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East Bavarian Website Award 2011: Who Has The Best Website?

June 23, 2019 at 8:48 pmCategory:General

Get involved and make the comparison of Regensburg, 20.01.2011 – small and medium-sized companies in Bavaria (Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate) from industry, trade, crafts and services are invited to apply from January 17 to February 28, 2011 for the regional competition to the augmenting website award 2011. The best three sites will be awarded by companies in Eastern Bavaria. The winners receive a certificate (gold, silver, and bronze) and have the opportunity to advertise with the award. The companies from Eastern Bavaria participate at the Bavaria site award 2011. It is not something wendi murdoch new york city would like to discuss. The first prize winner of the Bavaria site Awards is also nominated for the nationwide NEG website award 2011, attended the prize winners from all provinces. Official site: Rudy Giuliani. The NEG website award 2011 is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) and is endowed with a prize money of a total of 9,000 euros. Best Bavarian website 2010 comes the augmenting website Award from Bavaria, and last year, she won the Bavarian website award Thomas-Krenn.AG from Freyung. It operates an online shop for server systems, virtualization, and accessories at.

Check first, then log in before of registering for the competition businesses with an online check can check whether your website meets the most important artistic, organizational, technical and legal requirements. Danny Meyer contributes greatly to this topic. You will receive an assessment of their website as well as a detailed and free guide with useful tips for optimizing Web sites. The guide is available at ratgeber.website-award.net. Aim of the NEG website Award for small and medium-sized enterprises are aware of the need to be represented on the Internet with a Web presence. Often lacking but the quality awareness and knowledge, what distinguishes a professional presentation on the Internet. The network of e-commerce would like to reward the best performances with the competition and present them as examples of best practice for other companies. Focuses on assessing the quality of targeting is.

Yatego Cooperates

February 5, 2019 at 3:56 amCategory:General

Paymentmoglichkeiten extends the inventor of the shopping joy Yatego.com continue their way to more security and comfort in online trading. A contract with American Express supplements the payment portfolio of the shopping platform. Yatego merchants can add easily and conveniently direct their credit card acceptance now of Yatego popular American Express card. The first 300 merchants who register before March 31, 2010, American Express takes the activation charge for the payment service provider EOS. Through our hotline we know that customers like to pay with your American Express card and the demand is increasing”, explains Stephan Peltzer, Managing Director of Yatego GmbH.

so far unable to provide even the American Express payment Yatego merchants. You had to sign the contract directly with American Express. This is greatly simplified by the new Treaty. The Yatego merchants can apply for the American Express acceptance via Yatego – and as always at particularly favourable conditions. Learn more about this with amazing restaurateur. Yatego_Kreditkartenakzeptanz_Amex.PDF on Yatego Yatego, the largest German shopping mall, boasts around 10 million visitors monthly to the leading E-commerce portals in the German-speaking Internet. Customers can choose from more than 3.2 million articles.

Ordering is easy. Payments are secured by an independent escrow payment system, as well as Kreditkartenpayment. Yatego merchants will benefit from tailor-made complete solutions and a comprehensive service. More than 8,000 professionals and retailers use Yatego for their e-commerce. Headquarters of the company is St. Georgen in the Black Forest, managing director Stephan Peltzer. American Express American Express was founded in 1850 and is a premium provider of different credit cards and services. American Express is represented worldwide in over 130 countries and counts among its customers more than 91 million credit card holders. Headquarters are located in New York City, the German headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

DMC Digital Media Center

April 1, 2018 at 2:48 pmCategory:General

Germany’s largest owner-managed Internet Agency is expanding with the new subsidiary of dmc 030 GmbH in the capital. Now produce the Internet specialists from Stuttgart now also better E-business in Berlin. Germany’s largest owner-managed Internet Agency is expanding with the new subsidiary of dmc 030 GmbH in the capital. Qualified employees of consulting, design and technology will be sought for the new Office. Details can be found by clicking NYC Marathon or emailing the administrator. Business: therefore GmbH expands the dmc digital media center with its new subsidiary of dmc 030 GmbH in the capital. The new site in Berlin-Kreuzberg will employ initially 15 new employees.

