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The Wood

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Some modified natural staple fibres (half-synthetic) can be gotten through the cellulose, gotten through the pulp of the wood. In contrast of the cotton and the hemp, the cellulose of the trunks of the trees cannot directly be transformed into wires, had its entangled structure. To be line it is necessary that it is transformed into one soluble form, what is possible through the treatment with solution of caustic soda water (NOH) and dissulfeto of carbon (CS2), resulting in a solution viscose, which is passed through small peaks, forming fine wires, whose neutralization with acid it results in insoluble cellulose in wire form, proper for sewing press. Figure 4: present monomrica unit in the chemical structure of the cellulose. For more information see Rudy Giuliani. Source: Adapted of 20 Writings selected for the OQSP-2007 download in 09-10-2010. The animal staple fibres, as the wool and the silk are constituted of proteins and its process of wiring results very in resistant staple fibres, had to the interactions intermoleculares, of the type hydrogen linking, that occur between the macro protein molecules.

Figure 5: Representation of addition of protein molecules. Source: Adapted of 20 Writings selected for the OQSP-2007 download in 09-10-2010. The proteins are polymers formed for the reaction of amino acid condensation: the amino group of one of amino acids if binds to carboxila of the other, having elimination of a water molecule and the formation of a peptic linking (group amide). Figure 6: Peptic linking of molecules of protein. Source: Adapted of 20 Writings selected for the OQSP-2007 download in 09-10-2010.

The wool, composed for polymers of queratina joined by cistina bridges (S-S), can have its color, quality and length of different staple fibres in accordance with the race of the sheep and with the process of extration. This fiber costuma to have, on average, of 80 mm 90 mm of length. For attainment of staple fibres woollen the sheep are sheared, after that, the rude wool are washed so that the lanolina, natural of this fiber, either removed fat.

The Water

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Also the pollution of air through the use exaggerated of sprinkled that it comes causing the atmospheric pollution, beyond the great amount of oxide of nitrogen, carbon and sulphur proceeding from industrial activities and the vehicles motorized in composition with air, causing the acid rain that damages the ground and the vegetation, that is one of the causers of loss of life of fish. With the creation of animals, most of ammonia produced for esterco animal is set free for atmosphere; another part is converted into soluble nitrates in the ground for the decompositoras bacteria. The nitrates have high mobility (they are soluble in water and the particles of the ground are not leagued), and are one of the pollutant greaters of the underground water. It exists the agrotxicos pollution through metals heavy and products that reach the rivers. Being able all this material to arrive clean and still pure waters. milar findings. Intense the hdrica pollution produces decomposition anaerobic of the human dejections, having, a reduction of the PH of the water and the consequent increase of the solubilizao of metals, extending the risks of toxidez to the water. On the degradation of the environment, it fits to disclose that the development of new technologies brings in its bulge the degradation of the resources, production of material dejections and consumption of energies and other suppliments, modifying in a long distance without end of appropriation of the nature, as it puts down Rattner (1999 and p 109); The global situation is characterized by fast ambient deterioration in global scale, that is, for the effect greenhouse, destruction of the ozone layer, acid rain, deforestation, erosion of the ground and growth of the deserts, loss of innumerable species of plants and animals, toxic contamination of air and the water. 3.1. MEASURES OF PROTECTION FOR THE WATER. The implantation of more severe programs of protection of the hdricos resources in the nature is necessary with urgency, to prevent the greater deterioration in the quality and amount of the resources in water candy of the planet.

RMN Carbons

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Both the cited hidrognios are ' ' trocveis' ' in the hydrogen linkings, what it justifies the singletos. In composites that possess the group metoxila, one is verified singleto in d 3,60, referring to the three methylic hidrognios, strong ' ' desblindados' ' for the atom of present oxygen. If the oxygen of this group (metoxila) will be changed by one carbonila (C =), the electron-attractive effect of carbonlico carbon (lesser of what of the oxygen) will contribute for the one sprouting singleto in d 2,00. (This ' ' troca' ' it increased the electronic density on the cited hidrognios, then the chemical displacement diminished). In relation to the Nuclear Magnetic Carbon Resonance (RMN 13C), carbon atoms sp3 absorb in d 0,00 50,00 and carbons sp2 in d 100,00 the 150,00. The specter can be gotten ' ' with or sem' ' hydrogen coupling (1H? prtio). In the first case, methylic carbons (CH3) have its signal unfolded in quarteto, while the metilnicos carbon signal (CH2) is seen as tripleto.

