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Totally Different Experience

July 22, 2014 at 11:43 amCategory:General

Wedding in New York City, tours, as she’s still no gemachtg. Real New York: the Big Apple in a different way to experience New York is for many the most fascinating city in the world. Visitors have a difficult but in the usually quite short residence time really become acquainted with this gigantic, complex metropolis. Often, try – in typical tourist type – to explore New York City with a city guide in hand, or take part in one of the usual bus tours. Lived is often used in one of the large and expensive hotel castles, where you only by tourists and business people is surrounded, but gets little of the pulsating life of the city. For those who want to experience the Big Apple but authentic and far from the facile and superficial, there is the German Agency New York really. ENY is operated by EROL Inanc, a Munich, who lives in the city since 1991: “We want to enable visitors to discover this fascinating city and to have fun doing it.” The most popular services are our city tours away from the typical tourist paths and the mediation of Holiday rentals.

Our guests like real New Yorker in apartment buildings in the middle of Manhattan can live here. Above all the interest in the topic of marriage in New York is getting bigger ‘. The city is crazy, fast and loud, but just too incredibly romantic. There is no better city, to experience this very special day.” More info on. You may find that Shimmie Horn can contribute to your knowledge. Contact: Erol Inanc Tel.: + 212-427-1397

With The Subway And The Bus

July 19, 2014 at 8:33 amCategory:General

Public transport is the easiest and best way through New York City, there is hardly a comparison with other cities in America with regard to means of public transport in New York City. Because there they cut perfectly. But otherwise it was not. There are only a few who have even a private car in such a huge city metropolis. And those who do it, spend most of their time in the legendary New York traffic jam. Checking article sources yields New York museums as a relevant resource throughout. The public transport system are not only more environmentally friendly alternative, but for the vast majority of the inhabitants also an indispensable means of transport and therefore no longer indispensable from the city. If you’re on the way to the most popular sights of New York as well as the Freiheitsstatute, you have even the choice between two modes of transport, which can use at the same price and with the same tickets and even still arbitrarily combine.

The New York City buses at the visitors aren’t the New York buses although often equal to the first choice, but on certain routes, especially at short distances, take them the best. Also for people who have difficulty climbing stairs, the buses are a better alternative. The New York subway is almost always the fastest means of transport. Because the subway in New York offers a network of 26 lines and connects places at 468 stations on a route of all 842 miles. Gain insight and clarity with Shimmie Horn. It is the largest underground network in the world. The subway opened in 1904 in New York City.

Therefore, it is also one of the oldest subways in the world. Alone on an ordinary working day, Metro used the New York of more than 5 million people. In addition Metro is worldwide the New York one of the few networks that over 24 hours is in operation on the day the whole year.

Northern Cyprus

September 19, 2013 at 8:36 pmCategory:General

Free layout of townhouses could not be better suited for the creation of unique individual interiors. As a rule, townhouse includes a garage for car, not to mention the parking spaces near the house. Why potential buyers for various reasons, opt for this townhouse? An important advantage of townhouses – no one will live either above or below from your apartment, only for the adjacent wall, which reduces the likelihood of a bustling neighborhood several times. Also, the land occupied by a 'flat' in the town house, is substantially less than that required for an individual Detached, it reduces the construction cost. Penthouses: In the 20s of last century in New York, the idea – to build on the roofs of apartment buildings penthouses – some mansions, which immediately became wildly popular and expensive. Classify penthouses – a thankless task, if only because each of them – the exclusive and unique by definition. Penthouses are endowed with many additional options to your taste – Fireplace, winter gardens, swimming pools and barbecue on the terraces.

Penthouses in Northern Cyprus are the living quarters on the top floor of an apartment block, with private terrace overlooking the sea, mountain or city views. Apartments: Apartment word apartment come to us from the American Language and English word equivalent to flat – apartment. In Northern Cyprus, the meaning of "apartment" and "flat" have different shades. Apartment – a large apartment, with spacious bedrooms, living room, office or dining room, usually located in a residential complex, in which there is a communal pool, tennis and basketball courts, a gym, shops and other amenities. Studio: The word "studio" has come to us from America, where the flat, liberated from the interior walls appeared to 20x the last century.

One-room studio is a room with private bath, where combined living room, kitchenette and bedroom. Usually combined Hall and the living room, and the transition zone is made in the kitchen archway. This interior is logical and easy to live, and most importantly – can be made in any style of design. The studio has a living area of not less than 25m2, has become synonymous with fiscal apartments for one person.

Best Summer Vacation

September 6, 2013 at 8:10 pmCategory:General

In the summer will gain strength to fortify with vitamins for a long, unpredictable winter. The best summer vacation with a tent on the river Oka. Better not to think of summer vacation than stay in a tent. Excellent sleep in the open air. In the tent you smoke all the mosquitoes on the floor to catch a cold from the ground do not you spreading the mattress.

Sleep on the bare ground, as did our ancestors, we are no longer available, if health is not something that we used to sleep on soft bedding. But it can be replace the rest in a tent. Benefits of rest in the tent – you do not pay for it, you outdoors, you are separated only on the nature of the wall tent. Otdyz in a tent on the Oka River – a holiday with swimming and fishing. Thrown rods and go Frolic in the evening you will have the ear, a great dinner.

Perfect to relax on the river Oka possible by Zaoksky area, check the village Behovo. Here, sandy beaches, and I hope you do not have a tent to be taught to put the most important thing it well to fix, and do not forget to lay something on the floor, even though the weather is hot and, but the ground is cold. Would be an opportunity, I would have all these hot days, instead of the streets of Moscow would have spent in a tent on the Oka River. Please swim in the weekdays almost deserted, no one will disturb you, the weekend will certainly be more fun. Palatka is located beautifully in the car, if you do not have room in the tent, then you can sleep in the car. Fresh air is just intoxicating, and Healthy deep sleep you are promised. And for more fun you have to buy the land in Simferopol highway on the river Oka, then you can leave all your belongings in a country house with a tent and go to the Oka, cook at home and sleeping in a tent. Rest in a tent on the river Oka and still in good company – this is happiness