are raised in an alternative and the judge can cover both claims and in execution of judgment, there would be power to choose which of the claims must be met by the respondent. Accumulation of ancillary claims. The applicant proposes several claims, noting that one of them has the quality of main and the others are claims that depend on the proposal as the main, and for this reason take the name of accessory. The code allows the accumulation of processes, where there is connectivity, which is also known by the name of improper connection in doctrine, i.e. elements must exist for purposes between different claims; and not the present own connection between claims that derive from the same title or cause.

For example, in a lawsuit may propose, as a principal claim, petition of inheritance and if the assets produced income, you can propose as ancillary claim, payment of fruits of the goods in the proportion corresponding to the plaintiff and if it acted in bad faith, as ancillary claim, may propose for the recovery of damages. If the judge, covers the principal claim, it also covers ancillary claims. As a general principle, claims as a legal requirement of the demand, it is an integral part of it. As exception establishes that the ancillary claims, however, you can integrate and accumulate in the principal claim, until the day of the conciliation hearing (Art. 87 inc.4 C.P.A.). In this sense, for example, the 1985 article of the C.C provides a legal accesoriedad, which does not require to be proposed specifically, because it is of a peremptory norm; the case of the payment of interest is when it comes to the non-contractual liability, upon which the judge necessarily should take a decision even though it has not expressly demanded. In the case of pretensions that has to do with the separation bodies and divorce on grounds, del Codigo Procesal Civil provides an original and accessory accumulation of claims stating that claims about food, possession and care of the children, suspension or deprivation of parental authority, separation of matrimonial property and others relating to rights or obligations of the spouses or of these with their children can build up to the principal claim of separation or divorce, or community property, should directly be affected as a consequence of the principal claim.

Sarah Jessica Parker

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House of the book and DeAPlaneta bypass 50 double invitations for free see the new film starring actress Sarah Jessica Parker, temptation in Manhattan, which will debut in the Spanish cinemas on October 21. To achieve them, users should only gain access to the House of the book on Facebook fan page and register in the promotion via the-enabled application for the draw, which will be held on October 17 before a notary. Participation in the Sweepstakes period extends from October 4 and until the 14th of this month, so it already can begin to apuntaros to opt to go to the movies free and invite your partner or friends, that with the current prices of movie tickets, never anything wrong is take advantage of one of these free promotions. In temptation in Manhattan, Sarah Jessica Parker plays the life of Kate Reddy, working and married woman, struggling to reconcile their professional and personal lives. His life takes a turn when, to achieve a promotion at his job and having to travel regularly to New York City for business, it is tempted by the presence of an attractive man, played by Pierce Brosnan, who becomes his new coworker. Join this promo for the book House already!.


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in agriculture, however, that the harmful plants cause the biggest economic damages (Genet, 2010). In average terms, 30 40% of reduction of world-wide agricultural production are attributed the interference of the harmful plants. Beyond these direct damages, the presence of the harmful plants reduces the agricultural efficiency, increasing the production costs. The cultivated plants cause damages very greaters that plagues and illnesses and consist in the biggest barrier the food production, in many regions of the world (Genet, 2010). An ample concept of plant fits harmful it as all and any plant that occurs where it is not desired (Genet, 2010).

The common harmful plants are those that do not possess the ability to survive in adverse conditions (Genet, 2010). On the other hand, true the harmful plants present definitive characteristics that allow fix them as infestantes or harmful (Genet, 2010). Are plants not improved genetically, that they present capacity to grow in adverse conditions, such as surrounding desert-like or flooded, in environments with low or high temperatures and saline ground (Genet, 2010). It presents rusticidade, resistance the plagues and illnesses, abilities to produce great number of viable seeds with adaptations that assist in the dispersion of the species and varied forms of multiplication (tubercles, rizomas and bolbos) (Genet, 2010). Another point favorable to be considered he is that when the harmful plants for manual methods are controlled, mechanical or chemical the covering deceased on the ground reduces the heating of the surface for the solar radiation and assists the moistness retention (Genet, 2010). This covering deceased, when in decomposition, it develops texts of organic substance and nutrients of the ground (Genet, 2010). It can, still, reduce the germination of new harmful plants, as much for the physical effect of sombreamento of the ground how much for the release of you substantiate chemistries with aleloptico effect (Genet, 2010). The resources that more frequent are citizens the competition are nutrient minerals essences, water, light and space (Genet, 2010).

