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Creative photo contest: gourmet experience as a Grand Prize valued at over 3,500 as a flight with SWISS Prize beckons to New York includes visit to one of the most famous steak restaurants in the world Wolfgang BBs Steakhouse. A Canon SLR camera ensures that the winner can capture this unforgettable experience in pictures. Package with the finest cuts of American beef, Simmental or Argentine beef the winners also receive a premium fillet. A related site: Danny Meyer mentions similar findings. Creative photo contest: winner on a gourmet experience SWISS and send to New York the great online counter for fresh premium steaks and the prestigious airline SWISS is jointly hosting a creative contest and send the winner on an unforgettable gourmet journey. 02 September-31 October 2013, participants on the website can photos of their interpretation of the theme of gourmet and travel”upload and win great prizes.

While the participants decide the winning photo. Creativity instead of boring questions instead Photographically bored participants win game questions like what online shop sent premium steaks the American beef, bison and co. fresh within 24 hours?”, imagination is required to the issue of gourmet and travel” to implement. This little limit to the creativity of the participants. “Sandwich at the beach, Burger on the plane or even a steak from aircraft formed – each scene, what with the topic gourmet and travel” related, can participate in the competition. Who wants to upload a photo, can vote only for its Photo favorites and also win prizes.

Gourmet experience as a Grand Prize valued at over 3,500 as a flight with SWISS Prize beckons to New York includes visit to one of the most famous steak restaurants in the world Wolfgang BBs Steakhouse. A Canon SLR camera ensures that the winner can capture this unforgettable experience in pictures. And so the winner also at home without steaks must come out, he can package with the finest pieces with a gourmet meat premium fillet of the American beef, Simmental or Argentine beef continue grilling. The photo with the most votes at the end of the contest wins this exceptional meat-and-fly”price. But not only creative photographers have the chance to win a great prize. Among all participants who cast their vote for their favorite photo, and SWISS are giving away one of ten large packages of photo cameras, vouchers, and more. Unusual cooperation: SWISS, gourmet meat, DMAX and Canon this contest requires participants not only creative, but also similar organizers and partners. Therefore the prestigious airline SWISS and the largest online counter for fresh premium steaks draw for this sweepstakes are jointly responsible. To complete the competition among, support the competition of well-known television channel DMAX, Canon, pioneer in the field of imaging technologies, as a partner. About the large online counter for fresh premium steaks shipped meat for over 5 years high quality of exceptional breeds such as American beef, bison or Wagyu now 25,000 customers. The steaks are freshly cut by hand and in a special insulating box within 24 hours to the door of the customer with 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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There were 182 plants on the farm where they are the ashes of the Chilean dictator. They also found two kilos in drying process. The terrain, where Pinochet lived at the end of his life, is currently embargoed. Chilean police found plantations of marijuana in a currently embargoed parcel that is owned by the family of Augusto Pinochet and in which lie the ashes of the deceased dictator (1973-1990), according to the police sources confirmed today. NY Museums has similar goals. La Tercera newspaper revealed Wednesday that the discovery came on March 6, 2010, when found 182 plants and two kilos of marijuana in drying process in a ravine six miles from the main entrance of the Los Boldos plot, in which Pinochet spent most of the time in his later years of life. This area of 51 hectares, is located in the District of Bucalemu, in the Valparaiso region, about 150 kilometers southwest of Santiago, and in it lies the crypt in which lie the ashes of Augusto Pinochet, who died on December 10, 2006. His daughter major, Lucia Pinochet, assured the newspaper that the family had no knowledge of that discovery.

I am surprised. We have no idea of what might happen in Los Boldos. It is open, even permitted animals. It is half abandoned, he said. After the discovery, the Prosecutor’s Office ordered take statement to the administrator of the property, the retired non-commissioned officer Juan Carlos Machuca Rodriguez, and outfielder Carlos Tapia Sanchez. The latter said that he had no idea they had found a marijuana plantation. According to the newspaper, in place, the police found that an irrigation system had been installed with pipes connected to the drinking water network and abundant provision of fertilizer. The fortune of Pinochet justice was this property within the framework of the investigation of the Riggs case, which seeks to clarify the origin of the fortune of Pinochet, calculated at more than 18 million euros, of which about 15 million have no legal justification. In addition to that process, before his death Pinochet also faced various causes for human rights violations and, in 2005, met in Los Boldos plot a house arrest ordered by Judge Juan Guzman. Source of the news: found a plantation of marijuana at the graveside of Pinochet


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Make sense run when we’re in the wrong career? German proverb. Dedicated to; My brother Samuel; to who have suffered most. In the last few days I’ve been a little sick. And you know why? Simply because I allowed that the dynamics of today’s society I catch on their networks. I want to say that I have been involved in living things in a hurry, almost reaching even State of automatism: I slept, ate, worked, he wrote; thinking about what was coming on the agenda. This obviously led me to a beautiful chaos. So dear reader, I’ve written: beautiful chaos.

Do you know why? Because it is precisely due to the disease and its process of redemption that I have taken full awareness that it was losing control of my life, and the body (with his wise intelligence of nature itself), has ordered me to rest and respect life. It’s incredible to realize, when one reflects on this, until where we are able to endure the pain and/or resist when we are subjected to something that we dislike. To tell the truth, I do not find an answer somehow coherent and satisfactory. No one understands why the world is full of suffering. Throughout my rewarding life I found with a myriad of challenges to overcome and constantly has accompanied me the pain: worth as an example the following data: following a malformation in my face by genetic issues and birth I’ve tested thirteen reconstructive surgeries.

Those experiences have helped me to develop the ability to understand the function of pain. Suffering is there to remind us that there is its opposite: the cure, alleviation, pleasure. It’s like when we refer to the day and night, the ying and yang. There are the opponents to find a point of balance. Fortunately as humans we can go further. We can decide to live only one of two extremes: obviously the intelligent decision is to select the welfare. And by a strange situation, however, we fall into the dynamics of take it for granted that we are born to suffer or that some things are unattainable. In addition to the thirteen reconstructive surgeries, I have faced to a car accident, in which I came out unscathed. More than physical pain I was faced with the emotional pain of knowing that many tourists died on the bus. On the professional side I have faced the pain of failure; but above all, the most painful Act to which humans may face: the fear of taking action and entrepreneurship. The message I want to leave this article is as follows: like it or not, the suffering there will be. It is our decision to transform it into pleasure. Suffering can take you to promise things like the following: I have taken determined to change my life, being a person of success, live in fullness and a great positive influence in the beings who surround me. What is your promise? As soon I would humbly request you promise you to reflect on the matter and make a decision.

Athens Panels

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One of the things that most caught my attention from my trip to Greece is the extended is the exploitation of solar energy nationwide. I am not referring to large solar panels installed by municipalities, orchards, but that every house, every block has its solar panel on the roof instead of a tiled roof. You climb to monte Licabitos, you see the modern Athens to your surrounding and in each building a solar panel shines on your camera lens. Touring the country and roadside up to the more modest houses have their small wooden porches and their ballots solar rooftop panels. In a country so sunny and at the same time so poor it is logical that they try to take advantage of an energy source that is free, clean and accessible. And now, in the midst of the enormous economic crisis engulfing them, the rays of the Sun will be in those houses a relief for domestic economies. We do not follow their example is a pity that in Spain, another sunny country, don’t let one of our greatest natural wealth and not exploited their features.

In any community of neighbors the installation of solar panels, even without subsidy, pays for itself in about 10 years, from which hot water and heating are renumbered almost free. Also any detached house can generate enough on its roof for even power be sold to the general network. The lack of knowledge of this possibility makes on our wood porches for tile, slate or more wood instead of photovoltaic panels. And it is that we presume much of being the country of the Sun but then I quit to take advantage of its possibilities.

Asian Sentell

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Suitable for sensitive skin with redness. No fragrances or alcohol. Natural active components: extracts of witch hazel, licorice root, sage, ginkgo, Asian Sentell, blueberry, rose, lotus, ginseng root. Application: using a cotton pad in a circular motion from the center outward Clean the face, neck and decollete lines, avoiding the eye area. Do not rinse. Precautions: Use exactly as prescribed, following the instructions for use. Danny Meyer wanted to know more. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes.

