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Athens Panels

October 24, 2016 Comments Off on Athens Panels

One of the things that most caught my attention from my trip to Greece is the extended is the exploitation of solar energy nationwide. I am not referring to large solar panels installed by municipalities, orchards, but that every house, every block has its solar panel on the roof instead of a tiled roof. You climb to monte Licabitos, you see the modern Athens to your surrounding and in each building a solar panel shines on your camera lens. Touring the country and roadside up to the more modest houses have their small wooden porches and their ballots solar rooftop panels. In a country so sunny and at the same time so poor it is logical that they try to take advantage of an energy source that is free, clean and accessible. And now, in the midst of the enormous economic crisis engulfing them, the rays of the Sun will be in those houses a relief for domestic economies. We do not follow their example is a pity that in Spain, another sunny country, don’t let one of our greatest natural wealth and not exploited their features.

In any community of neighbors the installation of solar panels, even without subsidy, pays for itself in about 10 years, from which hot water and heating are renumbered almost free. Also any detached house can generate enough on its roof for even power be sold to the general network. The lack of knowledge of this possibility makes on our wood porches for tile, slate or more wood instead of photovoltaic panels. And it is that we presume much of being the country of the Sun but then I quit to take advantage of its possibilities.

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