Dressing Rooms

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It features Blanca Portillo when Sergio Parra went into his dressing room to take pictures while he characterized to represent the daughter of air, by Calderon de la Barca, entered him panic. It is a very intimate, sacred time. You’re in transit between yourself and the character you are going to interpret, and it is not easy to do so if there is someone watching you, remember. But the discretion and delicacy with which the photographer did his work, besides the beauty of the images which managed to capture, admired the actress left. At jim ohara you will find additional information. Six years later, that portrait of Blanca Portillo, along with the other many actors preparing to go onstage, are exposed on the facades of emblematic of Merida, within the programming of the classical theatre festival which begins this Thursday and which directs the own Portillo. It is a gift that we want to do to the public. Show him that you can never see: the actor Frente al espejo, explains. Source of the news:: the secrets of the dressing rooms, exposed.

Original Singles

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His landscapes, valleys, slopes, breathe fresh air and relax is what increasingly seek this kind of public living in large cities. And what better than the region of Galicia in order to enjoy an entire weekend with your friends always. Bachelor parties Bachelorette in Galicia, are becoming more popular. The objective is above all the originality and farewells at the beach are already more views what more is being sought is a farewell of rural weekend where coincides with more people in the same situation. In the province of Orense, there is a small village called Leiro in which we have discovered a new and original way to organize a bachelorette or bachelor party stag, an idea novel and unique in Spain, I am referring to the Caveman village, a pack of weekend all inclusive where will gather stag Bachelor Party and Bachelorette throughout Spain. The Caveman village is a new way of spending a weekend farewell in Ourense with accommodation included in an environment without equal.

This pack offers: accommodation in stone bungalows, pension complete, sports of the stone age, and the purest style of the Cromagnon nightclub. All this without leaving in throughout the weekend of one same housing. As for them, increasingly is more requested for this type of group organizing bachelor parties with accommodation. What guys are looking for is a whole weekend in one place without having to take the car. Rural homes offer this option but finally and after the group is only and throughout a weekend becomes very long, so if they coincide with bachelor parties Bachelorette the situation becomes very different. So that you know this year Orense is fashionable for stag parties, single and joint parties.

Three Mistakes

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While there is too much information available today about weight loss, there are some mistakes that are made over and over again. And I speak not of eating a piece of cake a day or not getting up to go out and exercise a day, but the big mistakes that make that get out of the plan that you want to achieve. Knowing what are these errors you will prepare your mind to make weight loss permanent for you. 1. The mentality of everything or nothing the all or nothing arises often when you choose a plan to lose weight that is practically impossible to follow, and much less than keep.

Before you begin to seek in the kitchen by any product that does not go with the program and will pull it into the trash. Prepare to be the ideal person to dieting, and so for a few days, probably a couple of weeks. After that, usually, something happens that it makes that inevitably cannot will it continue with the diet only once. Instantly, the whole situation is crumbling in front of your eyes and the entire plan is completed. They go to the market and buy everything what is presumed not should eat on the diet and begin to gain all the weight lost, as fast as possible. If you are this kind of person, perhaps you should think about these things. Really want to lose weight permanently? Think about it, and get the idea that you can go wrong, that temptations, may have and that still is can lose weight and achieve the goals that you want to. If it turns out that you tentaste a day and you ate more, thats not a resounding failure in the diet, simply take it as a day off, let it go and go ahead in the next meal, the next day or whatever.

Useful Charity

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If you think that charities are engaged in only rich because they have extra money – it's not. Open you a secret. Charitable enterprises, and ordinary people do not only useful but also profitable. No, I do not mean, of course, referring to earnings in charity. It's not legal. It is about how to do good, without losing a single penny of their money. That look, every month from your earnings, or profit, someone such as the state takes part of the funds in the form of taxes.

