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Northern Cyprus

September 19, 2013 at 8:36 pmCategory:General

Free layout of townhouses could not be better suited for the creation of unique individual interiors. As a rule, townhouse includes a garage for car, not to mention the parking spaces near the house. Why potential buyers for various reasons, opt for this townhouse? An important advantage of townhouses – no one will live either above or below from your apartment, only for the adjacent wall, which reduces the likelihood of a bustling neighborhood several times. Also, the land occupied by a 'flat' in the town house, is substantially less than that required for an individual Detached, it reduces the construction cost. Penthouses: In the 20s of last century in New York, the idea – to build on the roofs of apartment buildings penthouses – some mansions, which immediately became wildly popular and expensive. Classify penthouses – a thankless task, if only because each of them – the exclusive and unique by definition. Penthouses are endowed with many additional options to your taste – Fireplace, winter gardens, swimming pools and barbecue on the terraces.

Penthouses in Northern Cyprus are the living quarters on the top floor of an apartment block, with private terrace overlooking the sea, mountain or city views. Apartments: Apartment word apartment come to us from the American Language and English word equivalent to flat – apartment. In Northern Cyprus, the meaning of "apartment" and "flat" have different shades. Apartment – a large apartment, with spacious bedrooms, living room, office or dining room, usually located in a residential complex, in which there is a communal pool, tennis and basketball courts, a gym, shops and other amenities. Studio: The word "studio" has come to us from America, where the flat, liberated from the interior walls appeared to 20x the last century.

One-room studio is a room with private bath, where combined living room, kitchenette and bedroom. Usually combined Hall and the living room, and the transition zone is made in the kitchen archway. This interior is logical and easy to live, and most importantly – can be made in any style of design. The studio has a living area of not less than 25m2, has become synonymous with fiscal apartments for one person.

Best Summer Vacation

September 6, 2013 at 8:10 pmCategory:General

In the summer will gain strength to fortify with vitamins for a long, unpredictable winter. The best summer vacation with a tent on the river Oka. Better not to think of summer vacation than stay in a tent. Excellent sleep in the open air. In the tent you smoke all the mosquitoes on the floor to catch a cold from the ground do not you spreading the mattress.

Sleep on the bare ground, as did our ancestors, we are no longer available, if health is not something that we used to sleep on soft bedding. But it can be replace the rest in a tent. Benefits of rest in the tent – you do not pay for it, you outdoors, you are separated only on the nature of the wall tent. Otdyz in a tent on the Oka River – a holiday with swimming and fishing. Thrown rods and go Frolic in the evening you will have the ear, a great dinner.

Perfect to relax on the river Oka possible by Zaoksky area, check the village Behovo. Here, sandy beaches, and I hope you do not have a tent to be taught to put the most important thing it well to fix, and do not forget to lay something on the floor, even though the weather is hot and, but the ground is cold. Would be an opportunity, I would have all these hot days, instead of the streets of Moscow would have spent in a tent on the Oka River. Please swim in the weekdays almost deserted, no one will disturb you, the weekend will certainly be more fun. Palatka is located beautifully in the car, if you do not have room in the tent, then you can sleep in the car. Fresh air is just intoxicating, and Healthy deep sleep you are promised. And for more fun you have to buy the land in Simferopol highway on the river Oka, then you can leave all your belongings in a country house with a tent and go to the Oka, cook at home and sleeping in a tent. Rest in a tent on the river Oka and still in good company – this is happiness

Great Travel

June 3, 2013 at 5:12 amCategory:General

Travel is interesting. Constantly interested to learn other cultures, learn new things. After all, every country gives fresh impression of the world and what food is eaten in other countries. It’s extremely fascinating – the views, all that day at all familiar or completely unfamiliar. Depending on the season and other factors are different prices for tickets that are growing, the pony. This is not surprising and understandable to those who fly a lot.

In addition there is also recreation travel, when you’re on the road than anywhere else. In such cases it is more pleasant when you can buy tickets online. To date, there are airlines that buy tickets profitable. Shares special programs in certain cities. Also nice is that there are special resources on the Internet, on how you can trust 100%. For example, the decline in prices for May in New York – great, why not visit this city and color to delight the inhabitants of the big city? This gift makes the travelers company Swiss.

In addition, it concerns not only in New York, however, and the other American cities. Special Offers act with and for a certain period, but this does not prevent customers buying tickets at the best prices. Were also found to reduce the price of spring in Switzerland. Plenty of discounts in the spring in Europe. Well, it really does not well? Cheap flights still have the option to buy on other sites that suit different marathons for sale. For example, the sale of space Avianova and did not end. Throughout the day marked the beginning of space. This promotion for flights to Russia, a variety of prices starting from 150 rubles if the departure from St. Petersburg. Promotions – a great opportunity to save money on flights in both directions. The more there is funds for other needs in the country where you eat. Flights cheap pleased that someone is thinking today about consumers. Those companies that are engaged in such activities only to win, because a lot of buyers turn on only for the services to them. Ticket prices are, of course, depend on the first season, but even aside from that you can find companies in which shares are held. In order to be happy is not necessarily buy tickets more cheaply. But if think that for these tickets … This is the spirit of the times, shifting sands, oceans. That is why it is so valuable shares in the airlines. Fly with ease!

Skis, Snowboards and Skates

December 3, 2012 at 5:13 amCategory:General

Despite all the crises, the election, viruses and other global challenges of our modern society, more and more people are trying to keep his life interesting rich, sport, paying attention to nutrition. Not at all mountains zimushka winter that will delight us with the opportunity to relax on the ski slopes. This can be done both on the domestic resorts in the Carpathians and abroad in Slovakia, Poland and Romania. And of course this vacation will not joy without quality and convenience equipment. Purchase equipment (ski, snowboard, masks, sticks, ski, ski suits, hats, etc.) or to hire is often possible to ski on the kurorte.No if you want a little save and pick up equipment as suitable for you – should think about buying skis and other necessary equipment in advance. If your city is not stationary specialized shop you can Order any skiing equipment online store. With this order must be carefully explained to the seller all of his wishes, and also specify the return if the goods you will not want for some parameters.

Also advance should take care about the tour at a ski resort. Especially if you decide to meet there New Year – Reservations are actually better in late summer, early fall. Because the vouchers with appropriate prices and excellent quality is already very difficult to find. The activities of the ski resorts is impossible without the use of various lifting ustroystv.Prestizh of a ski center depends largely on the quantity and quality it lifts their performance. Be sure to pay attention to it when choosing a resort. Downhill skiing is very traumatic. Before you enjoy all the charms of this sport – carefully listen to the instructor and always follow safety rules. I wish you an enjoyable, memorable winter vacation!