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September 11, 2016 Comments Off on American People

Of course, life is a complex thing and the right to use weapons in extreme situation, too, must be able to, but then the bread knife and the machine must also be able to dispose of properly and not to harm themselves and others. Who can tell how many people suffer during family quarrels of the kitchen knife. On the road Today, unfortunately, killed so many people, but nobody is not to say that we should ban driving cars. I know it might be argued that, well, that's also sold as traumatic weapons for self-defense, the latest versions. But with travmatikoy many cases where the attackers robbed him, and with even greater ferocity (of firing) to straighten out his victim. And through the thick winter clothing is not effective. I would not dare get travmatik against the group, not sure about it. Why against the group? Because basically flawed in the education of a group of people and attack the lone only when confident of their superiority.

And if I'm over forty or fifty? Why single or weak physically, but intellectually mature man should be the victim – by the way, armed with – a criminal. In America, they say: "God created man, and Mr. Colt has balanced our chances." It was possible, and with civil IL-th call our shansy.A situation illiteracy will be correct under state control, before a man gets a gun, let him pay for and pass a course on the use of weapons in extreme situation (again, parallels are being drawn with a course of extreme driving). Looking at what the audience gets up today, drunk at night clubs, there is a twofold sense and come to the conclusion that it is necessary and the bar age some deliver and for possession of a drunk, too, and ask for bragging with empty arms waved in the air the same. But the fact is the government institutions to address these issues. In ancient Russia, for example, that – pulled out his sword and did not apply – has severely questioned. A ban on carrying weapons were always in those states where the rulers were at war with his people and is afraid of him, it is worthless, give freedom and choice in the male question as well and we are men.

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