You pay them regularly, without thinking about where did this money. It can be assumed that the state is responsible will give the money to solve problems salaries of civil servants, teachers, tutors, health workers, soldiers, deputies, ministers, prime ministers and presidents or the money will be used for the maintenance of orphanages, boarding schools, the Rada, sekritariata President, Cabinet Ministers and other useful institutions. One can assume! But just like you this is unlikely to ever learn it. Yes, and we probably will, too. So, seriously, it is a perfectly legal position, approved in 2004 by the Rada and other institutions.

This provision states that every person can engage in charity, in taxes. If you have read about jim halpert already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Of course there are serious limitations in the legislation. Donations can not privyshat 4% of your annual income. LET'S talk about money, for example 'dirty', you earn a minimum of 1000 usd. per month. In the year of earnings will amount to 12,000 usd. And taxes from this amount, you will have to pay 12,000 x 15% = 1800 uah. Just give it to the state and forget. This amount is lost in state budgets, plans and crises. That is on your hands you will receive 12,000 usd – 1800 usd = 10,200 usd. – Your income, excluding the pension fund and social insurance. Or in another way. You earn all of the same 12,000 usd. a year, but 4% of this amount (480 USD). donate to charity in local charitable foundations and the government is withholding from your income is not 15% and 11%, taking into account the 4% that you have sacrificed for the good case. Thus, you give the amount, the same 1,800 USD: 1320 usd – for the needs of the country, and 480 uah – based charity. For the good deeds that happen around you, in your city. For you and your families, your friends and relatives, for familiar and unfamiliar people, for nature and ecology for the future. you and only you DECIDE: to pay all taxes in the 'pool' of the state, or sacrifice even a small portion to charity, which necessarily and you.

Offshore Business

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The Republic of Cyprus – a country situated in the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Agios Georgios, Geronisos and some others. The capital of Cyprus – Nicosia. Learn more about this topic with the insights from paul dayton. Cyprus – a state relating to low tax jurisdictions. More information is housed here: darren larson. Cyprus has a high reputation in the international economic community, he served as an offshore zone from 1 January 1977, however, in connection with the entry of Cyprus into the EU from 01.05.2004 offshore regime ended. Cyprus acts is the lowest in the EU corporate tax rate of 10%. Every company operating in Cyprus, it is necessary each year to provide financial statements.

Cypriot legislation provides the existence of resident and non-resident offshore. For traditional offshore companies the most important are the following changes in tax law: 1. There was a determination of resident companies: the company considered resident in Cyprus if the control and management is carried out in Cyprus and if a majority of directors are residents of Cyprus, 2. Profits of any resident of the Cypriot company With few exceptions is taxed at a rate equal to 10% 3. Profit that has learned of the company outside the territory of Cyprus is wholly exempt from tax if at least 50% of the profits obtained in the During the trading activity and if the tax rate in the country where this income was derived, not less than 10% 4. in-depth analysis.

Profits offshore interest from earlier loans are not subject to corporate tax in the case if the loans were given only for commercial transactions; 5. Profit from the Cypriot companies received from abroad do not tax dividends on the island of corporate tax, 6. When dividends are paid interest and royalties to non-residents of Cyprus, the source of payment is not paid for this tax; Offshore in Cyprus worth 2,300 euros, provided the nominal value of service and registered office, as well as package Documents: Certificate of creation; Resolution on appointment of director; Memorandum and Articles of Association, Share Certificates, certificate, Print. For the second year the company pays an annual support amounting to 1100 Euros.

Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen units are now well untwisted and quite popular. Dayton dumpsters opinions are not widely known. This same system of production, like the majority of modular home furniture, such as: cabinets coupe, hallways, lockers, bookshelves, high-quality workers classrooms. Costs for manufacturing wardrobe is not as large as the cost of manufacturing the kitchen, this is associated with a shorter production time spent on the production itself and the actual installation. Compartment case can be fit into any design, it can be with special drawers or shelves, with hinged or sliding doors, or combined in accordance with necessity. Assembling the cabinet compartment Built-in wardrobes are often built without rear walls and side walls using the wall of the room as the walls. However, this often causes problems with the facilities department should be as flat rectangle or square to ensure installation and operation of the doors. Wardrobe can also be placed in the middle of the room face down.