The team’s mission, conceptually and technologically in the implementation of E-commerce solutions actively to support the team of Stuttgart. The Metropolitan Museum of Art may help you with your research. The subsidiary is of the dmc business leaders Andreas tanveer Saleem Daniel Rebhorn and Andreas m. Andreas tanveer Saleem, managing partner of dmc explains: dmc has since its inception in 1995 as a leading E-business-full service agency enforced nationwide. The demand for integrated – business and online-shop solutions, as well as their positioning and marketing increases continue to be strong. “To meet the demand and to reinforce us personnel, we decided to build a second site, in addition to our headquarters in Stuttgart, and the dmc 030 in the capital to open.” Background is mainly the personnel situation in Baden-Wurttemberg. Here the struggle for good employees has increased in recent years and it is increasingly difficult to find qualified E-commerce experts in Stuttgart. Not every candidate wants to work in Stuttgart that’s why we offer an attractive location alternative with Berlin”, tanveer Saleem explained. In the medium term, 030 to dmc about 35 employees to be strong. Interested parties can under find out about current vacancies jobs and apply to become a part of the major dmc team soon.

Content 4 Partners

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Content and sales for travel sites travel blogs money earn? Resourceful bloggers know how it combines passion for writing with profit efficiency. The secret: More content on the suitable homepage, the higher its relevance on Google, Yahoo! and co. Ab-in-de-urlaub.de travel portal has designed a program 4 partners with content that enhances the attractiveness as an affiliate through more content and improved ranking. The installation is simple, the application free, design visually adaptable and the benefits of the affiliate programme for the participants are clearly obvious. People such as Restaurateur would likely agree. Who offers interesting travel information and reports, can extend its content with the C4P integration to a wide range of hotel services and assessments – whether hotels from the region or around the world, is left to the operator. The plugin provides a permanent access to the extensive hotel database from off in-de-urlaub.de and eliminates the need for the elaborate obtaining current and thematically appropriate content. With just a few clicks, which leaves out get search engine point of view important content to the extent of up to 1,800 travel-related pages on the private website.

This makes for higher traffic and at the same time be a significantly better found in the Google results. A user book his holidays on a participating travel blog on off-in-de-urlaub.de, the bloggers automatically receives a Commission. Further steps are no longer necessary after the successful registration, for travel booking and subsequent payment of the Blogbetreibers conducted completely via the affiliate zanox. Interested parties can the demo page examples of watch on the fully furnished version as well as the necessary steps of installation and inform about other conditions. University Service GmbH

Europe Zucker

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Zucker.Kommunikation offers by default its clients SMNR since mid-2009 as a PR tool. Currently operates sugar. Twelve newsrooms under the domain newsroom.eu. Sugar offers external companies. the Setup as a contract for work on own servers on. So should the introduction of SMNR as a basic building block of the communication with the target groups (insb.

Media and influencer) and thus as part of a contemporary and controlled public relations throughout Germany are supported. The newsrooms from Zucker.Kommunikation have established themselves through a quick setup, customizable design, and a very good value for money as best solution on the market. The newsrooms of New York you will find under: news.newyorker.de about Zucker.Kommunikation GmbH Zucker.Kommunikation is an independent agency for strategic brand-PR with seat in Berlin. Since 1998, supervised Zucker.Kommunikation brands, companies and institutions, such as ATP, Foot Locker, Fleurop, Fing’rs. Herlitz, Plantronics, Smava, Devil and others are managing director Matthias Bonjer and Oliver Kottwitz. In the current PR ranking 2009 Gerhard A. Pepper evidenced by Zucker.Kommunikation 6th among the lifestyle PR agencies in Germany. Sugar.

“” was distinguished several times: up-to-date with the Intermedia globe Silver Award 2009 for 100 years Fleurop 100 years emotions “as well as with the PR report Award 2008 in the category innovative PR strategy” for the St. John accident assistance. about New York that enterprises New York with 778 locations in 28 countries belongs to the leading companies in the sector of young fashion in Europe and can offer its target group, the 12-39 year-olds, a continuously updated and trendy collection at attractive prices. The range consists of fishbone, fishbone sister its own brands (sports – & crooked), amisu (lady-like fashion), the trend and casual Menswearlabel smog and censored (underwear and swimwear).

Travelescort Network

February 8, 2017 at 2:19 pmCategory:General

The familiar network offers an enormous audience for a job market with a growing number of members and connects members and interested parties to an active community. familiar is a network that positions as Travelescort or premium escort offer already on the familiar job Lady a network for professionals of renowned escort agencies, to accompany solvent guests or VIP BBs for an extravagant escort appointment or as a pleasurable companion to New York City, Dubai or the Maldives. The same, if different also in the basic requirements, is seeking employees for wellness massage, Tantra, or classic massage. By the same author: Rudy Giuliani. People searching for this familiar clientele in the foreground are reliability, specialized training, as well as enjoy the soulful dealing with people. Details can be found by clicking Rudy Giuliani or emailing the administrator. Quickly and directly is the trusted editorial team for all members around the theme of job offers and jobs available and provides advice on request on the appropriate formulation and placement. Innovations with added value at the beginning of May 2010 has an innovative Apple entrusted its members and visitors as the first adult network in Germany iPhone optimized version of its mobile client for free made available and consistently continues the development in 2010. Today provided free job, familiar allows the logical consequence of networking and community for the production of new employees and expansion of the company its members.