The metnicos carbon atoms (CH) are seen as dubleto and the hidrogenados carbons (c) do not appear with the signal type singleto, in the specter. Carbon atoms 12C do not possess magnetic moment, for in such a way do not produce RMN specters. The RMN specter 13C of the benzene shows one dubleto centered in d 130. In this example, the carbon atoms are mono-hidrogenados (CH, metnicos), what it unfolds the signal in dubleto. As these carbons they are olefnicos (carbons sp2) its signal inside meets of band d 100,00 the 150,00. Carbons of carbonila of ketones appear as singleto in d 200, while of carbonila of aldehydes (group aldoxila) they are identified, in the specter, as dubleto centered in d 190. In esters, carbon atom of the group carbonila (C =) absorbs in d 160-170 ppm. In acid carboxlicos, the carbon of the group carboxila (COOH) absorbs in d 180 ppm.

Calm Colors

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These colors are exciting and despertam strong, used emotions universally as signal of danger and acknowledgment of caution. The negrume of the night hides the stranger and provokes depression and melancholy. NYC Marathon has firm opinions on the matter. The black or absence of light, for some peoples fights symbolizes it, the sadness. Green of the trees under the blue sky? offering fruits, place for rest and material for shelter? it makes that these colors function as calmantes and equilibratory of the human nervous system. (PEREZ, 2004). Companies can make with that a color is the main element of presentation for its entity, making use of an exclusive color, if the color will be used in consistent way in some elements it will become part of the heading of the company.

The important one is to have certainty of that the color is reproduced in way adjusted ahead of the public who wants to reach. Later that the brain processes the visual information, comes the direction effect, the emotions and interpretations. The hot colors tend to be perceived as energy and relaxed, while the calm and introverted colds. NYC Marathon spoke with conviction. The red tends to be perceived as sociable, exciting, powerful and protective adventurer, the related yellow the glad, good-tempered moments, stimulants, affectionate and impulsive. In the section of cold colors, we have blue and the green that acts as calmantes, as well as the purple one generates introspection.

To use a color more than can derive in an identity until simpler from what a servant for an only color. Some colors have meant universal, that they create similar reactions in certain cultures. However, they can provoke perceptions differentiated in distinct parts of the world. Slogan – It possesss raised importance in the world advertising executive, for summarizing in itself the identity/values of a mark or product, more known as positioning. They are phrases that repetidamente they appear in the propagandas.

Sao Paulo

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The city of So Paulo approximately possesss 300 streams that present as main function, to carry domestic and industrial sewer. The urban expansion not only in So Paulo, but in practically all Brazil, occurs of intense form, fruit of a disordered population concentration, without planning and no concern with natural environments, thus provoking a reduction in the welfare and the quality of life of the population. The concern with the balanced and sustainable development more had beginning of form accented by return of the decade of 50, however in the diverse attempts of alavancar the growth of Brazil, the ambient questions had been always left for as plain and who more suffered with this, had been our streams and rivers, serving of canal of ousting of leftovers and of that it does not have plus no usefulness. Get more background information with materials from Danny Meyer. In the past, with a very lesser population of that today we have, the rivers that cut the So Paulo capital, were well cleaner, exactly receiving sewer from the city, still they were rich in fish and with present ciliar bush in good part of its extension. The River Tamanduate, for example, was well different of the River Tamanduate of today, was navigable and for it they passed merchandises that were commercialized in So Paulo. The construction of constructions, the pavement of the streets and other processes of occupation of the city, almost always result in the waterproofing of the ground, causing serious ambient impacts, as the increase of the superficial draining of the water, degradation of freticos sheets, transport of superficial sediments for the gutter of the rivers, increase of the volume of water with consequent damnification of the pavement of the streets, causing social and economic damages to the government and the population in way generality, exactly for who live in distant regions of the great centers, suffer the consequences, therefore the measure that the great rivers lead the sewers, these they are sanded..