Moral Laws

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But the decurrent justice of the faith thus says: You do not ask in your heart: Who will go up to the sky? , that is, to bring of the high a Christ; or: Who will go down to the abyss? , that is, to raise Christ amongst deceased. However that it is said? The word is close to you, in your mouth and your heart; that is, the word of the faith that we nail. If, with your mouth, to confess Jesus as Sir and, in your heart, to believe that he made over again it to God amongst deceased, you will be saved. Because with the heart if it believes for justice and with the mouth if it confesses regarding the salvation. Inasmuch as the Writing says: All that one that in it believes will be confused. Therefore it does not have distinction between Jew and Greek, a time that the same he is you of all, rich stops with all the ones invoke that it.

Because: All that one that to invoke the name will be saved you. 9. – A little Think more on the Moral Laws that God gave to the men. It is for our good. Everything what it was written by Workmanship of the Espirito Santo, in the life of the prophets and apstolos, was and is for our good. It has people that they know more on beer marks and name of motel, of what on half dozen of the 10 moral orders of God. 10.

God would make something that came harming in them?

Solar Screens

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Primary destructive agents are the UV B (UVB) and UV A (UVA), both are components of the light of the Sun and are the major cause of skin cancer, altered pigmentation, dilated blood vessels and textures of skin changes. And when you combine all these anomalies, the result is an aged skin. When someone with sunburn is more exposed to the Sun without sunscreen protection, it is damaging your skin and increasing the chances of getting skin cancer. The same applies to tanning processes, since every exposure more damage the skin, while it is burnt by the Sun. Is because of this that experts claim that no Tan skin is really safe. With the passing of the years, the psychologist, told me several types of solar screens have been produced with capacities to protect our skin from the Sun’s harmful rays. When solar screens are applied correctly and regularly, they can provide maximum protection from the Sun’s rays.

But nothing compares to remain outside of the scope of the Sun to avoid damage to your skin, beyond that you wear starting a sunscreen, a hat and protective clothing. One of the wonder of solar screens is its versatility, because they are not just limited to be applied on the skin. There are other variants of solar screens as the polarization of Windows, solar blinds and several other protective solar devices for the home and cars. For homeowners in the warmest areas of the United States, owning a sunscreen is vital, because the intensity of the Sun in these areas is severe. So that a common sight in these places are polarized in the autos window and filter light curtains. Many businesses that specialize in the production of articles of Sun protection for home and Office have a large inventory in that area.

Possess a sunscreen is important to almost everyone, even for the lovers of Tan. A serious mistake is to think that you can’t get skin cancer from exposure to the Sun. The cemetery is full of people who thought the same thing. It is very easy to apply sunscreen to your skin and is probably the cheapest thing that exists to protect yourself and your family from the Sun. By its easy application in skin mode, the sun visor is now an integral part of the facial massage products, lipstick and moisturizers. Remember, you will not have the opportunity to reverse the effects of a damaged skin, such as skin cancer, so the practical way of preventing this is using sunscreens to protect themselves from the Sun.

Yakov Petrovich Goliadkin

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It is a person who suffers, suffers a lot in any situation. You do nothing but doubt, even your own shadow; can spend hours trying to make a decision, arriving even on the verge of tears. But right away, the decision, already is is repenting of having done so. You feel pity for this character. Sit only, is passed the entire work dialoguing with himself, you have no one on their side. At the end the madness invades completely his mind: schizophrenia comes when appears twice, another Yakov Petrovich Goliadkin. Perhaps solitude and that degree of insanity do appear in the mind of the poor official at his other self. Goliadkin, in principle, is shown enthusiastically before the appearance of his double.

Yeah, Yakov Petrovich, you and I will be friends said our hero to his visitor. You and I, Yakov Petrovich, will be like a finger. As twins. You’ll see how will gain it by hand. Converses with him, even gets drunk when he spends the first night under its roof. Goliadkin invents a friend who avoids solitude and tends the hand promising friendship deep. But the mind of our protagonist does not accept anything good and that friend is transformed into the opposite: your worst nightmare.

As I usually in all the reviews of the works that I enter this blog, not the end I desvelo. I simply try to leave an impression of what provokes me reading the book. The impression that leaves me this work is sorry, as I said earlier, for the loneliness of the character in his madness. And Dostoievski admiration does not disappoint. Only disappoints the injustice that literary criticism has done with this work, leaving aside and allowing to pass unnoticed over the years. I encourage you to discover it. Original author and source of the article.