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They are usually chosen according to the guidelines of the seasons of the year. In spring, you can opt for delicate tones, because it is characterized for being the stage where nature comes back to flourish. Cream, beige colors, pink, peach, lilac, green and blue, fit perfectly. However, in summer you must be more daring, since it is the season of Sun, light and clarity. Choose a finish bright and dynamic, thanks to the combination of yellow, red, coral, blue, turquoise and Fuchsia. Also in autumn must be more demure, as the warmth of these months suggests elegance coffee, Orange, the land, purples, Greens and chocolate. If you want your wedding to close with a flourish last month of the year, will have to then walk you through colors cold and hot as whites, grays, blues, Browns, reds, Greens and golds. Source: BlogRoll macarena gea _ fairy and something more: F.W.

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