Keep out of reach for children. Fat (problem) The procedure is similar to the skin, as well as for normal (mixed) skin. People such as Rudy Giuliani would likely agree. Dry skin treatment is performed similarly as for normal (mixed) kozhi.5. Collagen Serum Normal (Mixed) skin Action: The serum is designed for intensive anti-wrinkle care. The structure means includes biologically active substances in very high concentrations that can achieve sustained visible result. Enriched with natural ingredients to regenerate cells and restore skin structure. Strengthens collagen and elastin fibers.

Combats free radicals that are actively opposed to the processes aging, can stimulate and enhance its own capacity of cells. It is well absorbed, is the perfect base for creams day and night activities. Natural active ingredients: peptides, liposomes, Aloe vera, pentavin, Vitamin E. Application: Apply product to clean skin and make a gentle massage. Continue through the Day moisturizer or night cream phytoplankton. Depending on the condition of the skin, repeat procedure every day or every other day. Precautions: Use exactly as prescribed, following the instructions for use. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Mediterranean Sea

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Customers who choose a destination for the holidays often make their decision based on different parameters. -Cost of the vacation-distance to the destination and possibility moving in–offer activities in the zone-recommendations by persons allegadas-direct or indirect advertising by analyzing all and each one of these variables can determine that someone decided by a tourist destination will tend to get prior information through guides and other informationincreasingly are obtained from the network. In this sense, and in the case of Ibiza, cared for thematic blogs about all creation and every one of the main attractions of the tourist destination it becomes a strategy with a secured medium and long-term profitability. 1 Blog ibiza: today, mobility, the game that can make a dynamic destination Ibiza is offered in the form of news and useful information for the traveler: new routes of ships, new airlines that fly to Ibiza can help customer to reschedule his trip. 2. Ibiza Cultural Blog: culture as Tourism is one of the most stable and worthy of a tourist destination.

Learn about the history, soak up the works of art that are born of the hodge-podge of different cultures in an environment of tolerance and freedom, find out about concerts and plays. 3 Events Ibiza: Events that attract every year to Ibiza, as the film festival or the adlib fashion show are special events that require the utmost attention by the local authorities to launch a positive image of the island to the world 4. Ibiza discos: being the main tourist attraction of the island, a blog dedicated to the most famous clubs in the world and one of the most shocking nights that can be enjoyed in the globe must have its own space.

Shopping Malls

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I always thought that it was a rich train. A train enormous level. All new and modern for that time. One of the places we liked best was the old lobby Suburban. It was a huge hall, always empty on the field could we please. There was plenty of escalators up and down.

It had its mystery, a huge space to ourselves. The truth that was too large for the use that was made. Afterwords, the wardrobe, the overnight, it disappeared. I thought it was due to the Metro when the line was arrived at Chamartin, and that the hall had become the lobby of the Metro, but recently, I heard from a friend that this hall had been hidden by they are little, but that still existed in deep intimacy of the season. In a recent remodeling has rediscovered the lobby, pretending to me to reconnect with an old friend to know that still exists. Another attraction that had the station, were shopping and the upper terraces. Also with its countless escalators.

Agreed to what I think was the first shopping mall in Spain. Many shops, cafes, kiosks, etc, but to me what attracted me most was the candy store. With four hard, because there was more what I would’ve given him. Same thing with suburban lobby, passed with the terraces. They were so huge and we returned to ourselves to feel the kings of the season. It was a real maze, exaggerated in size for people who used to be in the area. Also on the terraces could see one of the major mysteries for a preteen boy, the Macumba nightclub. A nightclub in the life had gone nowhere, and the darkness that was visible through the door and a lot of older people coming in, was that the mystery and curiosity was older. I have a great memory, though it was old enough back in the spring of 85, when he made a presentation of the cars 10000. I did not know that that day was the presentation. And one day love depression in this age you know, I went for a walk through the station and found the entire presentation of the new cars. It was a great pleasure to enter the car, the smell of new developments and very quiet, not many people. Another thing that was again all to myself. I sat in a compartment first, when he had first non-preferential and then I spent all afternoon crying my pain, listening to the music Aute’s latest album, which debuted at the same time that these cars. And I was there until a stewardess came to me and said, “Enough” I awoke from the lethargy in which I was enjoying a good while and continue the visit. Finally, when in the nineties I made a Inter-rail, great adventure and externally, the trip ended after a month traveling all around Europe was awesome going back home in Chamartin. Add to your understanding with NY Museums. After the adventures that involved a Inter-rail, made you better assess the station. We found the station gave him one hundred thousand rounds of any European station. More modern, cleaner, more practical. And they came home. Therefore, what has led to the Chamartin train station for me, my memories, my adventures, my wanderings and my things I will always leave a pleasant memory. That line sowing with these aluminum and those developments that now, looking back, is of doubtful elegance, but then had a breakthrough. I always will be this season and that memory.