This is when you want to create a mezzanine built-in wardrobes, with horizontal doors opening above. These doors can be installed only on the basis of absolutely square. This is – the more expensive design option than using a standard cupboard. Closet is completely self-contained object, which can be dismantled, moved or even used as interior partitions or walls of hidden premises. For convenience, the cabinet compartment installed sliding system for storing clothes and household items.

Internal drawers have handles, thanks to 2.5 cm gaps between the boxes to the hands. Because of this sliding door handles do not touch, and the depth of the cabinet is greatly increased and the box looks really embedded system. Selecting Doors for cabinets There are many types of doors, created for a variety of styles, designs and budgets. They include in its membership, natural wood, mdf, combinations of these elements, as well as glass. Simple mdf doors or windows is a cheaper option price and look more attractive. Their color range is huge. Assembling the cabinet compartment usually takes an average of 2 to 7 hours Depending on the size, number of doors and the internal filling. Filling cabinet is a separate issue and suggestions on the elements of the filling cabinet compartment huge amount.

Georgian Toaster

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After fasting in Ukraine comes into law the traditional season of weddings. How to choose a host for your wedding and what demands to present to him, told Kiev toastmaster Sergei Merkulov. The author believes that his story serve only an introduction to the concept of "toaster", and that in fact the term "toaster" is much broader. Therefore, the author admits that his opinion may diverge from the opinion of other professionals in this field. Toastmaster word "toastmaster" in first glance, means a person who holds a particular event. However, in today's society toaster combines several professions. Classic toaster, in truth, an archaic meaning of the word toastmaster – venerable man of Georgian nationality, who personally knows the invited guests.

Classic toaster directs their landing at the table, trying to seat each guest according to his family ties, age and social significance. And then begins a feast, during which, referring to each guest, give him the floor. Georgian toastmaster should be physically strong, because the table he himself drinks and guests sample feeds. Toaster has no right to start up a feast to chance, he not only has to manage guest appearances, but be sure to close the final meeting of the phrase, prayer or song. Master of ceremonies, moderator, or massovik-Zateynik? The cis should toastmaster combine all three of these qualities. As host, he must solemnly carry out rites and ceremonies, as massovik-Zateynik he should incendiary conduct a variety of games and contests: drinking, moving and dancing. In addition, toastmaster can act in the role of the actor.

Ethics Committee

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For many infertile couples, for various reasons, not ready for adoption, surrogate motherhood program is the only chance to be parents. However, even in the presence of desire, money and legal support, child they may not get it. Nowadays, many couples can not have children of their own. The reason may be health problems, infertility, one of the partners, unfavorable heredity, etc. One of the ways to solve the problem – surrogacy. According to the legend, the history of surrogacy began in ancient times bc.

She says that some deity has suffered a child from the womb to the commoner belly of the queen. Just so this tells us one of the frescoes of the church in India. In our time, such aid infertile couples practiced for about 20 years. The first success in this field came in 1989 with the birth of her first child with a surrogate mother. In the uk, with great difficulty managed to convince the Ethics Committee, that the barren woman needs help from his cousin, in the uterus which were transferred to other people's embryos genetically from her sister and her husband. In general, surrogacy process is fairly simple.

Parents seek 'surrogate mother' do ivf, a child is born, the surrogate mother sends him right, receives a fee and – good-bye. However, in practice at each stage Parents can wait for unpleasant surprises, and protect yourself from them is impossible. Price of the issue to her and he is already over 30. Both higher education and income for a family $ 4,000 a month.