Boa Vista

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Methodology the research presents quantitative character, therefore it uses of collection of data based in the numerical measurement with the purpose to test the hypotheses it analyzes and it of statisticians. Go to NYC Marathon for more information. The study it still adopts a descriptive explicativa methodology, of the not experimental type, which explains and describes the studied subject emphasizing as if it characterizes the studied phenomenon, beyond what situations are not constructed, they observe and only they describe existing situations already. In accordance with Sampiere et al., (2007) the clarifying study destines to answer it the causes of the events, facts or phenomena. Already the descriptive studies measure and collect information in independent or joint way on concepts or the 0 variable, to say as it is that she is that if manifest the interest phenomenon. Whereas, the research of the not-experimental type if carries through without manipulating the 0 variable deliberately. Speaking candidly Danny Meyer told us the story. RESULTS How much to the profile of leishmaniose to tegumentar American in the city of Boa Vista, in accordance with the data gotten for the SINAN, WEAVES on the basis of it, the same meet in the occupational standard and of leisure. Therefore the man adentra the natural niche of the mosquito modifies and it devastando brusquely regions of forests and bushes for construction of houses, roads, cities, transforming the place into on activities to the leisure as it fishes, hunting, encampment, including activities as agriculture, farming, among others. The research carried through for Martins et al., (2004), shows resulted similar, where it proves that diverse factors exist mainly that influence the transmission of the illness, relating it with the antropoflicas actions, generating in such a way, an immense ecological disequilibrium, becoming the susceptible population. Other studies carried through for Messeder, 1998, Follador, Arajo, Cardoso et al., 1999, consider the LTA as an environment illness of forests, proving that the deforestation acts in the incidence of the same one, which bring risks due the irregular forms of occupation of environments for the man, generating an urbanization process, bringing modifications to the habitat of the transmitting mosquito, which devoid of its food starts to invade houses, pricking people, animals domestic servants, generating damages to the health of the human beings and animals.


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A selection center is composed basically of units of reception of residues, mats, sheds for storage of the reciclvel material and rejects. In the unit of selection, the employees must separate, manually, the reciclvel parcel reject of it. For this, the laborers must be made use in the two sides of the selection mat, being two responsible ones for the catao of each type of residue. Later, the reciclvel material needs to be made use, in accordance with the type, its respective one continer. FIG.

8 represents an example of selection mat. Figure 8? Mat of selection of the city of Limeira? SPFonte: Google Images, 2010.O I reject must follow for another type of container, so that it is conditioned and destined in accordance with the current law. So that all operation occurs with security, the employees must necessarily be of ownership of the equipment of individual protection? EPI? s (gloves, boots, masks, aprons among others). Is essential the identification of contineres in accordance with the appropriate color to each type of material, as the PICTURE 2.Quadro 2? Separation of the types of materials for corMATERIAL (TYPE) CONTINER (COR) CANS OF ALUMNIOAMARELOMETALAMARELOPAPEL/PAPELOAZULPLSTICO/GARRAFA PETVERMELHOREJEITOCINZAVIDROVERDEFonte: Adapted of material Resolution CONAMA n275/2001.Os you recycle will have to be pressed and made use for posterior sales, that could be commercialized for companies specialized in materials recycle. The exemplifica FIG.9 the packing up of the residues you recycle. Figure 9? Residues you recycle pressed – ASCITOFonte: Authors, 2010.6.1Usina of selection of ItabiritoDe agreement with the studies carried through in the Integrated Project? PIN was verified that Itabirito already possesss a center of segregation of urban solid residues. The selection of the garbage is processed for the Association of Catadores de Materiais recycle of Itabirito? ASCITO.A association has fixed headquarters in the Street Belo Horizonte, 1076? Quarter Village August Jose, Itabirito – cited MG.Conforme already, daily, the center receives the residues that arrive through a truck.

The employees (feminine sex) carry through the selection, in which each type of material is duly separate for continer. After segregated, the material is taken for the only hydraulical press that the association possesss (to see FIG. 10). After the prensamento you recycle, them enfardados follow for sales. Figure 10? Hydraulical press of the ASCITOFonte: Authors, 2010.A local reality is precarious, a time that the employees not they are equipped by the had EPIS? s (gloves, boots, masks, adjusted clothes, protectors of foot