Veranda, Terrace, Porch

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How to start a cottage or country house, a cottage? Of course, with entrance area, which each house can be of different sizes, configurations, and, of course, is framed differently. Most of initiating new construction or thinking to do conversion of an existing home, agree that the easiest option – the porch with a shed does not suit them with their lack of functionality. This is understandable, because having a larger space transitional space to enter directly into the house itself, you can build a more harmonious zone, which will soften the boundaries of home and will create yet another sheltered entrance to the house. A thoughtful landscaping terraces or veranda lets in outside the home creates a special atmosphere and a positive attitude of its residents. Staying at the cottage in the confined space of four walls – a very dubious pleasure, so many owners of suburban houses are trying to be more in the open air, while not depriving yourself of comfort.

Want to sit next to each other spare minute with a house to stay like at home – and at the same time on the street. Terraces and porches – the most common options for extensions of light, but they should not be confused, as they differ among themselves and carry different functional loads. Terrace – can not only adjacent to the house, but located at some distance, showing a single elevated structure, with the house it can be connected by a covered walkway or path.

The Love Parade Tragedy

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The couple run of the media and society in Germany like no other event has the love parade tragedy on the 24.Juli 2010 last year throughout Germany rocked. In addition to the immediate disaster and the victims to deplorable came into terrifying manner that Division of German society in the face of the events to day. The tragedy was made not only a business, but also vigorously operated partisan politics. The love parade as Deathparade, Loveparade is the consequence of the right out, as a social phenomenon, only a few posts in this context are love parade Stampede. Love Parade as Deathparade? The love parade 2010 2010 causes, effects, interrelations, contradictions, consequences in Duisburg turned out to be Deathparade? To read about in the love parade as Deathparade? Love parade – the right consequence is out? On July 25, 2010, the Organizer announced the love parade. Is this the right consequence? Who’s really to blame? To read about in love parade – the is the right consequence? Love Parade stampede as Mass panic and mass man got a face social phenomenon through the love parade and their tragic history. To read about in love parade stampede as a social phenomenon. .

Baltic Languages

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And the influence of tribal languages, lived side by side with the Baltic nations, to a greater or less apparent in the Baltic language group. Of the Iranian languages in the Baltic moved some hydronyms (about 20) of the Thracian-Illyrian language – about hundreds of names of languages, the German group was transferred well enough hydronyms and place names. If we consider the connection with the Baltic Slavic languages, in contrast to relations with other languages that are external to the Baltic languages, these connections affect the inner side of them. In studying this issue are generally considered two positions on the nature of relations between the two languages in antiquity, which are absolutely the opposite direction. Scientists who support the the first position, convinced that there was a Proto-Baltic and Slavic groups, which explains their relationship. And those who hold the second position, argued that initially the two languages have a number of distinct features. To say that some of the positions is not absolutely correct.

Recently, a new hypothesis about the link between the Baltic and Slavic languages, part of which is development of Slavic languages as a later development of the outlying dialects of the Baltic languages. So, from 20 to 5 century BC, Proto-Slavic language was introduced by some Baltic dialects and perhaps that should be call Balto-Slavic proto-languages. There are different assumptions about the connection of Slavic languages of the Baltic and to some extent the right may be considered, almost everything. And that is such a connection – is the undisputed fact, the evidence base is quite extensive. Returning to the comparative-historical research Baltic languages, we can distinguish characteristic features of all languages Baltic morphology, phonetics, in word formation, syntax, dictionaries in languages and phraseology. However, the unity of the Baltic languages and can be found without the use of research in these areas. They can be seen in As a whole group and by its synchronicity. When compared with the other Baltic languages group of linguistic typology, that is, their structural and functional properties, regardless of the nature genetic relationships between them, the integrity of this group did not cause any issues.