External Walling In Homes

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Current requirements for energy conservation and require a good quality thermal insulation of external walling. Good insulation can reduce costs of thermal energy for heating. This is especially important for large houses, the area 100 – 300 square meters. Heat loss from homes consist of losses in heating ventilating air and heat loss through walls, ceiling and floor. The following are rules for different thicknesses of the walls building materials to ensure proper insulation in the Moscow region. Full-bodied red brick – 2,5 m hollow bricks – 1,35 m silicate brick – 2,7 m porous clay bricks – 0,55 m Aerated Concrete – 0,5-0,6 m Claydite – 0,7-1,6 m Polystyrene – 0,16-0,32 m tree – 0,45 m.

It is obvious that any wall, even wood, it is desirable to further insulate the building insulation – mineral wool or polystyrene foam from the outside. The exception is penopolistirolbeton, but live in a house of this construction material is not very pleasant and eco-friendly. Wall insulation is desirable to make the outside, this is the so-called ventilated facade. Ventilated facade – it is heater layer about 7 inches thick and the outer cladding. As the use of mineral wool insulation, Styrofoam. Often built brick houses of brick. However, if you look at the above rules, it is obvious that the wall, even from the brick is too thick, to provide standards for insulation. By the same author: neil.

It should be noted that a thick brick wall after being frozen at home would be difficult to heat. Therefore, the brick house is better to heat regularly. Optimal solution for a brick house – is the wall of brick, and insulate the outside with 70-100 mm layer of mineral wool or polystyrene foam. Outdoor finishing layer of insulation by facing bricks, ceramic tiles, is the "wet facade. Wooden house should also be warm, because the thickness of the logs 45 cm can hardly provide. Logs from logs are usually much smaller – 18-24 cm in diameter. Perfect solution – a house made of glued timber outside layer of mineral wool or polystyrene foam and outer lining brick. For external insulation tile an array of wall will be heated by internal heat, so the wall will serve as accumulator, and will smooth out fluctuations in temperature. Warming of the frame house. Inside the frame wall is a layer insulation thickness of 100-150 mm. Frame walls well insulated. However, the frame walls have virtually no heat capacity. This home quickly cools in the winter when heating off. However, you can heat it for 30 minutes. Warming of horizontal surfaces. Horizontal surfaces requiring insulation – it's floors, ceilings, horizontal roof. In the horizontal insulation of roofs with bitumen roof using concrete block, poured concrete coupler. When insulation of ceilings and floors using mineral wool, in the case of wooden structures. Sometimes there is a need for insulation of sloping surfaces. For this it is convenient to use Styrofoam, however, possible to use plates of mineral wool. Well-insulated house will spend less energy on heating. Your home will be cozy and warm and comfortable.


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So who is God? We ask this question myself since childhood and can not realize who he was. If you would like to know more then you should visit john vornholt. We go to church, pray, pray for forgiveness sins, and then repeat them, light candles, drink the holy water, buy an icon. See clergy think that only through them, we communicate with God. Our minds are dimmed, as if we all fell asleep at once and forgotten. Ranit because people do not communicate with him through an intermediary, but now? Now what? Today we do not understand the truth, and do not want to understand.

God is Ecumenical perfect mind, a cluster of universal energy, it is love. It must be love, thanks for everything. He's like our hermaphrodite parent, and how he can wish us harm, to punish us? Now you have a question: If he us so fond of, then why do people get sick and suffer? I will try to explain it. The fact is that through the pain he communicates with us, he wants to put us on the right path, suggests that we are doing something wrong, our lifestyle, our thinking and limited world view, he wants us to show it, makes it clear that we need to improve, the way in which we go is a path of destruction, and it leads us only into the abyss. Many ask, why not see it? If he there is, then let him show himself. We see it in the sun, grass, earth, water, all beautiful and perfect. We feel it intuitively always close, but realize it's just a difficult situation where we suddenly became ill and well, when all problems have disappeared and it was the peace and quiet. Only after this shake-up, we realize the truth and understand it.