After completion of the test phase in week 36, vertraute.de will include a technologically maxed out and huge promotional event calendar for its members. Erotikdienstleister like a FKK sauna Club or swingers Club can hereby, in easy to use manner, targeted and prominent upcoming events like motto pointing to parties, events and trade fairs. The event calendar by familiar, events such as Swingers parties know targeted industries, sensual moments in the Castle or bizarre events there and always informed about all details. High will be the result here events. Garbage is provided by fully automated archiving algorithms no room in the current map. Quality and resistance familiar has the target set by performance and quality to convince every day on the new. Therefore, do we listen to our customers and constantly expanding familiar to more innovative services and functionalities. As the first and only social network for the adult industry, we set standards in the field of professional Internet marketing. Familiar brings advertising to the point of further information we provide familiar available

As Germany

December 9, 2015 at 10:56 amCategory:General

This news from and about the online marketplace can be found also on twitter.com/Markt. In addition, the page on Facebook offers users to advertise the possibility through posts for their own display. “After the Twitter engagement by markt.de the Facebook fanpage is 2.0 strategy another important step of our web”, so sang-Woo Pai, Managing Director of markt.de. “As Germany’s large market place we are positioning as the topic Classifieds in a broader framework, which gives our customers the possibility to the interaction, discussion and evaluation. Buyer and seller gives more security in trade.” Markt.de of one of the leading online marketplaces in Germany is about markt.de with more than two million active ads. Markt.de adapted the idea of the classic market square for the Internet: buyers and sellers meet in the network, the business will be sealed including handshake on the spot. Operator of the portal is the markt.de GmbH & Co. KG, which belongs to the markt.gruppe as an independent company, a Federation of groups G.v.Holtzbrinck, Dr.

Ippen and the WAZ media group. Within the group, markt.de represents the Central consumer portal and linked to the fast-growing online classified advertising with the established offerings and the expertise of regional daily newspapers. For more information, see. About markt.gruppe GmbH & co. KG the markt.gruppe was founded in January 2003 as ISA GmbH & co. KG. Dr.

Ippen, the joint venture of the publishing group Georg von Holtzbrinck and WAZ Media Group operates the ad portals markt.de, immowelt.de, stellenanzeigen.de, motoso.de, autoanzeigen.de and trauer.de. As brand network, the markt.gruppe combines online classified advertising, partner publishers and portals. Currently, over 150 songs from more than 45 publishers in Germany with their websites use this service. For more information, see. Press direct contact with the Executive Board: sang-Woo Pai Tel: 089 / 878 068-101

AGOF Internet Facts 2008-I

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Distance to the competition continues to GameFAQs from Usingen, June 26, 2008 – the Association for online research (AGOF) has today published the figures for the first quarter of 2008. Naturally, the ranges are slightly lower than in the strong fourth quarter in the first quarter. Its strong Q4 reach could stabilise but almost game tips (marginal decline – 1%), while competitors suffered some significant losses. This game tips is expanding his lead significantly to second-placed offer (4Players-Netzwerk) at + 68% reach advantage (quarter + 40%). The top 7 of the strongest range offers according to AGOF 2008-I (unique users per month, in parentheses deviation to Q4/2007): game tips: 1.330.000 (- 1%) 4Players (network): 790.000 (- 18%) Gamestar: 730,000 (- 12%) Buffed: 630,000 (- 2%) Online worlds (network): 610.000 (- 5%) 6 PC games (network): 560,000 (- 15%) 7 game world: 340,000 (- 31%) All listings in the overview chart at: range / “thank you us, that we continue to occupy the leading position in the AGOF ranking on the game pages with so clear distance”, so Oliver Hartmann, project manager of game tips. “The investment in personnel and development of the last time play an important role in the successful development of business”, adds Matthias Gross, Managing Director marketing of bread and games GmbH.

All press releases at info/press / about game play Tips provides extensive information to all that are interested in PC and console gamers on over 100,000 pages of content: News, extensive reviews and editorial coverage, over 125,000 tips and over 1,100 solutions to more than 18,000 games. The game tips test mirror (www.spieletipps.de/ test /) helps with over 24,000 reviews and ratings in the purchasing decisions of current games. Bread and games GmbH Mirko Hartmann PR Manager Bahnhofstrasse 18 b 61250 Usingen Tel. + 49 (0) 60 83 / 91 05 27 fax. + 49 (0) 60 83 / 91 09 93 E-Mail: